Is Home Zone Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Home Zone Furniture Good Quality

One of the best ways to turn an empty house into a home is by adding furniture. Nothing says you’ve moved into a new place than beautiful seats, beds, chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture.

But, it also goes beyond beautiful since you also need to consider quality. So, is Home Zone Furniture good quality?

Home Zone Furniture is beyond good quality as they impressed me when I bought some sofas. I saw countless positive reviews online after searching for some time. At first, I was a bit skeptical, but I eventually came to like the quality and durable furniture. 

In this article, let’s explore more about the brand and its furniture. Who owns the company? Is the furniture made in the US? What are some issues one may encounter with Home Zone Furniture? Read on, and let’s get to know more. 

Is Home Zone Furniture Good Quality?

For people seeking to buy new furniture or replace old pieces, there are several things they have to consider. At the top of this list is quality. It’s always better to get good quality furniture that will last longer without needing replacement. 

In addition, price is also another issue of concern when shopping for quality furniture. As much as I want to get the best seats, I still have to mind my budget. The reason why I chose to buy Home Zone Furniture for my house is because of these two factors.

Home Zone Furniture is not only good quality but also affordable. Plus, one can always scour the internet for deals and discounts. Another positive is supportive customer service. This is what drew me closer to the company while doing my research. 

Most of the reviews stated how helpful the sales reps had been when placing an order. Once a sale is complete and the customer has a complaint, customer support is always there to help.

Home Zone Furniture strives to leave a customer satisfied with each piece of furniture they purchase. 

The final selling point about Home Zone Furniture was the lack of markups. This company strives to offer direct prices without any hidden charges.

I’ve never had to worry about extra charges showing up as I wait for my delivery. 

Who Owns Home Zone Furniture?

Perhaps my biggest reason for getting my furniture from Home Zone is because this is a US-based company.

All their quality furniture is made at their production center in Fort Worth, Texas. Another positive is that this has been a family-owned business making quality furniture since 2007. 

The founder, Bree Barber, saw a chance to create personal pieces and move away from the mass-produced furniture that’s saturated the market.

The idea was a success, and now the company has over 17 stores in Texas and Oklahoma. 

Home Zone Furniture always strives to meet customer expectations using a personal touch.

Since the beginning, making high-quality and durable furniture has been the company’s goal.

This goes hand in hand with offering competitive pricing so that many people can afford their products. 

Negatives to Watch Out for with Home Zone Furniture

Home Zone Furniture has been good to me since I first ordered some seats from them. The excellent delivery led to many more purchases.

But, I’ve also come across a few issues that I feel I should share with potential customers. 

High Shipping Costs

I’ve always found that companies that sell items at a low price always charge an arm and a lead when shipping.

Unfortunately, Home Zone Furniture is one of those companies. The first order of seats I made almost made me faint. 

The cost of shipping these seats was higher than the buying price, which I found pretty unfair.

So, I tried to find another furniture store. The issue was that some had lower shipping costs but many complaints about quality. 

I found myself wishing I lived near a vendor selling Home Zone Furniture.

I’d rent a truck at a lower price and pick the furniture. But, that was not possible, so I’ve always had to pay the high shipping cost to get high-quality seats. 

Strict Return Policy

When buying a piece of furniture from Home Zone, it’s prudent to read the return policy terms.

Home Zone does accept customers to return products if they don’t fit their requirements. This makes it easier to exchange with something else. 

But, the catch is, the furniture must be in the same good condition you got it.

The company won’t accept any furniture back that seems old or has some dent on it. So, if you intend to send anything back, make sure it looks new and can be resold to another person. 

4 Tips to Purchasing the Best Home Zone Furniture

Aim for Wood Joinery

Some furniture manufacturers want to cut corners when making furniture. Instead of joining different parts the right way, they cut corners. That’s when you find a seat with glue and nails instead of applying wood joinery.

Home Zone Furniture ensures they apply the proper furniture-making techniques to guarantee good quality. Their furniture is strong and versatile, which is quite essential. 

Time Sales and Discount Seasons

There are some seasons when you can buy furniture at a discount. Most sellers like Home Zone give offers the minute you open their website. For instance, you get $25 off for a purchase of $250 and above. 

Such an offer is available many times throughout the year. But you can also time the annual sales where furniture can cost much less. That way, you buy more items for less and ship everything together to save on the shipping costs. 

Check the Reviews

Home Zone Furniture has physical stores in Oklahoma and Texas. Still, if you aren’t in these areas, you can buy quality furniture online.

The company has excellent customer service reps who take your order and ensure the right item comes to your home. 

But, it’s hard to buy something you’ve only seen on a computer. That’s why I always read the reviews.

The first time I got sofas from Home Zone, I saw many positive reviews from previous customers. This encouraged me to take the leap and make a huge online purchase from them. 

Find Out More Details

Find a company that gives you more details about what you want to buy from them.

For instance, get to know more about the materials used to make that baby coat you want to buy. A good company like Home Zone will be forthcoming with this information. 

Truthfully, anyone who chooses to leave out these details isn’t worth your time and effort. Perhaps they advertise as good quality furniture makers and use substandard materials. 

Summing Up

Home Zone Furniture checks many boxes when looking for good quality furniture that is reasonably priced.

It was easy for me to find out all the information I needed to buy my first seats from them. The company is based in Texas and makes furniture with a personal touch. 

You can face some issues with such furniture, but the positives outweigh the negatives.

I managed to fill my house with a good budget and still shop at Home Zone Furniture to date.

Above are some tips that can help you shop for the best Home Zone furniture for your space.


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