Are Homak Tool Boxes Good? (9 Helpful Tips)

Homak tool boxes good

Tool boxes make transporting tools to your worksite easier. The organization they bring to your tool storage is handy as each set of work tools have their designated storage compartment in the tool box. Homak tool boxes are rapidly gaining prominence in the tool box market.

But are they any good really?

Yes, Homak tool boxes are robust and versatile, allowing you to keep a large array of tools and move them along when needed. They stand out for their sturdiness while not losing their portability. Homak tool boxes are moderately affordable. Particularly, the Homak 22-Inch Cantilever Steel Toolbox is reputed for its robust industrial-grade construction, packing as many as four shelves for simplified tool organization.

Who makes Homak tool boxes and where?

Sigmund H.Danziger founded Homak manufacturing in 1947. It is interesting to note that the name of this tool box maker, “Homak”, draws inspiration from a hat store sign Sigmund saw.

In January 2005, JVA procured Homak. Homak tools are now manufactured from a facility in Wampum Underground Commerce Center.

How sturdy are Homak tool boxes?

If you are keen on durability and strength, then a steel-based tool box suits you best. Homak steel boxes are exceptionally durable and resistant to tear. 

Such sturdiness is best seen in the steel makeup of the Homak tool chest series. We have the Homak HXL Pro coming with 16-gauge steel and a steel thickness of 1.5mm.

The H2Pro series are sturdier. They boast as much as an 18-gauge steel gauge, with a steep depth up to 1.5mm. 

The sturdiest we saw were the Homak Pro II series. They have a formidable 19-gauge steel build, although the steel depth came at 1mm.

What type of drawers do Homak tool boxes have?

The type and design of your tool box drawer significantly affect your efficiency, speed, and ease of use when handling your tool box on a project. 

Homak tool chests come with varying drawer lock and drawer line designs. Particularly, the Homak Pro II series, RS Pro, and HXL Pro have lift latch drawer locks, while the H2 Pro is equipped with the Pro Détente drawer lock.

For the drawer line, Homak’s HXL Pro and RS Pro series have PVC drawer lines while the H2Pro II series are outfitted with EVA drawer liners.

What capacity are Homak tool boxes?

Capacity is undoubtedly a major consideration when buying tool boxes. Given that most Homak hand-carry tool boxes sacrifice capacity for portability, we would focus more on the drawer and caster capacities of the Homak chest models here. 

The Homak HXL Pro series has a drawer capacity ranging between 265-530lbs (depending on the models) and a caster capacity of 5,400lbs.

The Homak H2 Pro, RS Pro, and Pro II series have a drawer range between 100-200lbs. Their caster capacity respectively defers. The Pro 2 Series have a caster capacity of 2,700lbs. 

The Pro 2 Series’ caster capacity ranges between 2,100-2,700lbs. The caster capacity is way lower for the Homak Pro II Series, sitting around 2,100lbs.

How reliable are Homak tool boxes?

Starting with Homak’s hand carry tool boxes, the likes of the Homak Cantilever tool boxes are furnished with a triple clasp system. This goes a long way in securing it. 

Take the 19″ extended steel hand carry toolbox from Homak. It features an incredibly reliable build, presenting a robust professional-grade construction, a long-lasting steel tray, and an impressive hip roof design.

The reliability of Homak tool boxes is also exemplified in their build quality. Models like the H2 Pro series are fitted with full-length aluminum drawer pulls.  

The HXL Pro Series even takes this further, presenting full-length aluminum pulls enhanced with dark plastic end caps.

Some Homak chest models come pre-packaged with cardboard protective material. This goes a long way in reducing the possibility of the tool box being damaged as you install the casters. 

How portable are Homak tool boxes?

Portability is generally not a thing of tool chests, but Homak models have some commendable features that improve their mobility and overall portability. 

First, some Homak tool boxes have drawers fitted with ball-bearing glides, which you can remove if you desire. Other Homak models are equipped with as many as four storage bins (all removable at your convenience), simplifying organizing your tool storage. 

As for weight, we would say the lightest Homak tool box we saw was the 12″ Transparent Hand Carry Toolbox. This came at barely 1lb.

The heaviest we saw was the 18″ Industrial Cantilever Toolbox. This guy had a weight rating of 18.25lbs.  

How much do Homak tool boxes cost?

The cost of Homak hand carry tool boxes ranges from $10-$190. For the tool chests, the prices vary across the model and series.

The Homak RS Pro Series comes within a cost bracket of $800-$2200. The Homak H2 Pro II has a price range of $670-$2300. Furthermore, the H2Pro series goes for as high as $4,000.

However, the costliest we saw in Homak’s tool box range is the Big Dawg HXL Pro Series. True to its name, the cheapest in this category goes for around $1700.

The costliest is the 72″ Big Dawg HXL Pro Series Combo. This facility goes for as high as $10,600. 

Curious what you would be getting for such a premium price?

You get a top chest comprising full-length aluminum drawer pulls improved with dark plastic end caps. You also get a PV foam drawer liner and power outlets in the top till.

Do Homak tool boxes have warranty cover?

Homak doesn’t have one definitive warranty policy for all its tool boxes. Different tools – especially the chest storage boxes – come with varying warranty policies.

The Homak Pro series are covered by a limited 5-year warranty. This covers parts and replacements with manufacturing defects for the top chest, accessories, and rolling cabinet. 

The Homak H2 Pro series are girded with a limited 8-year warranty policy for parts and replacements. Lastly, the Homak SE Series is supplied with a limited 3-year warranty on defective parts.

Best Homak Tool Box Review

Let us now talk about the best of the Homak tool storage facilities we have tried out so far. Two mainly are peculiar for how they combined the features we admire most about tool boxes. 

These are the Homak industrial cantilever steel tool box and the Homak PRO II Series drawer roller cabinet. Let us tell you a bit about this exciting duo.

Homak industrial cantilever steel tool box 

This is arguably the best cantilever tool box we have used. Homak spoiled this tool box with engineering excellence. The box parades an industrial-grade construction.

When added to the wealth of features this tool box presents, the exterior brown wrinkle finish gives you a portable (but sturdy) tool box to readily fall in love with. 

Weighing a substantial 21lbs, this is a sturdy chap that will relentlessly withstand rough usage for decades.

Moving inside, you get four shelves. Strutting an integrated design, these shelves easily spread out open the lid opening. 

If you have got smaller tools in your collection, here is the haven to keep them all.

This doesn’t mean there is no place for the bigger guys like drills, hammer drills, or hammers in this cantilevered box. The lower compartment comfortably keeps all that. 

We also loved the triple-clasp build the lid has. If you are keener on security, you can lock it with a padlock. 

Homak PRO II Series 54″ 10-Drawer Roller Cabinet

This tool box virtually has enough space for just anything you wish to stuff in it. Not many come with the extended depth of 24.5″ this roller cabinet presents.

On each drawer, you get ball-bearing slides as powerful as 100lb. Despite its impressive robustness, this tool box doesn’t leave much to want regarding mobility.

It is outfitted with 6″ x 2″ casters, with a maximum capacity of 660lbs. Specifically, these casters feature double swivel locking and two fixed variants. The drawer pull features a lift-latch design, with the drawer liners coming as EVA type.

This tool box doesn’t lose its pretty looks too soon. Homak made sure to furnish its exterior with a UV-protected powder coat finish. 

It would be unfair not to applaud how structurally tightened up Homak made the drawers of this roller cabinet.


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