Are Hitachi Power Tools Good? 6 Helpful Tips

hitachi power tools good

Hitachi is a popular brand, but its power tools seem to be fading in popularity. This leaves many people wondering. So are Hitachi power tools still good?

While they might not be the cream of the crop as they used to be, Hitachi power tools are still one of the best available. They offer compact tools with great performance at competitive prices. 

The brand only had some changes but not that the products are pegging out. If you are curious to learn about the changes that were made and current products, just read on. We will walk you through everything you would want to know about these products. 

What Happened To Hitachi Power Tools?

There have been a lot of speculations surrounding Hitachi power tools. It is true power tools labeled “Hitachi” are becoming hard to come by. So many people argue the brand is becoming extinct. 

Let’s clarify this before we start our discussion on the quality of their current products. 

Hitachi power tools still exist in large numbers in various retail shops and stores. However, not all of them now bear the label “Hitachi” power tools. The brand changed its power tool name to Metabo HPT. This is the brand name that is now used in North America. 

The decision was reached shortly after the European-based Hitachi power tool brand was changed to Hikoki. 

It is worth noting that the Metabo HPT brand is separate from the traditional Metabo brand. There are Metabo power tools that should not be confused with Metabo HPT (the Hitachi power tool brand). 

The “HPT” is the distinguishing factor here. So if you are looking for Hitachi power tools, make sure if it is Metabo the “HPT” is there. Or else, you will be purchasing a different brand. 

This name change did not affect the quality of the product as some people speculate. Only the name changed, the rest remained intact. 

The tools remain in the same quality, color, scheme, and number model throughout. All the speculations that the change impacted the quality of the power tools are far from the truth. 

Though you can still find power tools bearing the label “Hitachi,” they are fading. The brand now exists as “Metabo HPT.” So if you are using a power tool with the label “Matembo HTP,” it is still the same Hitachi power tool we are discussing here. 

Are Hitachi Power Tools Still Good?

It is not a secret there has been a decline in popularity in the last six years. A name change may have contributed to this since it made people view the brand differently. The brand name is very powerful since they changed their name, people just view them differently now. 

But in my opinion, the decline in popularity is largely due to the emergence of other brands. The dominant brands offer more premium power tools that draw traffic away from Hitachi products. Even their miler saw and nailers that were so common are struggling now yet still have the same quality. 

That said, Hitachi power tools are still great in performance and quality. I have been a loyal customer of this brand and I have never been disappointed with any of their power tools. It is still my favorite for hobbyist-level quality tools even after changing the brand name. 

In our head-to-head comparison to Dewalt power tools, most Hitachi power tools triumph. Dewalt is a popular power tool brand that has been used as the baseline comparison to other brands in most reviews. That proves Hitachi power tools are still great and are worth your money. 

What We Like About Hitachi Power Tools?

In a nutshell, we love the performance and quality of the products. Hitachi still offers some reliable, fine-quality power tools that compete well in the market. 

If you get a Hitachi power tool for DIY home use, you can use it for years. Though some can withstand professional use, most of its tools have a hobbyist quality level. 

If used for the intended purpose, Hitachi power tools will perform without failure. They can only fail when abused. 

Hitachi also offers a variety in terms of color, size, and styles. You are sure to get what will meet your DIY needs. 

The best part, they are readily available in various local stores and online retail sites. But keep in mind that most of them are now available as Metabo HPT. 

What is The Cost of Hitachi Power Tools?

Hitachi power tools are not the cheapest you will find in the market. However, they are not the most expensive either.

Hitachi offers power tools in the price range similar to other brands in its class. In a head-to-head comparison between some of its products and Dewalt, they nearly cost the same on average. 

Most Dewalt products cost slightly higher. But some of Hitachi products could also be slightly higher than similar ones from Dewalt. 

That said, the brand offers power tools worth what you will pay for. 

Does Hitachi Have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Hitachi has a lot of confidence in its power tool products. The power tools are well inspected and are offered in a good state. 

You can take advantage of Hitachi power tools’ 30 days guarantee to give their products a try. If you are not satisfied with the performance of this product, you can take it back within 30 days of purchase.

The product is returned to the original place of purchase. But ensure you carry along the receipt.

Do Hitachi Power Tools Come With a Warranty?

Hitachi power tools come with the most comprehensive warranty in the market. Most of their power tools are covered by professional 5 years limited warranty.

However, there are exceptions. Some categories of their power tool products come with different warranties. The cordless lithium-Ion products for instance come with a lifetime warranty. These include Driver Drills, Circular Saws, Blowers, Hammer Drills, Impact Drivers among others. 

Another category is the 2-year warranty power tools. These include Band Saws, Drill Presses, Scroll Saws, Table Saws, Planers, Belt & Disc Sanders, and any other product in this category.   

Another product category, mostly corded power tools, comes with a one-year warranty. These include Corded Grinders, Corded Hammer Drills, Air Compressors, and Chargers, among others. 

Bumpers, Driver Blades, Hammer Tackers, and other tools in this category come with 90 days warranty. Accessory products come with a 30-days warranty. 

The warranties listed above are against defect and workmanship-related issues. Damages resulting from normal wear and tear, abuse, improper maintenance, neglect, or accidents are not covered by any of this warranty. 


Hitachi still offers great tools out there. However, most of their tools now exist as Metabo HPT. So if you are dead set on getting Hitachi power tools with the “Hitachi” labels, your search may be so limited.

However, there has never been a change in quality. If you are looking for a great tool at an average price, Hitachi power tools (Metabo HPT), are worth considering. 


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