Are Hikoki Power Tools Good? (7 Helpful Tips)

Hikoki Power Tools Good

The Hikoki power tools are among the world’s best professional-graded power equipment there is. It is tailored for both commercial and residential construction and homes DIY tasks. 

One thing I’ve noticed about the tools is their ease of use. Each tool comes with a user manual that helps you get accustomed to it at the earliest time possible. 

The Hikoki Power Tools is the one-stop for all intensive tasks with a powerful multi-volt battery that accompanies the tool and a simple setup. This makes it the ideal tool for the professional mechanic and the homeowner who wants to get a job done himself. 

Hikoki Power Tools: A Brief History

 “Hikoki” may sound like a new name to many people, but the brand is a well-established one. You’d probably know it with a different name, Hitachi. 

Hitachi was established in 1948 and has maintained its mandate in the manufacture of authentic and reliable power tools to date. They currently have produced up to 1,300 power tools with 2,500 patents to their name. 

The company changed its name to Hikoki in October 2018. All tools remain the same with their latest industry game-changer, the multi-volt battery suitable for all power types. 

The brand also acquired Metabo, a leading name in German power tools technology, to boost the efficiency of their products and to expand into new markets. 

Hikoki has already released a new set of 18/36 volt battery machines, to increase power efficiency and remove the use of wires in its machines. 

These machines also have a smart connecting technology installed that detects whether a machine is an 18 or 36 volts machine and suggests the optimal battery. 

Asides from industrial tools, Hikoki also has interests in IT, Energy, Smart Life, Mobility, and Medical equipment. 

The company is currently valued at $49 Billion.

Types and Features of Hikoki Power Tools

Hikoki WH18DBDL2 Brushless Driver

This tool is designed for the all-around workman. It comes with a super-powered motor and has 4 different modes: normal mode, a soft mode for delicate work, a self-drilling mode designed for use on screws, and the power mode for heavy-duty jobs. 

This tool comes with an IP56 rating designed as waterproof and dust resistant.

It comes with inbuilt Li-ion Brushless batteries and a UC18YSL3 fast charger with a USB.

Some of the standout features include:

  • Triple hammer setup for long life and increased power
  • Automated LED work light accompanied with an electric brake
  • Soft grip handle
  • Adjustable side hook 
  • Reduced combustion sound with no gas fumes
  • Optimal performance irrespective of temperature change
  • Runs up to two nails per second and has a fast recovery time

Hikoki G3612DA 36V Brushless Cordless Angle Grinder

This compact grinder with a cordless setup is a perfect combination of the grinder engine and the efficient 18v/36v Li-ion batteries. 

The tool is lightweight at 2.8kg with its grip circumference centered at 190mm on the motor and 146mm at the narrow region. 

A useful advantage is the auto mode, which gives you total control and allows you to set the speed between 5,500 rpm and 9,500 rpm.

Its features include:

  • Speed control button
  • Electric brake for additional safety 
  • Kickback protection, which stops the motor under 2 seconds
  • Extra protection against dust and moisture with reinforced resin coats and mesh filters
  • Power consumption reduction with the auto mode
  • Extra two large stage paddle switches

Hikoki CR36DA 36V Reciprocating Saw

This powerful automated saw with a brushless motor is powered by popular multi-volt batteries. It has a stealth orbital cutting mechanism with a fitting carry case for ease of mobility. 

Its features include:

  • Double 2.5Ah Li-ion batteries 
  • Takes 32 minutes for a full charge
  • Soft grip handle for easy handling
  • Lightweight design
  • Deep cutting edge up to 66mm
  • High cutting speed
  • Fluorine coating to prevent rust and ease cutting
  • Soft start for better control
  • Maximum overload capacity

Hikoki DV18DBXL/JX 18V Brushless Combi Drill

This industry-standard drill power tool comes with a stylish aluminum gear carry case and is useful for standard industrial construction as well as residential drilling purposes. 

It has a fast USB charger attached with double 6.0Ah batteries packed.

Standout features include:

  • Kickback control safety can be enabled with the Reactive Force Control (RFC) controller
  • Built-in LED work light
  • Excellent spindle lock with the high performing Rohm chuck
  • Additional indicator for low battery
  • Swift brushless motor technology to avoid friction during use
  • Portable at only 204mm long
  • The total weight is 2.5Kg
  • Has a fast impact rate of 0-31500 per minute

All-New Innovative Multi-Volt Technology

All the Hikoki power tools mentioned here have a particular feature in common: compatibility with the Multi-Volt platform. This new technology gives Hikoki the edge over their competitors because all their tools are cordless and lightweight with the same size as the 18V battery.

Its flexibility is seen with the adjustment between two volts, the 36V 2.5Ah and the 18V 5.0Ah, which is excellent for different lighting conditions. 

An advantage is that no matter the pairing, the smart technology recognizes the battery volt and will readjust itself to save power consumption. 

In addition, the battery comes with a cooling system to prevent overheating. This increases efficiency when working for longer periods.

Warranty for All Hikoki Power Tools

Hikoki has a special Hi5 five-year extended warranty for its power tools with a multi-volt design

This is an increase from the regular Hikoki heavy-duty 3 years warranty scheme that covers its non-brushless cordless, brushed cordless, and corded tools.

To enjoy the Hi5 five-year warranty offer, all you need to do is register your power tools for the extra two years at an authorized dealer.

How Affordable are the Hikoki Power Tools?

Considering the features each set packs, the prices of the Hikoki power tools are affordable.

The lowest piece in the Hikoki power tools set (Right Angle Drill) goes for $119, while the complete set ranges $1,500 – $1,859.

Pros and Cons of Hikoki Power Tools

The major advantage of using these tools is the increased workplace safety due to their cordless setup. Say goodbye to workers tripping over cords or endangering their life due to electric shock from bad wiring. With the improved battery, you can work long hours.

The disadvantage, however, is that they are a little above the market price for power tools. The battery replacement after the warranty expiration will be high.

Durability of Hikoki Power Tools

Hikoki power tools stand out for durability, power, and accuracy. Many professionals have expressed satisfaction with the matchless experience they had with the tools.

Hikoki products are rugged and can get the job done even in the most remote or uncomfortable work conditions. Many people have transitioned to using cordless tools and such increased sales is a pointer to the effectiveness of the tool. 


The Hikoki power tools are suitable for everyday technicians. Whether you are repairing the yard at the back of your house, or you’re into major construction work, a Hikoki power tool is a must-have accessory.

The prices are also reasonable, considering the powerful features that they each pack.


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