Are Hawkers sunglasses any good? (8 Facts Explained)

Hawkers sunglasses any good

Hawkers is a fast-rising eyewear brand giving more established manufacturers a heavy run for their money. The $56 million Hawkers raised from external investors in their first financing round in 2016 has admittedly accelerated its penetration into a crowded eyewear market. But how good really are Hawkers sunglasses?

Hawkers sunglasses’ impressive ergonomics ensure the sunglasses feel comfy on the wearer’s face. Their frames are non-toxic and durable, with stainless steel and premium cellulose acetate frame the most prominent in Hawkers’ collection. Most Hawkers sunglasses are made with Lenses of Eastman, a globally reputed pioneer in copolyester technology. Our investigations also revealed that Hawkers could improve its punctually, as to delivering sunglasses ordered by customers.

Who produces Hawkers sunglasses and where?

Hawkers is one brand that challenges the Italian hegemony of the international sunglass market. Hawkers is based in Elche, Spain, forming a component of the Saldum Ventures group. 

Hawkers itself is an ambitious eyewear startup founded back in 2013 by an entrepreneurial cluster of Pablo Sánchez, Iñaki Soriano, David Moreno, and Alejandro Moreno. 

While Hawkers eyewear models like Raw are essentially made in Spain, Hawkers also have manufacturing bases in Italy and China. 

Are Hawkers Sunglasses comfortable?

Hawkers abundantly demonstrated its keenness on user comfort in its nose pad designs. Most of the Hawkers sunglasses we saw either had acetate nose pads or silicone nose pads. 

We loved both.

Hawkers acetate nose pads gave us a pretty comfy grip. There was minimal friction because the nose pads blended with the frames.

Compared to the typical red marks metallic frames leave on the face, Hawkers acetate frames were easy and painless, leaving no trace behind even after sustained wearing. 

Hawkers’ silicone nose pads were no less admirable. We loved how flexible their adjustable design is. It is easy to manipulate them to fit your facial configuration, sitting firmly on your nose.

The Electric Blue Hypnose was one sunglass that Hawkers specially loaded with comfort. Its stainless steel pyramidic trim was impeccable at softening the feel of the sunglasses.

This trim design also enhanced the stylishness of the sunglasses, notably as it enhanced the connection between the earpiece and temple. 

What type of lenses do Hawkers sunglasses have?

Hawkers takes enormous pride in its sunglasses being made with Lenses of Eastman. For those who don’t know, this lens manufacturer is one of the best in copolyester technology.

More than their environmental friendliness and anti-glare protection, Hawkers sunglasses with Lenses of Eastman provide superior clarity without sacrificing sturdiness. 

These lenses boast top-of-the-class hydrolytic stability, chemical resistance, and better handle impact. 

What type of frame do Hawkers sunglasses have?

Most of the Hawkers frames we checked out either had stainless-steel or cellulose acetate frames. Each of these Hawkers frames had its respective strengths.

Hawkers sunglasses with stainless steel frame had significant resistance to corrosion and impact. While being hypoallergenic, Hawkers sunglasses with these frames survive harsh usage reasonably. 

But then, these frames were a bit sturdier and heavier on the face while lacking the flexibility we have seen on sunglasses (from other brands) with titanium frames.

The Hawkers sunglasses with cellulose acetate frame for – compared to their peers with stainless steel frames – are more durable. They are lighter and more resistant to heat.

Are Hawkers Sunglasses safe?

Hawkers sunglasses commonly have category 3 lenses. Courtesy of such classification, Hawkers sunglasses excel at protecting the wearer from high glare levels. 

Boasting UV 400 protection, Hawkers sunglasses can shut out 99% of UVB and UVA radiation striking the lens. This means the wearer is minimally vulnerable to sun damage in outdoor activities with substantial solar exposure. 

We also saw that Hawkers sunglasses were free of allergen. Hawkers acetate frames are rid of artificial agents that could trigger allergies, skin irritation, and rashes. 

This makes such Hawkers frames more befitting for people with sensitive skin.

It is also worth noting that Hawker sunglasses with nylon lenses are BPA-free. This means the wearer is safe from any exposure to dangerous chemical substances.

Are Hawkers sunglasses durable?

Durability is a hallmark of Hawkers’ engineering. We see this prominently in Hawkers sunglasses’ stainless steel and acetate frames.

Basically, Hawkers sunglasses with stainless steel frames – thanks to the chemical composition of carbon steel, chromium, and iron – are far less vulnerable to rust and stain. 

They are reasonably strong and sleek, giving you lightweight sunglasses that can last years of rough usage.

Hawkers acetate sunglasses are the most durable in this brand’s lineup. They do well in resisting impact, maintaining their elasticity even when highly pressurized.

This is because acetate is fundamentally comprised of sturdy fibers which don’t break easily.

We must also commend the longevity of hawker sunglasses with nylon lenses. They excel at resisting scratches and impact. Most of these lenses have unique hydrophobic and oleophobic capacities. 

Particularly, such oleophobic properties make such Hawker sunglasses better repel grease. These sunglasses are far easier to clean fingerprints and smudges from.

How much do Hawkers sunglasses cost? 

For a brand like Hawkers that invests in high-cost social media promotion regularly featuring elite influencers, we expected their sunglasses to come at a premium.

It was a shocking relief to see that Hawkers’ sunglasses are modestly priced. We saw that Hawkers is precisely targeted at the mid-level sunglass enthusiast.

Most of the Hawkers sunglasses we saw sat between $50 and $70. Hawker models like Audrey, Neuve, Ollie, And Slater come around $49.

We have guys like the Black Divine Dark Carey in the middle, costing $55. 

Models like the Light Blue Lauper and the Purple Lax were the priciest we saw in Hawkers’ lineup. The said models cost around $70.

Do Hawkers sunglasses have a warranty cover?

Hawkers sunglasses come with warranty coverage varying from where the sunglass was produced. Generally, Hawkers sunglasses are protected with a solid 3-year warranty regardless of where the sunglass was produced.

So, if there is any defect in the eyeglass resulting from a manufacturing deficiency, Hawkers will replace it for you within this span.

But here is the sweeter part. For sunglasses exclusively made in Spain, Hawkers give you a lifetime damage warranty. 

So far, this warranty is available for Hawker Raw models. Raw is the first Hawkers collection to be exclusively produced in Spain. 


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