Is Gracie Oaks furniture good quality? (Explained)

Gracie Oaks furniture good quality

Gracie Oaks is one of the most prominent furniture brands on Wayfair. This brand is readily recognized for the contemporary swagger it adds to conventional rustic style furniture.

Of course, style is not enough to blow your dollars on a furniture acquisition. What is the overall quality of Gracie Oaks? Are they are any good?

Gracie Oaks furniture is highly durable. It is made from industry-grade materials, with some of its pieces combining high-strength MDF Board (or premium pine wood) and remarkably sturdy metallic construction. Aside from their resilience, Gracie Oaks pieces are portable and highly flexible. Their cabinet designs come with an adjustable shelf design with ample room for storage.

We don’t expect one paragraph to satiate your curiosity about Gracie Oaks. Therefore, we will dive further into this brand, exploring critical aspects like who manufactures them (and where), predominant design style, cost, warranty, and where you can buy them.

Let us go!

Who manufactures Gracie Oaks furniture and where?

With more than 70,000 Gracie Oak pieces listed on Wayfair, Great Oaks is easy to mistake for a Wayfair home interior subsidiary. But no, Gracie Oaks furniture is manufactured independently by Gracie Oaks. 

A thorough online investigation doesn’t reveal specific details on where their manufacturing plants are situated. But the manufacturer asserts their products are designed and assembled on American soil. 

For us, it is easy to believe this. The premium quality their product struts reflects high-grade country-side American woodworking aptitude.  

What style of furniture does Gracie Oaks make?

Gracie Oaks furniture has a strong rustic appeal. If you love home interior designs that channel a cottage or country-home theme, then Gracie Oaks furniture is for you.

But wait, Gracie Oak is not just another rustic furniture producer. This manufacturer takes the game one level higher by integrating contemporary designs to their classic farmhouse furniture style.  

Take for example the Gracie Oaks Reynolds Abelone. While this set is flush with a traditional 1960 feel, Grace Oak brings it into the 21st century with a contemporary walnut finish.

Such tendency on Gracie Oaks to furnish their rustic designs with modern accouterments is also demonstrated in the Emyri Twin Daybed.

This unit comes enhanced with a neatly lined silhouette and a lattice back carved in a fashionable X shape.

In all, Gracie Oak’s style involves blending a country-side design with a strong touch of the modern.

How Portable is Gracie Oaks furniture?

Remember, we earlier pointed out how flexible Gracie Oaks furniture is. While they don’t lack any bit of sturdiness (or longevity), this brand furniture is crafted so that moving or adjusting them is simplified.

Most of them are fitted with double sliding doors, giving you more options to adapt them to your space. Others have adjustable shelves – giving you increased storage volume.

We were also impressed with the TV stand design. Most are decked with casters at the bottom. This way, moving your stand about is a breeze.  

How much Does Gracie Oaks Furniture Cost?

We like Gracie Oaks’ economic model. It doesn’t exclusively shut itself off as a low-end or high-end furniture brand. 

They have their pieces intelligently distributed across several price bandwidths, ensuring every homeowner has a piece of Gracie Oaks to adorn their space with regardless of income level.

Gracie Oaks have furniture pieces available from as low as $27 to over $3,000.

The Etasha Oriental Area Rug is one of the cheapest offerings we saw in Gracie Oaks’ lineup. This product has variants as cheap as $28. Higher grades of the Gracie Oaks Etasha Oriental Area Rug run as high as $500. 

We also have affordable Gracie Oaks products like the Ruya Sigle Shower Curtain going for as slow as $44. 

Stepping the cost range, Gracie Oaks furniture pieces like the Divisadero 5 – Blade Standard Ceiling cost around $200. 

The Dewhurst Solid Wood Patio Gazebo and the Poe Extendable Dining Set are some of the most expensive products we saw in the Gracie Oaks furniture lineup. 

The Dewhurst Solid Wood Patio Gazebo costs around $1800, while the Poe Extendable Dining Set costs $2,100.

Do Gracie Oaks Furniture Have a Warranty Cover?

From our investigation, not all Gracie Oaks pieces have warranty coverage. Gracie Oaks tends to reserve its warranty coverage for higher-cost units. 

This is understandable as we feel it doesn’t make much sense economically to be offering warranty coverages for units as cheap as $30.

Gracie Oaks has two major warranty policies. These are the 5-year and 3-year protection policies. 

Under this coverage, Gracie Oaks takes on repairs, replacements, and enhancements for defects and malfunctions experienced for the specified warranty interval (three or five years). 

But here is something unique. You have to pay for these warranty packages, and the warranty cost varies with the price of furniture being covered.

For example, 5-year protection for the Grace Oaks Tahoe 60″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set (which costs around $2,700) goes for $410.99. The 3-year protection variant for this unit costs $321.99. 

But for a less expensive Gracie Oaks product like the Amy 4 – Person Dining Set (which costs about $890), the 5-year protection costs $136.99 while the 3-year protection costs $106.99.  

Where can you buy Gracie Oaks furniture?

Gracie Oaks are prominently sold on Wayfair. There are tens of thousands of units – with varying design patterns – lined up for your space at Wayfair. 

While Wayfair is the leading distributor of Gracie Oaks, you can also procure this brand’s pieces from other online destinations like Walmart, ShopStyle, RealSimple, and WarehouseDirectFurniture.

Best Gracie Oaks Furniture Review

Let us tell you about some of the best models we tested in Grace Oaks’ furniture collection.

Emyree TV Stand for TVs 

The Emyree TV Stand brings a unique feel to your living space. Gracie Oaks hit an A+ with how it managed to design this TV stand to transmit grace despite its minimalistic and simple design. The Emyree TV stand can hold TV sets up to 65″. 

This is a TV stand built to stand the test of time. It is produced from a high-grade MDF board combined with a robust metallic frame.

This TV stand’s tabletop can hold as much as 200lbs. The shelves can sustainably hold up items as heavy as 30lbs. 

Would you like to store stuff inside your TV stand? The Emyree says no problem. This stand can comfortably house more than your movies, games, and DVDs. This stand’s storage space can hold items like a cable box.

The integrated cable management system does a lot in maintaining a tidy space, concealing audio cables, and keeping them neatly organized. 

The storage space is delicately compartmentalized with double shelves at the mid-level. They have a flexible design, with the shelves easy to adjust. You can conceal the storage compartment by readily sliding the doors on the metallic rails. 

Tahoe 60″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

This is for the family who wants to make a splash on their bathroom. With these Tahoe vanity sets costing over $2,000, it is not a beauty to fancy if on a tight budget.

Gracie Oaks did well to justify this vanity set’s price steepness. We see an impeccable demonstration of attention to tiny details in the craftsmanship, with the design merging luxury and functionality.

Beautiful on the eyes, this set is furnished with a white cultured marble slab. The edges are straight and simple.

The Tahoe vanity set is further enhanced with five drawers (each having a dovetailed build). The drawers are easy to customize and adjust with sizable storage space.

The Tahoe vanity set is also supplied with premium brushed nickel handles. The feet are leveled, giving the set stability on the ground.  

Depending on your dealer, the Tahoe vanity set is supplied with accessories like a sink, cabinet handles, backsplash, drain assembly, faucet, mounting bracket, and mirror.


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