Goodman vs RUUD: 6 Tips to Help You Choose Suitable AC

Goodman vs RUUD HVAC

When it’s time to buy a new air conditioner, sifting through the many units can be daunting. Thankfully, there are top-known brands like Goodman and RUUD. These have been around for decades, but which is the best to buy?

Both brands continue to manufacture quality air conditioners. The variety of energy-efficient units is excellent for anyone with a minimal spending budget. Still, RUUD tends to shine since it has more features and a longer parts warranty of 10 years. 

Still, the best choice is the one that meets your needs. Read the information below and compare the 2 brands before deciding. 

6 Tips to Help You Choose a Suitable AC between Goodman and RUUD

There’s no crucial time to have air conditioning at home like in summer. However, picking out the best between Goodman and RUUD takes more scrutiny when replacing an old unit. 

1. Energy Efficiency

Today, there’s more emphasis on energy efficiency. It makes more sense to invest in a unit that saves energy. That is why checking the SEER rating matters before deciding which air conditioner to install in your home. 

Goodman comes out shinning as the brand with the most energy-efficient unit. Among the 6 units from the company, the GVXC20 stands out. The air conditioner has a SEER rating of 24.5 and has the ENERGY STAR mark from the EPA. 

Instead of a single or two-stage unit, it relies on a variable speed swing that’s excellent for energy efficiency. The modern inverter technology lowers energy usage to cool your home. There are also 5 other units with SEER ratings ranging from 19 to 13. 

As for RUUD, the brand’s most energy-efficient unit is the UA20 with variable speed. Its SEER rating is 20.5 and a 14.5 EER. Other air conditioners have SEER ratings ranging from 17 to 13. 

2. Variety of Models

Variety is important when you want to pick out a new HVAC system. Luckily, RUUD has 11 air conditioners that you can select for your home. Among them is the UA20, with a top energy efficiency rating.

Also, check out the RA17, UA 17, RA 16, RA14**W, and others. These air conditioners have varying efficiencies. They also use variable speed, single or two-stage for varying applications. The quality means you can use them in a single, family, or workspace. 

Goodman has only 6 air conditioners that customers can choose from the brand. The company does have an excellent reputation for making quality AC. On the main website, Goodman has the GSXC18, GSXC16, GSX16, GSX14, and GSX13. 

3. Pricing

Do you have a budget in mind for how much money you want to spend? Not only are you buying a new AC, but the cost will include the installation cost. Air conditioners require professional installation if you wish the warranty to stand. 

Goodman and RUUD are modern companies that price the units almost the same. The price of each air conditioner depends on the energy efficiency (SEER Rating). 

Take RUUD, for example. The Achiever RA14 with SEER rating 14 costs $3311 inclusive of installation cost. As for Goodman, GSX13 costs $3180, inclusive of installation cost. The difference is about $200, so I prefer to look into other features to make a conclusive decision. 

4. Lifespan

RUUD and Goodman are well-known brands with decades in the HVAC industry. These have become household names thanks to the reliability that many homeowners experience. Another tip to help choose between the two is the air conditioner’s lifespan. 

When it comes to these 2 brands, it’s a tie of sorts. RUUD and Goodman continue to employ modern technology that improves the lifespan of air conditioners. Older units would only last for about 10 to 12 years before it was time to buy a new air conditioner. 

However, now modern air conditioners last between 10 to 15 years, and with proper service, some last up to 25 years. The lifespan will probably get longer as the 2 brands continue to manufacture quality air conditioners. 

5. Noise Levels

Having a quiet air conditioner is a top priority for me. I’m sure many other homeowners agree that such units add to the comfort of a home. So, what is the noise level of RUUD and Goodman air conditioners in the market?

Both units tend to have quiet units and some that are a bit noisy. The trick is knowing the quality and then ordering the best units. For instance, the Goodman GVSXC20 is among the quietest air conditioners, with 52 decibels noise levels. 

Similarly, the RUUD Achiever UA20 is ideal for super quiet air conditioning with a 56 decibels noise level. While the air conditioners aren’t 100% quiet, they produce only slight sounds that won’t disturb the peace. 

6. Warranty

Goodman and RUUD have similar 10-year parts warranties. While these could be better, they still offer some protection to buyers. The warranty guarantees good quality and efficiency when you buy a new air conditioner. 

However, it’s worth noting that Goodman has stringent rules about registration. After purchasing a new unit, it only gets a 5-year parts warranty until you do the necessary registration. 

Is RUUD a Good Quality Brand?

RUUD is a household name across the US for its exceptional quality. Not only are the air conditioners affordable, but also reliable. The brand ensures homeowners get good quality at an affordable price, including installation fees. 

The air conditioners from RUUD continue to be more energy efficient with an excellent SEER rating. All this is in a package that won’t require breaking the piggy bank open. On top of reliability and affordability, giving you more than 10 years of service. 

Is Goodman a Good Quality Brand?

Like RUUD, Goodman also has a high-reliability ranking in the HVAC industry. This top brand is also among the best places to search when you need an affordable unit. Given the good quality air conditioners, the prices are fair. 

Goodman ensures energy efficiency when manufacturing new air conditioners. That is why the units have excellent SEER ratings and save on energy. These air conditioners use a variable, one and two stages crucial in conserving energy. 

Are RUUD Air Conditioners Made in the US?

RUUD air conditioners are under RHEEM Manufacturing. This is one of the largest manufacturers of HVAC systems in the US. 

The company started as RUUD in 1862, which was the name of the 2 founding brothers. 

Later, RHEEM Manufacturing assimilated the company in 1930. Currently, the company ranks as having a 12% market share. 

Are Goodman Air Conditioners Made in the US?

Goodman is another excellent HVAC brand in the US with wide acceptance. It’s a subsidiary of the Daikin Group, a global leader in HVAC product manufacturing. 

Goodman opened its doors in 1975 and holds a 15% share of the market. Its main manufacturing facility is in Texas. 


RUUD comes our shining when comparing with Goodman. Despite the premium quality, the air conditioners are affordable and depend on your budget. Goodman does have plenty of merits, so it can also be a good choice, especially if it’s a familiar brand. 

However, consider reading through to understand the brands before making a choice. Get to learn the energy efficiency, price, warranty, and lifespan. Are these units reliable and made in the US or not?