Goodman Vs Daikin: 4 Tips To Help You Choose (For Beginners)

Goodman Vs Daikin HVAC

Selecting between a Daikin and Goodman product can be very difficult, especially if you have never used any of them before. We can attribute this to the related but somehow different and unique features of each brand. 

For instance, the warranty for Daikin products is 12 years, while that of any Goodman product is 10-years. Before deciding which brand to purchase, you need to understand its features. 

Here, we focus on factors you must consider while deciding between Goodman vs Daikin. Keep reading to find out. 

1. The Warranty of The Product

You need to understand that Goodman and Daikin come with different warranties. We always recommend models that have a longer warranty period. Warranties are only available from companies that are 100% confident in their products. 

And for your information, Goodman was the first HVAC manufacturer to provide a 10-year limited warranty on parts. Even without taking any action, a Goodman AC comes with a 5-year limited parts warranty. 

The AC will qualify for an extra enhanced warranty coverage immediately after you register a new unit. However, registration should happen within 60-days after air conditioner installation. 

On the other hand, the Daikin products come with a warranty of 12-years. This shows how confident the company is with its products, especially air conditioners. 

To get the 12-year warranty for Daikin products, you must first register it immediately after purchase. If your product gets destroyed within the warranty period, you’ll get a replacement on parts or get a new one. 

2. Noise

Noise is another factor you need to consider while selecting between Daikin and Goodman products. Most air conditioners work hard, meaning that they’ll make noise at some point. However, such noise can be reduced in different ways; in the product itself, usage, repairs, maintenance, and installation. 

For your information, noise is measured in decibels (dB). To get a good perspective, a whisper is rated at about 20 dB. 

As far as noise is concerned, Daikin employs an advanced technology that enables it to develop some of the quietest ACs in the industry. Their air conditioners have wall split indoor units which produce 19 dB. As we have seen, the noise is quieter than a whisper. 

On the other hand, Goodman air conditioners have higher noise. You’ll be very lucky to get an air conditioner with a noise level below 25 dB. Most of them produce noise that is higher than a whisper. 

If noise is a concern to you, we recommend that you go for the Daikin products. 

3. Energy Efficiency

This is an important metric that everyone needs to consider before selecting between Daikin and Goodman air conditioners. You can determine the energy efficiency of a product by its seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER).

There is a tier system for describing an HVAC unit’s energy efficiency:

  • Better performance – 20-24
  • Better performance – 16-19
  • Basic performance – 13-15

Here, Goodman products have varying energy efficiency, with products having a SEER of as low as 16 and as high as 24.5. You’ll also come across some Daikin air conditioners with a SEER of 24.5. 

However, Goodman products outperform their Daikin counterparts in almost all tiers regarding energy efficiency. 

4. After-Sale Service and Support

Most people always consider after-sale services before investing in a product. And this is one area in which Daikin excels, thanks to the high number of AC service and repair technicians. These technicians are professionally trained to handle both old and new Daikin products. 

The company also has a wide network of warrant agents globally. It also provides intensive training to both employees and AC contractors worldwide. 

Additionally, various specialized diagnostic tools help Daikin experts service and test products with accuracy and speed. The company also has the Daikin eQuip, which provides access to Tech data and information. 

And if you need further assistance, there is a technical support hotline. You can still log in to their portal to access valuable information. 

Generally, Daikin is reputable for having reliable and professional support that saves energy, money, time, and frustration. 

Goodman has more or less the same support level as Daikin. You can contact support at any time to seek clarification on any issue. However, support at Goodman isn’t as comprehensive as that at Daikin. 

If support is among your top priorities, we recommend that you select Daikin at all times. 

Advantages of Goodman

Below are some pros of Goodman products:

  • These products are energy efficient: As per the federal government requirements, the minimum required SEER for any product is 10. All Goodman products meet these requirements. You’ll be surprised to find some models having a SEER of 24.5. 
  • Good warranty coverage: The company ensures that all the products are long-lasting. They’re so confident with the product’s durability that they offer a warranty of 10 years on parts. The products are also designed with durable materials. 
  • Limited noise: All Goodman air conditioners are designed to emit low noise. In fact, it’s possible not to hear any noise at all. 

Advantages and Features of Daikin

Daikin AC and products are designed with four notable features worth mentioning:

  • They come with improved efficiencies: As we have seen, some models offer as high as 24.5 SEER. Such models are still affordable. 
  • The company develops variable-capacity and two-stage compressors: This compressor forms the core of the AC. The technology used to design the compressors is durable and efficient. 
  • Upgraded indoor coils: The coils have an all-aluminum construction that offers resistance to corrosion. They also have factory-mounted thermal expansion valves. 
  • Excellent warranties. Like Goodman products, Daikin air conditioners also come with an excellent warranty. In fact, their warranty which is 12-years on parts is higher than that of Goodman products. 

Final Remarks

You must understand how to select the best air conditioner for you and your family. The best AC is one that can cool in any weather at an affordable cost. 

You should always go for one that has a proven record for reliability and efficiency. Both Goodman and Daikin products will offer you the performance you need in almost all categories. 

However, we still recommend that you thoroughly read the above factors to determine the ideal product brand for you. Always feel free to contact the company’s support for further clarification. 


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