Goodman vs Carrier Furnace: 7 Tips Considered (Which to Buy)

Goodman vs Carrier Furnace Buy Tips

Almost 50% of homes in the US have a gas furnace, according to a RECS (Residential Energy Consumption Survey) survey. Such high demand has led companies like Carrier and Goodman to make furnace systems, but which is the best? 

In essence, Carrier has a reputation for manufacturing top-quality furnace systems. But, the great quality comes at a high price, so be ready to spend. Goodman is suitable since it makes quality and affordable furnaces if you’re on a budget. 

Price is one factor to consider when thinking about Carrier and Goodman Furnace. However, there are many more factors to keep in mind before deciding. 

7 Tips Considered When Buying Goodman or Carrier Furnace

1. What is the Cost of the Furnace?

Cost plays an essential role when making home improvements, including purchasing a new furnace system. Always have a budget before heading off to make new purchases. Carrier and Goodman are excellent brands but differ when it comes to pricing. 

Carrier has been around for many years and carries a top reputation for quality and reliability. The furnace systems from this brand tend to last and provide ample comfort at home. But, purchasing from this leading brand calls for deep pockets. 

It’s better to go for a new Carrier unit when you have a good budget to suit the high purchase price. However, Goodman is still a great option if working with a lower budget. In no way does the low prices mean the quality and reliability are lacking. 

Goodman furnace systems cost less than Carrier but go head to head in quality. These excellent units still provide years of service, keeping you warm. Plus, many HVAC companies stock Goodman systems, so you’re not likely to miss one. 

2. Which is More Energy-Efficient?

The best furnaces have high energy efficiency ratings that make them eco-friendly. Carrier leads the way as they create more efficient units. The Carrier Infinity 98 Gas Furnace currently takes the lead with a 98.5% AFUE performance. 

Goodman is also not too far behind. The Goodman GMVN97 has a 98% AFUE performance. Normally, a new gas furnace must never have less than 78% AFUE. The EPA requires a furnace system to have 80 to 83% mid-efficiency and a high one of 90 to 97%.

3. Do they Offer Tax Credit?

Most homeowners are aware of tax credits they can get for specific HVAC systems. It’s an excellent way to ensure you get a decent return each tax year. However, it’s worth noting that not all HVAC systems qualify to get a tax credit. 

The only way to qualify for the tax credit is if your furnace has a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. Many specify the rating should not be less than 16. Carrier comes out on top for units with excellent SEER ratings. 

A good example of a unit that meets these qualifications is the Carrier Infinity 96 Furnace System. It’s a 2-stage furnace with variable speed and a 96.7% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). The unit qualifies you for a $500 tax credit. 

As for Goodman, they do have efficient units, especially for air conditioning. These can get you a decent tax return, but not for the furnace systems. Some have excellent AFUE percentages, but SEER ratings fall short of the 16 and above rule. 

4. Does It Increase the Home Value?

Home value is important since it determines how much your house is worth. One of the best ways to improve your home’s valuation is by replacing old furnaces. A good furnace system from a top company can increase value by up to 10%. 

Carrier units are eco-friendly with a good SEER rating, making them good additions. Given the premium quality of a Carrier furnace, it’s better for improving a house’s value. Buyers can do simple research and learn about the top position of Carrier systems in the market. 

Goodman furnace systems are great in many ways. However, the value increase isn’t as high as Carrier. It all boils down to the premium quality. Carrier systems are expensive and have a high status, while Goodman costs less.

5. What is the Installation Cost?

Complex installations cost you more when you hire an HVAC company for the job. They have to carry out more operations and spend time doing so in your home. This additional work and time hike the price of HVAC installation. 

Carrier furnace systems are premium quality, but this means complex installation processes. Therefore, it costs more to install a furnace in a home. Goodman does require professional installation, but this is standard work that won’t cost an arm and a leg. 

6. What is the Noise Level?

A good furnace system delivers comfort in a home and must include low noise levels. Given that the unit works all winter, the lower the noise, the better. The Carrier Infinity 98 Gas Furnace takes the lead in low noise levels. 

All the technology in this top system works to control the sound it emits. It’s one of the quietest furnaces from the premium brand to hit the market. Keeping the unit in low-fire mode maintains a sound rating of 38.4 decibels. That’s more like a whisper!

Goodman does produce excellent furnaces, but sound ratings aren’t as low as Carrier systems. The Goodman GMVM97 is the latest furnace from the company. It has 80 decibels sound rating. So, if quiet is what you want, consider the Carrier option. 

7. Do they Offer a Warranty?

An excellent warranty eases my mind when I want to buy a new furnace unit. It’s the same for many people since a lot of money goes into purchase and installation. When it comes to excellent warranty, Goodman shines in the industry. 

Goodman warranties are comprehensive, but always remember to register the furnace with the company. Lack of registration means a new Goodman furnace comes with a 5-year parts limited warranty. But, after registration, the furnace qualifies for extra warranty coverage for the next 10 years. 

As a premium brand, Carrier does have a warranty for furnace systems. But, considering the company’s position in the industry, the warranty comes off as basic. These units aren’t cheap, but the warranty won’t cover any problems because of improper installation or service. 

Also, the company has a rule that registration of a new unit must be within 90 days of installation. After that, you have a limited warranty duration depending on how long registration takes. So, the longer you wait, the less time on your warranty. 

Which is the Best Furnace System: Carrier or Goodman?

Carrier and Goodman furnace systems are excellent in quality, reliability, and many other factors. But, the top position goes to Carrier!

Little else beats the premium quality of Carrier furnace systems. Though the purchase and installation costs are high, the brand meets expectations. 

But, as you choose the one to buy between Carrier and Goodman, keep in mind the warranty differences. Goodman has a better protection policy for customers considering the low cost of the furnace systems. 


There’s always more to consider when buying a new furnace system other than the brand one likes. As for Carrier and Goodman, they satisfy customer expectations in many ways. Carrier takes the lead in premium quality, but this comes at a high price. 

If you have a smaller budget, Goodman still meets set expectations. Affordability and reliability are two excellent qualities of Goodman furnace systems. However, Carrier is a good investment that even has the potential of increasing house value.