Is Gluckstein Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Gluckstein Furniture Good Quality

Good furniture can work wonders for any space. When one wants to transform a space, they seek out the best to create a lovely look. When shopping for furniture, I look at just more than how they look.

Quality is essential, and I wondered if Gluckstein Furniture is good quality. 

My purchases from Gluckstein Furniture have varied over the years. But one thing is for sure. The company creates good quality furniture for our homes. Its founder Brian Gluckstein is an interior design genius and always strives to create the best for his customers. 

So, any person seeking good quality furniture plus excellent design tips should look into Gluckstein Furniture.

This article teaches more about the quality of its products, Brian Gluckstein, and much more essential information. 

Is Gluckstein Furniture Good Quality?

Good quality furniture can serve you for a long time. I still recall the furniture my parents had growing up.

Some of the pieces were from when they got married, which was more than four decades old. The furniture was still in excellent condition and never required regular maintenance. 

Searching for the best furniture was essential when I moved into my first house. There are so many companies online, but I wanted one that could guarantee quality. Plus, I needed help with my interior since I had never decorated a space before. 

A friend introduced me to Gluckstein Furniture, which is where she shops. I had seen her quality seats and other items, including her baby crib.

These were excellent pieces of furniture that made me want to try Gluckstein Furniture. So far, I must admit I find the quality top-notch. 

The furniture I’ve bought from Gluckstein Furniture meets my expectation in terms of sturdiness. My favorite is the cozy chairs in my living room that not only look good but are durable.

Adding to that, I’ve managed to create a relaxing and cool look thanks to Brian Gluckstein. 

These furniture pieces help me create a modern and relaxed style in my home. The company makes sofas, sectionals, accent chairs, ottomans, dining table sets, bar stools, sideboards, dressers, beds, and much more. 

History of Gluckstein Furniture

After my friend’s recommendation, I wanted to learn more about Gluckstein Furniture. Therefore, I went online and started to do some research.

This is where I came to learn more about Brian Gluckstein. The world of interior design in Canada knows him as a master of creating warm, stylish, and effortless interiors. 

Brian Gluckstein’s titles read like a person who understands everything to do with lovely spaces. He is a design authority who is sought after for his immeasurable skills. In addition, he is an author and media personality. 

For years, he’s made good quality furniture and developed many interior design concepts. This is why some of his work has been featured in House & Home, Architectural Digest, and Elle Décor. 

Gluckstein Furniture began production of quality furniture and other items in 1999. The Gluckstein Home Collection is diverse and includes beddings, lighting, and even bathroom accessories. 

Brian Gluckstein continues to push the boundaries of design while being adventurous. 

Issues One May Encounter with Gluckstein Furniture

As wonderful as it was to find out more about Gluckstein Furniture, I didn’t want to approach the purchase with rose-colored glasses. That’s why my research included a deep dive into issues I may encounter along the way. 

Nothing is perfect, so I wasn’t expecting the company or products to fall short in one or two areas.

I’ve listed some of the potential issues one may encounter with Gluckstein Furniture. It’s better to make these online purchases armed with all the right information. 

Easily Damaged Seats

When one gets a new seat, they need it to be sturdy and durable. But, one issue I saw from online reviews is seats that break too fast. After placing an order, having a seat delivered, and using it for a year, it began to squeak. 

We all know there is nothing as annoying as a squeaky seat. It means the seat is poor quality and won’t last that long. The good news is if you encounter such a seat, you can return it to Gluckstein Furniture for a replacement. 

Uncomfortable Furniture

Gluckstein Furniture gives a home the good aesthetic it needs. Basically, one can create a look worth presenting in the top interior magazines. All you have to do is follow Brian Gluckstein’s advice, and you are good to go. 

But, what looks good doesn’t necessarily feel good. Some furniture might not suit such a home for those looking to sit comfortably and relax. For example, some accent chairs are quite lovely, but I would never sit on them for prolonged periods. 

The one time I sat there to read, I felt too uncomfortable, which was such a disappointment. This is the issue with online purchases since I couldn’t test the products until they arrived at my door. 

4 Best Ways to Shop for Gluckstein Furniture

After learning some of the issues with Gluckstein Furniture, I proceeded with my purchases. Here is where things get a little interesting. I had to shop online at a certain retailer. 

Some of the tips I learned during this time are:

Have a Budget at Hand

A look at the Gluckstein Furniture portfolio can send your wallet into overdrive. Everything looks so good that I was tempted to get it all.

But, that would have had massive ripple effects on my savings. Instead, I went in with a fixed budget and began shopping. 

Having a budget and sticking to it is the best way to shop for Gluckstein Furniture. Their products are of good quality and highly priced. So, it’s best to get your money’s worth. 

Have a Design Theme in Mind

I wanted a stylish, cool, yet homely space as a single and young woman.

While it was possible to have my home looking like a showroom, that wasn’t the theme I had in mind. That’s why I began shopping for Gluckstein Furniture with a theme in mind. 

Think Long Term

A good set of sofas can last for many years. As I sought the best seats for my home, I had to think long-term. 

So, comfort was also at the top of my list. Not only did I need seats that were good quality, but I also needed them to be comfortable for me to use them for many years. 

Read Reviews

For every item I get from Gluckstein Furniture, I have to read reviews left by previous buyers. That way, I can learn more about the piece of furniture and whether it suits me or not. 

Online reviews help a lot, considering I’m not touching or trying the items I buy. 

Summing Up

Good quality furniture transforms a house into a home. That’s what my mom taught me.

I’ve had a good experience with Gluckstein Furniture overall. Additionally, design tips from Brian Gluckstein have worked wonders to transform my space. 

The company makes lots of quality furniture to suit many spaces. Plus, you can get other items like beddings, bathroom accessories, dining ware, and many others.

Keep in mind some of the issues you might encounter when buying Gluckstein Furniture. Plus, this article has some tips that helped me out while shopping for my home. 


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