Is Global Furniture Good Quality? (Explained for Beginners)

Global Furniture Good Quality

Getting furniture for the home and office at a reasonable price can be quite hard. You would likely get great dining furniture and have difficulty sourcing things for the office lobby.

With this purpose in mind, Global Furniture opened its door to ensure you can get all types of quality furniture globally at a reasonable price.

My first interaction with Global Furniture was when shopping online for home furnishing at Wayfair and Amazon. I was surprised by the overwhelmingly great reviews of their products and their reputation from the previous customers.

I bought a dining set and bed. The items were delivered as advertised and I can vouch for the furniture quality from the supplier.

After ten years of using the furniture, I can conclude that Global Furniture is high-quality furniture and often has a high resale value.

Global Furniture has consistently proven itself across markets and nationalities as a reputable manufacturer, supplier, and distributor. You may have some questions about their services that we shall help you answer in this post. 

The company is a premier exporter and distributor of fine furnishings globally but with a bigger market in the US.

The supplier deals mainly with the wholesale markets and works with all the top retailers, importing and designing new collections to ensure you have the best furniture at your disposal.

Learn where you can get the products, their operations, and some of the furniture in their catalog.

Leadership at Global Furniture

Global Furniture was established in 1996 as a haven for affordable and quality furniture. The company has stayed true to the goal due to its able leadership and great vision to meet consumer needs over the years.

The main strategy the business has leveraged is a network of vertically integrated suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors who help the firm bring its products to customers across the globe.

The man at the helm of all the operations is Alex Vaysman, the Global Furniture group’s CEO.

He is closely assisted by Joel Rotenberg, the executive vice president and CFO of the multinational company. The company chairman is Alex Rubinshteyn.

The management has put in a lot of effort in creating a portfolio of solutions from their headquarters in Brunswick, New Jersey.

Their main goal is to remain competitive by offering a comprehensive portfolio of solutions geared towards the changing needs at the workplace, education, and healthcare markets.

There’s also a huge investment in the talent to create quality products and maintain high-quality service.

How Much is Global Furniture Worth?

Global Furniture is a reputable company operating in several markets and jurisdictions. They have worked hard for years and established valuable partnerships that enable them to earn a lot of money.

Statistics estimate that the company makes a revenue of $20.76 million per year and has a cumulative value of at least 101 billion.

What Furniture Can I Buy from Global Furniture?

Global Furniture has established itself as a one-stop-shop for all types of furniture.  Whether at home, office, or government facilities, all places. The furniture is made top-notch and high quality and designed to meet almost all your needs.

Some furniture you can buy from them are desks, tables, bedroom furnishings, dining sets, living room sets, computer accessories, storage drawers, leather seating, and other academic chairs.

Where Can I get Global Furniture Products?

Global Furniture has grown from an obscure brand founded in 1996 by Alex Vaysman and Alex Rubinshteyn to a leading national furniture brand.

The company has sales teams in the mainland USA, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and the Middle East. There are also many new operations in Asia. 

The large market overseas and the competitive edge of the Global Furniture brand have enabled it to satisfy the needs of different customers who need varied pieces of furniture.

Global Furniture wants to reach more customers and has thus partnered with retailers globally to build custom products. 

The products they offer have a low price tag because most of them are shipped directly by Global Furniture as a direct importer.

That also results in quicker deliveries allowing retailers to fulfill orders quickly to their customers.

The quick service and the great products have enabled Global Furniture to reach 2,000 retailers just in the United States alone.

Among the 2,000 retailers in the US are American Signature (Value City), Raymour & Flanigan, Rooms To Go, El Dorado, The Room Place, Kanes, Brandsmart, and Nebraska Furniture Mart.

They have also extended partnerships with online furniture retailers like Wayfair, Amazon, and Overstock.

Customer Complaints with Global Furniture

There are very few complaints on Global Furniture online that you have to scour the internet for a long time to get any. 

Handling over 2,000 retailers in the US alone and others globally with minimal complaints for over 25 years is no mean feat.

Nonetheless, some customers have complained about a few aspects of Global Furniture.

Dented or Scratched Leather Furniture

I have been using leather furniture from Global Furniture for ages. You can imagine the goosebumps when I read that the Furniture often dents and scratches.

My fears were dispelled when I read elsewhere that leather furniture may dent or scratch if not well maintained or kept in humid environments. 

For beginners, you should keep leather in a dry environment away from sunlight and immediately wipe off any water or liquid spills to avoid denting and scratching.

Improperly Fixed Nails on the Recliner Arms

A customer who bought a Good Furniture recliner was stunned when the recliner arm fell over after a year.

While other customers had experienced the arms falling over after some time, the customer wasn’t ready to be stung by nails or staples in the recliner.

Unresponsive Customer Care

Most of the Good Furniture is of excellent quality. They all come with warranties so that you can have them fixed for minor damages or any other damage within the warranty period.

However, getting warranty service for the broken Furniture is a bit hectic as the Furniture is often bought from a third-party retailer.

The effect is long waits for warranty service or, at times, just unresponsive customer service from Global Furniture or the third party retailer. 

Getting to customer service has frustrated many customers and gives up on ever receiving the warranty service.

Trouble Fixing Some Furniture

Most of the large furniture comes disassembled and has to be fixed by the customer. Fixing the furniture is often as simple as reading the instructions and putting it together. 

Unfortunately, not all customers understand the instructions for fixing. So they end up assembly the parts incorrectly.

There are consequences of poor workmanship, such as the risk of damage or hazardous items.

Summing Up

Global Furniture may be a very young furniture company, but its roots are deep. Their products are stellarly crafted, strong, and durable. They are present in over 2,000 stores in the US alone and control a great chunk of the global market. 

They are constantly coming up with new designs to please the global market. Most customer reviews are great due to their furniture’s excellent quality and current distribution model.


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