Is Gilman Creek Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Gilman Creek Furniture Good Quality

Having seats in your home goes beyond the basic sofa because you also need other items like reclining chairs. The best reclining chairs help you calm down and relax at the end of a long day.

One of the places to buy upholstered reclining chairs is Gilman Creek, but is their furniture good quality?

After purchasing a Gilman Creek set of reclining chairs, I agree that they have good quality seats. These seats are pretty comfortable, well-crafted, and easy to clean. Gilman Creek uses only top-quality materials to make lasting and quite affordable furniture. 

With that, it’s essential to scratch beyond the surface and gets to know more about this company right. Who owns it? When did they start making furniture? Are there any problems one can encounter with Gilman Creek furniture?

Stick around, and let’s get more information about the furniture makers. 

Who Makes Gilman Creek Furniture and Where is it Made?

Daniel P. Crane, Lemuel Cobb, Abigail Gilman make the Gilman Creek furniture. The headquarters of the furniture company is in North Carolina.  The company has other branches all over the world.

The manufacturer uses domestic materials whenever possible. For specified zip codes, you may get the furniture from Costco, eBay, and Wayfair, among other outlets.

Is Gilman Creek Furniture Top Quality?

Leather reclining sofas are an excellent additional seat to have in your living space. These are the best seats to lie on when watching TV or reading a book at the end of a long day. So, sound quality is necessary when you want a seat that lasts long. 

Gilman Creek Furniture continues to make great strides in making top-quality reclining leather seats. The seats look quite lovely and can withstand constant use at home or any other setting. 

The reclining leather sofas can continue offering comfort even after some time since Gilman Creek takes weight change and friction into consideration. The delicate mechanism of such seats ensures friction won’t cause fast and easy wear and tear. 

In addition, what makes Gilman Creek Furniture top quality is using high-performance materials and micro-fiber.

For instance, the leather is so much better than suede in terms of cleaning. When there is any spillage or need to dust, wiping the leather seats does the job efficiently. 

Gilman Creek Furniture, especially the reclining seats, is pretty simple to use. The structure of these seats makes it easy to move them without needing levers to adjust the setup. Also, the design is effortless, so you won’t see any levers or control poking out. 

What are Some of the Problems One Can Encounter with Gilman Creek Furniture?

Furniture companies strive to make high-quality seats that can last longer. This way, customers always return when they know they’re getting value for their money. However, man is to error, and at times things go wrong. 

Gilman Creek isn’t immune to having issues with their furniture. I’ve had to return a reclining chair because of several problems and got a replacement.

From what I’ve learned from my experience and others, here are some issues one may encounter with Gilman Creek Furniture. 

Difficult to Find Replacement Parts

Reclining chairs implement a complex mechanism to bring all that comfort and relaxation. But, underneath that, leather and fiber materials are different parts that make the seats work. The reclining seats don’t use manual controls and handle like before. 

In fact, the reclining seats have a more complex mechanism. That’s how I can seat and control the chair without using a handle or control. The issue comes when a part of this complex mechanism breaks, and I have to replace it. 

Replacement parts aren’t easily available at the local hardware store. I had to contact the manufacturer to ship me what I needed to get the reclining seat fixed. This cost me money and time, considering I live in the countryside. 

Few Experts

Gone are the days of manual reclining leather sits. Now we have power reclining chairs like the ones at Gilman Creek.

As advanced as these seats can be, they also pose a challenge for repairs. So, consider if there’s an expert in your area who can fix on if it breaks. 

Where I live, there isn’t anyone with experience in fixing Gilman Creek recliners. That forced me to drive to the city to have the issue sorted out. Even though I love my reclining Gilman Creek Furniture, this was quite an annoying experience for me. 

Color Loss or Discoloration

The day I bought my Gilman Creek Furniture was the best. The leather recliners looked amazing and fit well in my house. But, after a few years, I began to notice certain spots were discolored. Come to learn leather seats are susceptible to color damage. 

The issue is body oil. Our bodies naturally excrete body oil known as sebum. While this oil is great for our skin, it discolors leather seats.

The discoloration was highest in areas where we rested our arms, feet, and head. These were skin touchpoints that got worse with time. 

Color Fading Due to Constant UV Exposure

Quality leather is good. It looks amazing on seats and guarantees longevity. But, after a while, the color begins to fade. This is primarily because of long exposure to UV light. Leather experiences damage after some time because of ultraviolet light. 

Therefore, all the seats that get constant exposure to direct sunlight can start fading at any time. The color fading only gets worse if preventive measures aren’t taken. 

All in all, Gilman Creek leather upholstered recliners are quite exceptional in terms of quality. But, do keep these problems in mind as you get ready to place an order. 

4 Tips to Purchasing the Best Gilman Creek Furniture

Good furniture does wonders to a space. I’ve loved how Gilman Creek Furniture looks in my house. After buying several from the company, here are some tips to help you purchase. 

Know the Right Size

There is nothing worse than purchasing a seat that’s too big or small for a space like the living room. First, I’ve learned to measure the area then pick the right seats for this space. 

You can search for the best size or ask for assistance with correct measurements. The good news is Gilman Creek has recliners in varying sizes. 

Take a Seat

I would advocate buying a reclining seat from a physical store rather than making a purchase online. Now, before you think this is backward, hear me out. 

I want to ensure my body fits well in this reclining sat, and I feel as comfortable as I expect to feel. So, go to the local store, take a seat or lie on it and feel if it’s the right one for you. 

Choose the Best Design

As much as the quality of a Gilman Creek reclining seat is crucial, so is the design and color. Pick the one that best suits your space and color coordination. 

That way, you’ll not only love how the reclining seat feels but also how it looks. 

Keep Budget in Mind

How much are you willing to spend? 

The amount you want to spend will determine the reclining seat you buy. If your budget permits, you can choose one, two, three, or multiple chairs or a complete set.

Summing Up

Gilman Creek Furniture continues to perfect the reclining seats. The seats are much more complex and require less manual control to operate. 

Their furniture is of good quality and durable. However, there are problems listed in this article that you might encounter, so take time to note them. 


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