Is Gardener-White Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Gardener-White Furniture Good Quality

Gardener-white is an American furniture company that started its operations in 1912. It retails in furniture. Like every other company, not everyone will sing praises, so be ready to hear negative reviews about Gardener-white.

And this will leave you asking, is Gardener-white furniture good quality? Read on to find out.

Gardener-white has been around for several decades, meaning the quality of their furniture is reasonable. They have a dedicated team of designers and woodworkers who create masterpieces while still staying in touch with the latest trends. And the reviews on their site indicate that their customer service is dependable.

The company headquarters are in Michigan, and they have about 11 stores within the state. Gardener-white Furniture Co makes it possible to decorate your homes with quality and affordable furniture.

What are the Common Complaints About Gardener-White Furniture

When buying furniture from any showroom, first visit their website and other trusted websites and bloggers for reviews. This will show you the common problems people face with certain products to steer clear.

However, it’s important to note that each person’s experience is different, and if someone is not satisfied with a product, it doesn’t mean that it will be the same for you.

Since Gardener-white has 11 outlets in Michigan, it would be great to visit their store and place your order.

However, this hasn’t been fruitful as you’d think because their customers still have complaints.

Let’s look at some of the issues people have raised about the Gardener-white regarding their furniture quality.

Poor Customer Service

According to the reviews left on Trustpilot, Gardener-white furniture company has poor customer service.

Customers believe that once the company receives your payment for a certain product, they never follow up to confirm your order and specifications.

And if your delivery was compromised such that something was broken, their customer service takes eons to respond to you. And when they do, they are either rude or ask you to pay extra for a replacement.

Does Not Stick to their Warranty Provisions

Most of their furniture pieces have a warranty of one year. But the thing is, when you order something from their showroom, their delivered product is entirely opposite of your order. Other times they are broken, or a month after delivery, they are damaged because of poor quality. 

When you call their customer services requesting a replacement or fixing the furniture, you hit a dead-end because they will either take you on a goose chase. Other times they say that the damage on your furniture does not qualify. 

Poor Quality Furniture

Like every other company, you will never fail to find a bad apple among good ones, but for Gardener-white, the bad apples seem to be many from the number of complaints.

Many people claim that what is displayed in the store is not what they usually deliver because how can a quality and study chair break once it reaches your home. 

What makes it worse is instead of replacing or fixing the broken furniture, they ask you to pay extra restocking fees.

Poor Delivery Services

After-sales services can make or break a company and keep customers coming back, but Gardener-white delivery services leave a lot to be desired.

This is because they will specify that your purchases will be delivered at a certain only for you to keep calling weeks later to enquire. And the worst thing is you can wait for weeks or months before your furniture is delivered. 

Imagine waiting weeks or months for something only to be delivered having defects. The main reason why their delivery service is poor is that the company sells products knowing very well they are out of stock.

The deadline will have elapsed when new products are manufactured and shipped to the various warehouses.

Gardener-white should take the initiative of being open with their customers and avail information, especially when something is out of stock, to avoid having complaints all the time. 

One thing to note is that people satisfied with a product rarely voice their opinions. On the other hand, everyone will know if someone is unhappy with their purchases, especially the defective ones.

So do not judge a company by the negative reviews; check out the positive ones before deciding. 

But one thing is clear, Gardener-white furniture company needs to work on the customer service.

They can do so by conducting training. Their salespeople should also be trained on how to assist customers in the store, be honest when a product is out of stock, and give a proper estimate on restocking to avoid delivery delays.

They should also work on improving the quality of their product. For instance, if several customers complain about a product, they should look into it and see how they can improve to avoid negative reviews, which highly impact their sales.

Tips to Use When Buying Furniture From Gardener-White

Gardener-white is a big furniture company in Michigan, and if you have just moved, they can be a good furniture source.

The good thing is they also stock other things such as rugs, mattresses, and other items used to decorate your houses, such as mirrors, vases, lighting, and wall decors. 

It can be an excellent one-stop-shop for your interior décor, but like every other purchase, you must be careful to avoid losing money or making bad purchases.

Despite the negative reviews, you can find good products in Gardener-white furniture company using the following tips.

Do your Research

Before buying anything, whether online or offline, you must research. This also applies when purchasing anything furniture or otherwise from Gardener-white.

Other people’s experiences will give you insight into what to expect and whether it’s a worthy purchase. You can read reviews on the company website and other review websites such as Trustpilot, Pissedconsumer, Yelp, and Defaulters.

You can also check what other people, such as bloggers and social channels, say about the particular furniture or item you want to purchase. You might find another item that would go well with your house in the process.

Avoid Products with Tons of Negative Reviews

Knowing what to avoid when buying Gardener-white furniture will save you many headaches. So stay up to date with their furniture, always heed what people say, and focus on the positives.

For instance, if someone says the quality of their leather seats is questionable, it would be wise not to purchase it rather than regret it later when they ignore your calls or cancel your warranty or furniture insurance.

Quality Check

Countless reviews show us that what you see in the store is not what is delivered to your home, and for that reason, it may be wise to organize your own delivery. 

This way, you can check at the store that what is packed to be delivered is actually what you ordered. You can also confirm the quality.

Summing Up

Every company has its pros and cons, and Gardener-White furniture is not exempt. And for that reason, before purchasing anything, weigh in the reviews. If you check their site, many people are satisfied with their purchases. 

Furthermore, a company cannot have existed since 1912 by doing shoddy work. So give it a try and share your experience with us.


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