Is Gallery Furniture Good Quality (Explained)

Gallery Furniture Good Quality

Have you heard of Gallery Furniture? It’s likely that if you’re looking to purchase furniture, you have been looking into Gallery Furniture.

Since 1981 Gallery Furniture has been producing furniture that includes dining room tables, sofas, coffee tables, bedside tables, and mattresses. 

Even though many consumers have been satisfied with their Gallery Furniture items, you are probably trying to determine if buying from this store is a sound decision.

Unfortunately, in recent years Gallery Furniture has experienced a few less than favorable reviews from disgruntled consumers who have been unhappy with their purchases. This is why many people like you wonder if you’re receiving quality furniture. 

Generally, the quality of Gallery Furniture is good despite some of the store’s customers being left unsatisfied with their purchases. In the past, those who have purchased furniture from this store have attested to its quality craftsmanship. Often Gallery Furniture will last as long as other comparable stores depending on how it is treated. 

To learn more about Gallery Furniture and if it is good quality continue reading. We’re going to look at the problems you could encounter with this brand, as well as the tips you will need to make a sound purchase. 

3 Common Problems Seen With Gallery Furniture

Arguably, the best way for you to determine if Gallery Furniture is the right brand for you is to learn more about the common complaints people make about their products. 

However, it’s important to remember while reviewing other people’s experiences that what they have encountered might not be the same for you. 

Let’s dive into the common furniture complaints Gallery Furniture customers have had without further ado. 

Easily Breakable

One of the reasons you likely choose to purchase furniture from a well-known and reputable store is to avoid buying easily breakable furniture.

Not only is it a frustrating experience knowing you have wasted money, but it is also a safety hazard as easily breakable furniture can lead to injury. 

One of the biggest complaints numerous consumers have had with Gallery Furniture is that some of their items are easily breakable. Often the store has sold furniture items like dining room chairs and tables that have broken shortly after they were purchased. 

For example, a few customers have used their dining room tables once or twice only to have one or more components break.

One customer bought a glass dining room table that extends out, and on its first use, the glass on one side completely shattered with the center table piece coming off. 

Additionally, one customer bought a dining room set, and the chair leg shattered. He proceeded to buy another one only for it to break within a month of use.

These incidents shine an unfavorable light on the materials Gallery Furniture uses and their workmanship. 

Couch Fabric Peels Easily

A couch is one of the focal points of a living room or bedroom. It can make or break how a home is perceived. That’s why many people take extra time to find a couch that can complement their home decor theme while providing them comfort. 

Gallery Furniture has many different couch types for any type of room decor theme. Unfortunately, different customers have brought the quality of their couches into question a few times. 

Some Gallery Furniture customers have been highly dissatisfied with their sofa purchases because the fabric on some of their sofa lines tends to peel.

Not only is this unsightly ruining the look of a room, but it also makes a couch uncomfortable, easily stainable, and in some instances unusable. 

Additionally, others have purchased sofas from Gallery Furniture, being told they are genuine leather only to discover that they are manufactured with man-made materials like pleather. These materials are far less durable and prone to peeling. 

Poorly Constructed Furniture Items

When you’re making an investment and spending small to significant sums on furniture, the last thing you want is to receive furniture items that are bad quality and poorly constructed.

If you purchase poorly constructed furniture, you will need to replace it within a few days, weeks, or months because often, they will not remain structurally sound for long. 

In recent years, quite a few consumers have experienced poorly constructed furniture items when they have bought them from Gallery Furniture.

For example, some people have reported buying mattresses from this company that has sagged within a few months. Others have paid thousands for couches that have fallen apart within six months to a year of being used.

Additionally, some consumers have had difficulty purchasing replacement parts for recliners that have broken recliner mechanisms. 

3 Best Tips You Need To Know When Buying Gallery Furniture 

After reading our above sections, you likely think that Gallery Furniture might not produce the greatest quality furniture.

Although this company has experienced its fair share of bad reviews, many customers are happy with the furniture they have purchased from this brand. 

In fact, more than 23,000 people have highly rated this store on Google, which has allowed them to obtain a rating of 4.9 out of 5 at the time of writing.

Essentially, it is because they manufacture mostly good quality furniture that they have managed to stay in business for more than three decades. 

If you are still wary about this brand and would like to learn more about how to make sure the furniture you want to buy from them is quality, you can have a look at our below tips. 

Determine what materials the furniture company uses

You must check the materials a furniture company uses in its construction.

Some furniture companies will cut corners and use synthetic or man-made materials or poor-quality fabrics that are not durable.

Always ask the store what materials they use and check if they can verify the materials used. 

Research reviews on the products you’re interested in

This tip almost goes without saying, but you should always check reviews when considering buying furniture from a store.

You can check reviews on reputable sites or look on the companies page to see what people are saying about certain products. 

Look at the company’s furniture warranties

Another way to determine if an item is of good quality or not is if it comes with a good warranty. Chances are if a furniture item doesn’t come with a warranty or only a very short warranty, the item isn’t the best quality. 

The Wrap-Up!

Gallery Furniture has indeed had its fair share of bad reviews in recent years, but it has also had its fair share of good reviews. No furniture store can satisfy every client it services. 

That’s why you need to keep in mind what your furniture needs, requirements, and wants are.

You also need to remember the tips we explained; you shouldn’t have any issues choosing good quality furniture items from Gallery Furniture. 


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