8 Great Furniture Stores Like Nadeau (Helpful Examples)

Showroom of modern furniture store

Are you planning on getting new furniture? Do you want your home or office to look elegant and unique? You are probably wondering where to get quality, unique furniture that suits your taste.

You may rush to Nadeau stores and find quality furniture. Nadeau is a household name because of the quality furniture they have offered Americans for years. The company has featured in TV shows such as The Property Brothers and the Low/High Project.

Nadeau has 35 locations across the country where customers can walk in and order the furniture they need. It is a brick and mortar retailer that offers “furniture with a soul,” The Company is on a mission to sell “solid wood furniture from around the globe at affordable prices.”

But what if you can’t get to a Nadeau shop within your locality? Where else can you get quality furniture at affordable prices? This article will take through stores and retailers that offer elegant and quality furniture. Some have physical stores and an online presence, where you can customize the products before making a purchase.


Allmodern is an online retailer that allows you to get furniture according to your ideas. The company has a “Room Ideas” section, where customers can choose an image according to their imagination and are provided with photos of furniture that suits their imagination.

Allmodern offers a wide range of furniture and related accessories, such as lighting equipment, which complement each other and make your living room look complete. The company offers furniture in sections such as bedroom, living room, dining room, and outdoor categories.

Buying furniture worth more than $49 guarantees you a free shipping opportunity. Moreover, you enjoy a 30-day easy return period when you can exchange goods. Allmodern is known for its relatively cheap prices and great discounts.


IKEA is a Swedish retailer that has made a name in the furniture industry for decades. The company started selling furniture in the 1940s and has consistently offered quality products, and people can make orders through the online store.

IKEA is among the affordable retailers as pricing mechanisms are one of their business models. Their products include Landskrona and Karlstad sofas which can easily be customized according to the customers’ taste.

You can make an order online or visit one of their warehouses within the country. IKEA sends products when they are flat packed and need assembling to save customers an extra cost on transport.

Home Goods

Home Goods is a retailer with over 500 locations within the country. The company is known for its furniture discount, claiming to price its products up to 60% lower than its competitors. You can check their prices and see how they compare with other furniture stores in the market.

The company has a mobile application, The Goods, where you can see new deliveries and the products in stock. When you save photos on their application, you stand a chance to win rewards.

Many customers use the #homegoodsfind hashtag on Instagram to find new and discounted products on Home Goods. You can use the same tricks, and you may find quality furniture at a discounted price. When shopping in Home Goods, please pay attention to the items on red tags: these products have great discounts.


Are you looking for modern furniture? Burrow is a stylish company whose products look modern and superior. If you are looking for modern coffee tables, shelving units, and a functional sofa, you should consider the products offered in Burrow.

Burrow products are best suited for people in apartments or those who move a lot. The furniture is delivered in modules and latched together. Customers can choose modules that look unique and satisfy their needs when joined together.

Customers enjoy a flexible return policy within 30 days. Once you place an order, you will get the furniture within one to four weeks. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return it within the given period, and you will be charged a fee of up to 20% per item.


If you want to furnish your living from one shop, Wayfair is the retailer you should visit. Wayfair is an online retailer with a broad range of products, which can be used to furnish any room, from the living room, kitchen, or even an office.

Wayfair has a custom section for products such as dining tables, beds, sofas, and armchairs. In this section, customers can find furniture that suits their taste and choose products in different categories according to color, finish, and dimensions.

Wayfair has a fast shipping policy, and most products are delivered within two days. Customers enjoy a 30-day return window, and within this time, they can return products for free when unsatisfied with the quality.

Rove Concepts

If you are looking for luxury furniture, which will make your living room outstanding, consider visiting the Rove Concepts store. This company makes high-quality products that last for years without losing their original look.

The company is based in Vancouver, Canada, where it has a workshop for most of its furniture. Rove Concepts has a hands-on approach, and qualified artisans design their sofas, dining tables, and beds.

The prices are high, and you must be a member of the company’s customer base to enjoy a significant discount. Moreover, shipping the products can attract fees. We recommend you enroll as a member if you plan to make several purchases from Rove Concepts.

Poly and Bark

Poly and Bark provide their customers with quality products at a cheaper price. Their furniture is recommended to people who are buying furniture in bulk. In this direct-to-customer retailer, you will find a wide variety of beds, sofas, and d├ęcor, among others.

The company has a customer approach that allows customers to customize their products based on color and materials. Customers enjoy premium products such as Napa sofas at relatively cheaper prices.

Moreover, Poly and Bark will offer free shipping up to your doorstep. Customers have 100 days to return products when unsatisfied. However, when returning products, ensure they are packaged in the condition you received them to avoid getting charged $99 for repackaging.

Pottery Barn

Are you looking for traditional furniture which is eco-friendly? Then Pottery Barn is the store to go for such quality products. You will be assisted in choosing designs that fit your taste and the size of your living room.

Pottery Barn allows you to talk to a planner and visualize the furniture in a virtual room, which can help you find the right furniture combination. There are complimentary swatches that can help in your virtual design before settling for the products to purchase.

If you are looking for eco-friendly furniture, look for products with Fair Trade Certified Symbol. You will enjoy a 30-day return window; if unsatisfied, you can return the goods for free.


If you are looking for a furniture store, there are a variety of manufacturers that offer quality products. These stores differ in pricing and the type of furniture they offer to their customers. You can consider visiting the online stores listed in this article and check the available products and their prices.

Choose a store with quality and affordable prices. If you want a unique design, you can visit stores that allow customers to choose colors, fabric designs, and product combinations. It would be best if you considered retailers with flexible return policies.