Is Four Hands furniture good quality? (Explained)

Four Hands furniture good quality

If you have stayed in the Greater Austin area for a while, chances are you must have come across a home elegantly furnished with Four Hands furniture.

With this brand aggressively consolidating its place in the American home interior space, you must have wondered: is Four Hands furniture really good quality?

Four Hands furniture is one of the leading Texan-built furniture brands in the United States. This producer has assembled a reputation for exquisitely blending style, quality, and functionality.

Four Hands furniture channel a vintage design, with their best offerings presenting a natural finish. This furniture brand’s emphasis on minimalism, durability, and comfort readily endears this manufacturer to the heart of American homeowners

Where is Four Hands Furniture Produced?

Four Hands prides on American craftsmanship. Four Hands is over 20 years old in the American interior industry, founded in 1996 in Austin. 

Today, the company’s headquarters sit in the Greater Austin area. The bulk of its design and assemblage facilities are spread across Austin.

That said, Four Hands is eyeing a slice of the global furniture market. Such international ambitions have seen Four Hands expand to Asian markets like China, Vietnam, and India.

Nonetheless, the bulk of Four Hands furniture in the United States is homemade and strategically distributed via showrooms in Austin, Texas, High Point, North Carolina, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

What style is Four Hands furniture known for?

It is hard to associate a singular style or theme to Four Hands furniture. This brand is renowned for its knack for creative experimentation.

Its wealth of styles and design themes ensure there is always one Four Hands furniture piece for every home. 

Such diversity in design patterns is demonstrated in Four Hands furniture offerings.

While you have a four Hand chair like the Caleb Accent chair having a contemporary accent design (seen in the fantastic frame angora fur seating), you have other Four Hand pieces like the Aurora taking a world-apart design.

The latter is decked with textural off-white bouclé, presenting a uniquely feminine feel thanks to its swivel base made from natural parawood. 

Of course, such creative versatility has not gone unnoticed – or unappreciated. Four Hands’ inclination towards blowing homeowners with stunning designs has ranked this manufacturer in the prestigious Inc. 5000 thirteen times since the company was born.

What color is Four Hands furniture?

From our investigation, Four Hands has lots of color offerings. However, the most typical options we saw were beige, black, brown, and natural finish. 

How much are Four Hands furniture?

On pricing, Four Hands furniture belongs to the mid-range family of furniture brands. We rarely came across offerings from this manufacturer less than $200. 

Most of their products were distributed from $345 upwards to $2,000. The Four Hands Joseph Dining Chair was one of the cheapest we saw from this brand. 

This mid-century styled chair featuring a minimalistic design, velvety teal upholstery, and a notable posterior cutout comes for around $349.   

The most expensive Four Hands furniture we saw includes the Carmel Sideboard, Harriet Bed, and the Sydney Bed. How much do they cost?

The Carmel Sideboard goes for around 1,799. The Harriet follows closely at $1999. The Four Hands Sydney Bed costs north of $2,000.

Inevitably, there may be slight price variations in these products across dealers in the United States. But the numbers we present here are authoritative enough to form the base for your budgeting.

Does Four Hands furniture have a warranty?

We thoroughly analyzed the majority of Four Hands furniture. Most dealers don’t give warranties for Four Hands furniture. 

But for expensive Four Hands (above $1,500), we saw some Four Hands furniture come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

Where can you buy Four Hands Furniture?

Four Hands furniture runs an extensive network of dealers where you can physically procure these furniture pieces. Some of the most renowned Four Hands furniture dealers for buyers around Chicago include Jayson Home, Walter E. Smithe, and Domicile Furniture. 

However, the most efficient way to find the closest dealer to you is to head to Where to Buy page on the Four Hands website. 

In the designated field, you can type in your ZIP code, and it will automatically generate the closest dealers in your location.

If you don’t want to take that route, reputable online dealers like PeriGold, France and Sons, and Luxe Décor have an extensive collection of premium Four Hands furniture. 

Best Four Hands Furniture Reviews

We will give you an in-person perspective of some of the Four Hands furniture we tried out in this session. We got our hands on quite a few, and the following thrilled us best, measuring on parameters like quality, functionality, comfort, style, and durability.

Four Hands Britt Dining Chair

This is one of the best medium-price furniture pieces Four Hands has. It features a distinct retro dining theme.

This chair has natural cane inlay dressed in brushed ebony nettlewood. This combination produces a charming contrast that testifies to Four Hand’s artistic brilliance.  

The Britt Dining chair takes sensibility to another level. You get a welcoming dining chair that draws you in, fortified with neutral linen-blend seating (of premium quality).

With a seat height of 19.75″ and a depth of 20.25″, this chair comfortably encases you when you sit. It is portable (yet sturdy), coming at 11.68lbs.

The Four Hands Britt Dining chair costs around $500. 

Carmel Sideboard

Do you have glasses, crockery, and table linen that you want to store in grand style? Have you got a bunch of dollars to burn?

Yes, and you should consider going for the Four Hand Carmel Sideboard!

This Four Hands piece has an unmistakable artistic appeal that can be traced to the 1940s. Such a mid-century theme is evident in the minimalistic design of this sideboard, featuring clean lines and well-streamlined forms in place of excessive embellishment.

The Carmel sideboard’s organic feel is enhanced with its natural mango casing. This is further accentuated with the sideboard’s doors made from woven natural cane. 

This flavors the sideboard with a unique, inviting, and natural aura. For contrast in tone and texture, Four Hand goes with an angular gunmetal finish.  

This product weighs around 126lbs. and will need you to assemble the legs. Yes, we told you the Carmel Sideboard doesn’t come for cheap. It goes for about $1,800.


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