5 Great Forums to Help You Identify Antique Furniture Better

Identify Antique Furniture

Memories are meant to serve as historical aids, but antique pieces are almost priceless. That’s not to say there’s no need to upgrade to more modern and trendy architectural tastes and happenings. 

Furniture, especially those made in the 19th century, serves as antique material. 

The lush finishings, exquisite performance fabrics used, and the custom-made order to fit the profile of the ancient days are still in vogue today. 

It could be challenging to locate antique furniture to add to a collection or use. People now prefer to go back to the days of classic furniture, while others prefer to own vintage furniture. Antique furniture discussion forums are the best place to start searching for and identifying Antique furniture pieces in areas around you.

If you’re ever interested in a piece of antique furniture, then you’re not alone. There are some exciting forums that can give you invaluable information. But which ones are ideal for you?

Here are the top 5 online forums where you can get as much information and support for all things antique furniture.


Houzz is a top platform where you can get valuable ideas for all things housing and construction. It is the complete discussion room on getting ideas for interior decoration, furniture, and hire hands.

If there was ever a thing like the complete package, Houzz is a platform that fits the bill. 

It has different sections on getting and saving great ideas on interior decor, antique furniture photos, and connecting with people looking to gain experience and those with experience. 

One of the best sections on that platform is the furniture section, where they discuss furniture brands, how to identify antique furniture, and which furniture brand to avoid.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your home look beautiful with designs and antique furniture, then Houzz is a great place to start. 


Antiquers is a popular discussion room that discusses all things antique furniture. 

You can go through hundreds of photos posted by others, post your own, and get advice too.

With hundreds of posts and active members, you can’t go missing on this forum. There are guidelines on how to navigate through the platform so that even a newbie can get answers fast to their questions.

With Antiquers, you can get the correct antique furniture prices by just posting the photo. The members are ready to assist you with that; some even go-ahead to give you tips on identifying fake antique furniture. 

If you’re a newbie to the antique furniture market, then Antiquers should be your first port of call. They have both experienced and non-experienced people looking to connect.

One of the best features I enjoyed on this platform was the huge networking possibilities and extra help I got when searching for unique antique furniture. 

Connectivity and experience are essential if you want high-quality antique furniture, and Antiquers can give you both without hassles. 

Grassroots Motorsports

Grassroots Motorsports is a forum dedicated to promoting sports cars, technical advice on motorsports, and driving skills improvement. 

The website also promotes events too. 

As vast as the magazine website is, they also have a popular discussion forum to find topics on almost all spheres of life. Particular among these discussions is the Antique forum.

In the antique furniture section, you can get ideas on different antique furniture, the year they were made, or how to identify the year of production. 

Although the website is not entirely dedicated to promoting antique furniture, the discussion forum is one of the best in the country, with hundreds of active members posting tops and replies.


Wood-Furniture is an all-rounder page! If you ever need a platform to get ideas on antique furniture and network with people of like interests, then this forum is your best bet. 

Although they are not as active as before, they have hundreds of topics you can go through to get ideas on quality antique furniture.

One of the best things about this forum is that they have different sections for navigating through the almost challenging world in antiques. 

That’s not all. You can still get ideas for trendy furniture in the same place. More resources are obtained with less stress. 


Quora is a community-based forum where you can ask questions and get answers on any topic you can think of. 

Quora is like the social media platform of questions and answers. You can upvote a response, follow people, comment, and even send a DM too. 

Their antique furniture section has thousands of active members who post questions daily. Perhaps the biggest antique forum you can think of, there is no question you can think of you won’t find on this platform.

An essential feature of Quora is that you can use it to make meaningful connections. They post ideas on how to select antique furniture that is useful, alongside fictitious brands to avoid when making purchases for antique furniture and other tools.

If there is any place you wish to find a strong community of antique furniture enthusiasts, Quora provides more than that.

You can also get ideas on the types of furniture to go for today. If you want a fine blend of the classic and the modern sets, Quora will provide resources.

It contains a fine blend of the furniture industry experts and end-users. So if you read reviews, you’re getting a mixture of both. 

Wrapping up

You may not be attracted to online antique furniture discussion rooms because it has a lot of negative comments.

But the truth is that there is no better place to get honest reviews on whatever you want than reading directly from users of the product you wish to get a review on. In particular, you will love the rich invaluable info available from such sites. 

No doubt antique furniture is the classic generational material. Wouldn’t you want tips on how to get only top-notch furniture, places where to purchase, and the recommended price?


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