How To Fix Number Plate Without Screws? (3 Great Methods)

fix Automobile number Plates without screws

Fitting your number plate on your car can be a lot easier than you expected. All you have to do is understand the procedure involved. 

Most people fix their number plates either because they want to replace the current one with a private one or because the original one has been stolen. All in all, this is something you can do yourself without paying a professional. 

But how can you do this without using screws? 

Here, we consider the easiest ways to fix your number plate without visiting a garage or using screws. 

Method 1: Using Sticky Pads

Without question, using sticky pads offers the easiest approach since it doesn’t require vehicle modification or drilling. Instead, you employ double-sided adhesive pads to stick the number plate tightly. 

However, you should ensure that the number plate is properly aligned to your vehicle before fixing it since once you have fixed it, you might find it difficult to remove the plate. 

Sticky pads are available in two forms that work in almost the same way. This includes the thinner double-sided silicon and double-sided white pads. 

Pros of Sticky Pads

  • You don’t have to drill the number plate
  • It’s straightforward to apply
  • You can remove it easily after long term use

Cons of Sticky Pads

  • Sticky pads aren’t very secure
  • Plates appear as an easier target for thieves
  • Before fixing sticky pads, the car surface and number should be very clean

How to Use Sticky Pads to Fix the Number Plate?

Since you now know that sticky pads are alternatives to screws, how do you use them? Go through the below steps to understand:

  1. If there are plastic screw covers on your plates, remove them first. You can then unscrew your number plate. Be aware that you can get potential adhesives under the plate, which must be removed. 
  2. This is the time to decide on the type of adhesive pad to use. Here, we recommend 50 Pcs Double-Sided Sticky Pads. This proven and tested sticky pad is available in 50 pieces and is quite easy to apply. It’s also very durable and stronger. 
  3. This is now the time to fix your plate. Ensure that your car surface and the back of your plate are dry and clean. You’ll increase the sticky pad’s effectiveness by removing debris from the surface.
  4. You can then unpack the sticky pad and stick them according to your number plate. Ensure they firmly stick to the body of your car. Remember that you won’t easily remove the number plate from your car, thanks to its strength.
  5. To guarantee a secure hold, press down the number plate firmly for about 30 seconds immediately after sticking it. 

How Many Sticky Pads Should You Apply? 

As we mentioned, before anything else, ensure that the car surface is clean to provide the best adhesion for your sticky pads. Now the question is how many pads would you need? 

We recommend using at least 6 sticky pads for your number plate. However, in some instances, with certain larger number plates and gel resin plates, we recommend using 9-12 sticky pads. 

Always apply your sticky pads in vertical, slanted, and horizontal positions. And get rid of your double-sided sticky pad’s backing only when ready to install the number plate. 

However, avoid using sticky pads if your vehicle surface is either bent or curved. This includes the case of certain Porsche and Mercedes vehicles that contain bumpers with curves.

Top Sticky Pads for Your Number Plate

There are so many sticky pads for number plates that you can purchase. The best option is one that is both strong and durable but at an affordable rate. There is no need to worry as we have already identified the top sticky pads on the market for you:

50 Pcs Double-Sided Sticky Pads

This is a proven and tested sticky pad that is available in 50 pieces. Each pad measures 3.15” x 0.98” x 0.079”. 

Most people like this option since it’s easy to apply. You don’t need to approach an auto garage to fix this sticky pad. 

You can apply it to vans, boats, motors, trucks, or cars. And apart from fixing it on number plates, it can also help fix car decals, mirrors, and badges. And even in such usage, it’s highly durable and strong.

Method 2: Using Number Plate Brackets

If you have noticed, number plate brackets are growing in popularity among motorists and car owners, especially those seeking to change their plates often. Some options even let you just slide a number plate in and out. This is a perfect option for those having show plates. 

You can use lipped brackets to frame your number plate comprehensively. They offer more security and bring the added advantage of being customizable without getting on the wrong side of plate display laws. 

Benefits of Number Plate Brackets

  • Eliminates the use of screws between the numbers of your plate.
  • Offers your number plate extra protection against small dents in case of unexpected contact.
  • If your car has a heavy sound system, brackets reduce the number of vibrations on the number plate. 

Method 3: Using Tamper Proof Fasteners

There is no question that traditional screws have become a target by criminals and thieves in the recent past. And these criminals use such plates to disguise vehicles and make them difficult to identify. 

This rise in crimes and number plate theft has led to the popularization of tamper-proof fasteners. They have become common in the country to the extent that the police forces are running schemes to fit tamper-proof fasteners to residents free of charge. 

Generally, tamper-proof screws are available in different forms, including fasteners that can only turn in one direction and those having Allen-head tops, among others. And for your information, they work almost the same way as screws. 

We recommend tamper-proof fasteners if you’re after a reliable and long-term solution. 

Final Remarks

Fixing your number on your vehicle can be much easier than expected, especially if you understand the methods to use. And there are several options worth your attention that won’t involve using screws. 

They include using sticky pads, number plate brackets, and tamper-proof fasteners. For the case of sticky pads, ensure the surfaces are clean and dry before applying. 

You can purchase any sticky pads we have recommended above for effective performance. And we assure you that you can comfortably fix everything without driving to a local garage.


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