Are Canopy Beds Squeaky? {These 9 Tips can Fix}

Screaming woman influenced by the squeaky canopy bed

Nothing causes discomfort in our bedroom like a squeaky bed. The noise does not only interfere with your sleep but everyone in the room. 

A lot of people have been researching good beds that don’t squeak. For canopy bed lovers, here is what we found out.

The squeaking of beds is mostly caused by loose joints and springs that rub against each other. This is a common problem with beds when they are worn out regardless of the brand. So just like any other type of bed, your canopy bed may squeak too.

The main issue here should not be whether canopy beds squeak or not. But rather should be a concern of what you should do when such cases arise. 

Well, we offer you a comprehensive rundown on the sources of squeaking in your canopy bed and how to handle them. 

Why Does My Canopy Bed Squeak?

There are three main sources of squeaking sound. The mattress, the frame, or the box spring of your bed. 

For mattresses, not all of them will squeak. The notorious ones are the hybrid models when getting old. 

They have some metal coils in them. As the mattress wears out, the metal gets loose and rubs against each other causing excessive noise. 

Mattresses without metal coils such as All-foam and all-latex don’t have this habit. 

The box spring is the most common source of squeaking sound. It comprises hundreds of metal coils. The metal coils can rub together as they wear out causing a lot of squeaking noise. 

The cause of squeaking on the bed frame on the other hand is due to loose joints. When the bolt or the screw tightening the joint loosens, that joint can move causing friction between components. 

Though it is a rare case, the noise can also be caused by the friction between the bed and the floor or even the surrounding wall. This is possible in cases such as a wobbly leg, or lack of padding in between the bed and the floor.

How Do You Fix a Squeaky Canopy Bed?

It is always a good idea to inspect the bed component separately to identify where the noise is coming from. As I mentioned before, there are three main components where the noise usually comes from. We will see how we fix the problem on each component one at a time.


For those who have all-foam and all-latex mattresses, it is safe to assume the noise is coming from other components. 

For hybrid and innerspring mattresses, you need to bring them to the floor and inspect them. You can inspect by laying on it and rolling as you listen to the sound. Or have someone do the rolling as you listen. 

Buy a New One

If your mattress is the source of the squeaking noise, then you have to buy a new one. I can’t think of a better solution than you replacing your mattresses in such a situation.

Box Spring

If in your inspection you confirmed it is not the mattress causing the problem, proceed to the box spring. Box springs are prone to friction and you are most likely to find the problem here.

Spring Ahead

The good thing with the box spring, you can temporarily fix the problem. Just flip the box springs over and cut a small hole in the fabric around the spring. 

Spray WD-40 on each spring to oil the area that may be responsible for the squeaks. Once done, you can use a stapler to seal it back.

Buy a New One

But if you don’t want to go this way, you can buy a new one. Though canopy beds come with a warranty, they don’t cover squeaking issues, so you will have to go back to your pocket again.

Get Rid of It 

 You should also consider if a box spring is necessary or not. Some newest mattresses don’t require box spring support. So, instead of spraying your spring box or buying a new one, simply buy these types of mattresses. 


The frame is another source of squeaks and can’t go uninspected even if you detected squeaking in the first two.

For the frame, there are a lot of DIY techniques that you can try to solve the problem if detected. 

Tightening the Joints

Squeaking is mostly a result of loose joints on the frame. The joints of most canopy beds, frames, and foundations are usually connected with metal bolts or screws. If the joint is fixed with a screw, use a screwdriver to tighten it. If connected by bolts, use a wrench.

Lubricate the Joints

Products such as WD-40 can be applied to the joints to reduce friction and therefore the noise. Or you can apply a little vegetable oil if you don’t have WD-40. This tip may only apply to metal frames that have a lot of screws and bolts.  

Cork Competency

A wooden canopy bed doesn’t require oiling of the joints or tightening of the bolts. What you can do is to use corks between the frame and the mattress – where the noise is coming from.

Cushioning the Frame 

If the noise is caused by the friction between the mattress and the frame, then you can simply add a layer of cushion in between. 

Focus on the Floor

Apart from the three main sources of squeaks that I have mentioned, the uneven floor can also be a rare cause. If this could be your case then you are lucky because solving this is a little easier.

Just spot where the floor is even and relocate your bed. You can also slip a folded towel or sheet under the legs of the frame such that they all rest on the floor. 

Are Metal Canopy Beds More Squeaky?

Another way to reduce having squeaky beds in the feature is to buy a wood-made canopy bed. Wooden canopy beds tend to squeak less than metal models.

Metal beds are made of extra box springs making them more prone to squeaking than wooden ones.

A solid canopy wooden bed is strong and inclined to make less noise. They also eliminate the metal frame that supports the box spring. 

What Does the Canopy Bed LifeTime Warranty Cover? 

The warranty covers material and workmanship. This does not include the squeaking issue. 

The root cause of squeaking is the component wearing out or improper care. These are not covered by the warranty. 

In addition, the warranty does not cover incorrect size selection. If you purchase a bed that doesn’t fit into your space you will have to deal with the problem on your own. 


While some canopy beds may be squeaky, the situation can easily be rectified. Just follow our simple tips and you will be sleeping soundly once again. 


Canopy Beds – Lifetime Warranty