Is Eric Church Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Eric Church Furniture Good Quality

For many lovers of classic American-styled furniture, Eric Church is one brand that is slowly climbing the ranks to become a household name for home furniture. 

Eric Church’s furniture line, better known as Highway To Home Furniture Collection, is built to retain American home values.

But the question, as with other top furniture brands, remains, is Eric Church furniture of high quality?

Eric Church furniture is a compilation of Highway to Home furniture, consisting of upholstery, dining room, bedroom, and other essential household furniture. The furniture company is built on family, attitude, and love values. 

Are you looking for an honest and detailed overview of Eric Church furniture? Looking to purchase a piece of furniture from the brand? This article is for you.

All the information, including a history of the furniture line, problems other users of the brand’s furniture face, and expert tips to help you purchase long-lasting furniture, are available here. 

Brief History of Eric Church Furniture

Eric Church was an American musician that started his dream passion, the “Highway to Home” furniture collection, in August 2016. 

The brand was started based on a childhood experience of working for the father’s furniture company which went bankrupt after dealers decided to take furniture manufacturing overseas. 

Along with his career as a musician, Eric Church furniture continues the legacy of 35 years of experience in the father’s company.

One important detail about Eric Church furniture is they are not made in the United States. The brand claims it is vital to produce good quality furniture at “the right value.”

All products from this furniture line reflect a Western-style design, adorned with Southern-inspired themes and the modern-day designs in their furniture pieces. 

4 Common Problems with Eric Church Furniture

With the honest revelation that the furniture pieces are not “Made in the US,” there are notable faults in pieces from the collection. 

If you’re looking to buy a piece from this brand, then you might have to face the following issues:

Weak Frame

A prerequisite for high-class furniture is lasting frames with a high tensile strength to withstand pressure. Unfortunately, recliners from Eric Church furniture need to work on this. 

There have been several complaints of their recliners breaking down even when used with extreme care. Some customers claim they do not use the furniture up to two years before it breaks down. 

Probably the brand will listen to various user complaints and improve on their recliner frame. 

Terrible Customer Service and After-Sales Support

A significant aspect of any business is the customer care section, alongside attending to customers and providing after-sales support.

For a brand with a celebrity as Eric Church as its face, customer support still leaves a lot to desire. 

Many customers have complained that the customer service agents are rude and do not readily offer solutions. 

Aesthetically Perfect, Low Quality

Eric Church furniture has some of the best-designed furniture pieces in its collection. 

Other furniture lines only think about the well-thought design layout and impressive finishing. However, the quality may be the undoing of the brand. 

Some of the pieces from the collection suffer from poor quality control. A little moisture is only needed to spoil the beautiful design on their dining table, and even some customers’ pieces get as bad as swelling.

Other users complain of the top layers peeling off immediately after contact with water. 

Limited Warranty Coverage

Eric Church furniture is one of the few furniture lines with a warranty. Who wouldn’t trust a brand that comes with a warranty and a celebrity as its face?

Yet, it seems the warranty does not cover any damages to the line’s product. 

If the warranty does not cover a simple replacement for a tear in the couch, the contract is not practical. 

Some customers complain of the high limitations in covering the cost of repairs for simple changes like a tear in the couch repair of either the head or leg of the line’s recliner, all within the warranty period.

Tips for Buying the Eric Church Furniture

Buying any piece of the Eric Church furniture needs skill and finesse, especially since the furniture is not made in the US.

The following expert tips should give you a good idea whenever you go to the store to get a new furniture addition for your home. 

Target the Purpose for Purchase, and not only Designs

Before purchasing any of the Eric Church furniture pieces, you should have a clear idea of the purpose of such pieces.

If there is anything you should avoid in your home, it is the extra clutter that might come with unnecessary furniture. Extra space is the new cool.

Yeah, we understand that you may see one or two beautiful pieces online, and you may be moved to enter your card details. 

You may just be setting yourself up for unnecessary headaches. 

Quality should be the Plan

Whatever furniture you’re looking to add to your home, quality should be the number one factor for furniture procurement.

Your sofa or couch, or even the dining table’s quality, should stand the test of time. There’s nothing as comforting as buying furniture that will last a long time. 

To know the quality of the piece you’re looking to buy, look out for stores that instead sell small quantities where you can thoroughly inspect the furniture before purchasing.

Avoid going to stores that sell furniture in a large quantity.

Shop Smart

We don’t need to emphasize how important it is to budget before going to the store.

Yes, there is the possibility that you can buy good quality Eric Church furniture at discount prices. But watch out. You may be moved by beautiful designs and exceed your market list, thereby clogging your home space. 

Value of Eric Church Furniture

Some qualities make Eric Church Furniture a purchase option for many people.

Cheap Prices

Since the brand sources its products from abroad, their prices are affordable

You can get the Eric Church Power Motion Sofa for as low as $2,698.  That is an impressive saving compared to other local brands.  

Quick Delivery

If you purchase from the brand, you can expect your delivery to be fast. 


One of the best features about going for discounted furniture pieces is you save more and still get the same product. 

This is why Eric Church Furniture is gradually becoming a household name in the American furniture market. Eric Church furniture allows its customers to save more but still get good value. 

Suppose you need a furniture brand that produces high design furniture pieces, with attention to the finishing which gives it a classic look, try and check out Eric Church’s product.  

You will get a piece that satisfies your taste.


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