Is EQ3 Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

EQ3 Furniture Good Quality

EQ3 is a manufacturer, retailer, and designer of timeless home furniture. The company was established in 2001 and has since developed a reputation for producing quality and affordable furniture. 

However, EQ3 furniture has received negative reviews and feedback from buyers, including delayed deliveries, poor customer support, and poor quality for some products. 

This forces the question, is EQ3 furniture a good deal?

Keep reading to get the answer and understand some challenges facing EQ3 furniture. 

Common Problems With EQ3 Furniture

One way of knowing whether EQ3 furniture is perfect for you is to understand the common challenges that other people encounter. 

However, it’s critical to understand that everyone’s experiences are different. But, common challenges are very clear across the board. 

This will help you know the type of furniture to look out for and the ones to avoid. Below are common challenges that people face with EQ3 furniture:

Recalls and Delayed Deliveries

EQ3 furniture has experienced recalls in the past due to poor quality. A good example is a wooden table recalled by the company in 2011 thanks to a collapsed and/or split wooden base. 

The impact from the split and collapse often caused the glass top to fall. This poses an impact hazard to the consumer. 

The good thing is that EQ3 contacted all customers and either a full refund or free replacement of the product was made. However, it’s doesn’t change the fact that it’s inconveniencing to the customers. 

Even though some reviewers showed satisfaction with the quality of the furniture, they were disappointed with delivery delays. Some even reported a delayed delivery of up to 8 weeks.

This period is longer compared to that taken by other reputable furniture brands. Some brands can make deliveries within 24 hours. 

Poor Customer Service

Have you purchased an EQ3 furniture piece only for it to experience problems or delayed deliveries? 

You might feel short-changed and proceed to launch a complaint through the company’s customer support. There is a high possibility that they won’t respond to your queries, or even if they do, they’ll give a vague answer that won’t be helpful. 

EQ3 has one of the poorest and most undesirable customer support you’ll ever come across. Support is great before you purchase anything, but once you make payment, their true colors show. 

The best they can do is conceal the problems and faults in their furniture. 

Poor Quality for Some Products

Initially, EQ3 was a reputable furniture manufacturer that delivered quality products without delays. And, while their furniture had high prices, it was still reasonable given the quality and durability of the product. 

However, this isn’t the case nowadays. Several buyers have raised complaints about the quality of the products. 

According to the buyers, the company promises high-quality furniture, but they’re very disappointed with what they get upon delivery. 

For instance, you might order an expensive bed frame, which appears nice in the company’s store. However, upon delivery, you’ll be surprised to understand that they’re different from what you ordered and of poor quality. 

Any attempt to have the problem rectified will be met by unresponsive support. 

If you order a bed, expect to see some cheap cust of finger-jointed lumber employed for some solid wood components. The rest of the bed is veneered particleboard. The particleboard degrades anytime you dismantle or flex your bed. 

However, despite these quality challenges, EQ3 still rivals some of the best furniture brands in the industry. 

Tips for Buying EQ3 Furniture

Even though you’ll encounter some challenges with EQ3 furniture, you’ll still get a ton of good. By Scale, EQ3 is a large company.

The few problems shouldn’t discourage you from enjoying the modern designs from EQ3. But how do you guarantee you’re getting the best deal? 

Selecting the best furniture that EQ3 offers requires more than just making an order. Below are some tips for choosing the best EQ3 furniture:

Research Before Purchase

If there is something we have realized, it’s the fact that most problems people encounter with EQ3 furniture involve user error. 

This means that you’ll have different experiences from other users. The best way to understand whether the EQ3 furniture isn’t being assembled well due to manufacturer or human error is to research more. 

Here, you go through several reviews from the EQ3 website to understand what is best for you and what isn’t. There are also dedicated websites that have reviews on EQ3 furniture. 

Such resources are always helpful for finding recommendations and tips for EQ3 furniture.

Check Quality While Purchasing

You must also focus on the furniture quality before making a purchase. EQ3 has a variety of furniture options ranging from low-cost to high-cost furniture. 

The main difference between the high-priced furniture and budget ones is quality. 

You can easily determine furniture quality by checking what it’s designed from. 

We recommend that you avoid any furniture made from particleboard. Particleboard is developed from wood chips and sawdust. It’s, therefore, not solid and can easily fall apart. 

Go for EQ3 furniture designed from solid wood, such as oak. We also recommend checking for the legs and ensuring they are wood, heavy, and jointed to the chair, not nailed. Consider buying furniture with firm cushions. 

This is the only way of getting durable and quality furniture. 

Never compromise quality for the price unless you want to be buying new furniture each year.

Hygiene and Usage

Here, you need to consider the people that will mainly use the furniture you want to buy. Also, consider whether you’ll use the furniture in your office or home. 

If you live alone, the furniture will be lightly used. However, if you have kids, go for sturdy pieces. 

If you own pets, you need to consider the color and materials of sofas and chairs. Most pets shed fur, and some fabric material can be fur magnets. 

Cleaning such furniture may prove difficult and time-consuming. 


There is no perfect furniture brand or company in the industry. This also applies to EQ3 furniture. 

Even though EQ3 has acquired some negative reviews over the years, you still need to weigh between the negatives and positives. 

You can find a variety of furniture products at EQ3 at a reasonable price and high quality. 

And even if you fail to get quality furniture from EQ3, there are still other top furniture brands to consider.


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