Is Elran Furniture Good Quality? (Explained) 

Elran Furniture Good Quality

Elran owns a unique niche in the furniture market.

The manufacturer’s recliners are some of the best in the industry and come in a variety of styles and designs.

But is Elran furniture good quality?

Yes, Elran makes some of the best home furniture pieces using top-notch materials. The brand’s recliners come with power and non-power multi-angle adjustable parts and are available in a range of configurations and options. 

Most buyers are attracted to the manufacturer’s capability to offer modern designs that appeal to millennials and new families. 

Keep reading to get a detailed overview of Elran furniture and how to get the best value for your money.

Is Elran Furniture Expensive? 

Elran furniture brand sits on the high end of furniture price points, making the products some of the most expensive in the market. 

Some retailers sell the brand’s all-leather sectional for as high as $5000, while a typical sofa goes for as high as $2000. 

Elran wing chair retails for as high as $1500 and the brand’s condo sectional comes at an average of $6000. 

Although the brand communicates sophistication and superior design, the prices are relatively too high for everyday furniture buyers.

4 Common Problems with Elran Furniture

No doubt, Elran makes good-quality furniture.

However, despite the acclaimed quality of this brand’s products, Elran furniture has some drawbacks. In fact, the shortcomings are so pronounced that customers often raise the same issues.

Here are some of the most recurring complaints.

Limited Product Line

Elran might make some of the must-have recliners in the industry, but the manufacturer offers only a limited number of furniture. 

Customers can only get Elran living room furniture. 

The company hardly produces case goods and accessories for other rooms. 

To the furniture maker’s credit, though, it has over 50 years of experience in the upholstery business and it has decided to develop deeper competence in this area. 

With sophisticated tech tools for experimenting with various living room furniture designs, Elran has put itself at the forefront of the industry. 

Although the brand doesn’t offer a lot of variety in its product line, it offers customized services. 

Elran provides an online-based platform where customers can interact with the various products and reach out to their representatives.

This means that customers who want to have custom-made furniture pieces always have the chance to build their own products. 

And this reduces the challenge of diversity.

Peeling Leather

Like every other leatherwork, Elran furniture experiences the problem of peeling leather. 

Most leather fabrics have a very short life span. Elran leather upholstery would start peeling off within two to four years on average. 

In response to several repeated complaints from customers about peeling leather, Elran recommends constant maintenance and care as a way to increase the longevity of leather furniture. 

Such care includes avoiding excess contact of sweat and hair with the leather. 

Besides peeling leather, some customers also complain about the compression of the stuffing material. 

Many customers claim that the upholstery flattened within two years of purchase. For furniture in Elran’s price range, this poses a huge problem.

Given the high average prices of Elran products, the durability of its furniture pieces leaves more to be desired. 

Refund and Compensation

Again, for the price of its products, excellent customer service should not be a problem with Elran.  

Unfortunately, the brand has a not-so-pleasant reputation for passing the blame to its customers. 

Many customers face serious challenges when they try to claim a warranty or lodge a complaint about the poor performance of the products.


Another common problem is the manufacturer’s warranty. It is not as effective as you’ll expect from a top-notch brand. 

The leather has a two-year warranty and the stuffing is covered by a one-year warranty. In most cases, these warranty periods are rather too short to be useful.

For example, most upholstery chairs hardly show signs of degradation until the third year. By this time, these products have already exceeded the warranty period.

Thankfully, not everything about the brand’s warranty is doom and gloom.

Elran offers a lifetime warranty for mechanical parts covering motors, power recliners, and more. 

4 Tips for Buying Elran Furniture

There is no doubt that Elran furniture provides some of the best ultra-modern furniture on the market today. 

However, to get the best deal, there are some factors to keep in mind when shopping for new Elran furniture.

Define Your Preference

You need to factor in the overall appearance of your living room. 

It doesn’t really make any economical sense to buy a sectional for a living room that’s suitable for just a sofa and a wing chair.

Think Long-Term

This is one of the best pieces of advice to keep in mind. 

Buying a leather sofa or recliner is not an ideal choice if you want to own the furniture for a long time. 

Experience shows that leather chairs start to deteriorate after an average of three years of use. 

Besides longevity, you equally need to determine the amount of pressure the chair would withstand. 

Buying a sophisticated piece of Elran furniture might not be a good idea if you plan to put it in an area in your home where it will be used very frequently. 

Too much pressure on the sofa would result in faster flattening. 

It is usually best to opt for a low-cost Elran piece of furniture for highly trafficked areas of your home.

Set Your Budget

Impulse purchases may end up costing you more than you hoped for. Before you decide to buy any product, set your budget and compare prices. 

Elran’s products are usually expensive! 

For this reason, arm yourself with enough product information before you proceed with your shopping. 

It is also advisable to look at other furniture brands to know the prices of products in similar categories. 

This will give you a fair idea of how much money you can expect to pay for any furniture piece you are eyeing.

Establish a Channel of Communication with the Local Elran Office

More than a few customers have complained about the challenges they face when they try to reach Elran customer service to claim a warranty or lodge a complaint. 

Usually, they get torn between the retailer and Elran’s office. 

To avoid this kind of situation, it is best to establish a line of communication with the local Elran representative before making a purchase. 

This will help you avoid the hitch that comes with after-purchase services.

Wrapping Up

There are over 170 different furniture brands in existence in the US market alone. Among these furniture makers, Elran is one of the few brands that integrate the use of technology extensively in its products. 

Elran gives customers options by providing technological interfaces where they can manipulate furniture designs and make their own custom-made pieces. 

Beyond tech integration, Elran has a reputation for high-quality upholstery products. 

Every material that goes into the fabrication of the brand’s products undergoes thorough tests. Only materials that pass the test are included in the production. 

The manufacturer is one of the few brands that use performance fabrics for product finishing. 

Above all, Elran offers some of the great furniture pieces to choose from.


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