Is El Dorado furniture good quality? (Explained)

El Dorado furniture good quality

The name “El Dorado” automatically evokes expectations of something spectacular. El Dorado Furniture is one of the most popular furniture brands in Florida.

But with fame not always translating into excellence, you are well within your right to question if El Dorado furniture is really good quality.

El Dorado offers fantastic furniture models at attractive prices. This producer places a premium on the quality of furniture it produces. This is commonly seen in how long these pieces last and how unique they look.

El Dorado’s furniture pieces are predominantly made from water-resistant material, with their sofa coming with detailed stitching hand-woven wicker.

So reputed is this manufacturer for its quality that El Dorado clinched a position in Furniture Today’s prestigious best 100 furniture stores in the U.S.

To adequately assuage your curiosity about El Dorado and the quality of their furniture products, we will examine some critical details about this manufacturer.

Who manufactures El Dorado Furniture and where?

El Dorado Furniture is independently manufactured by El Dorado, a home interior ware producer operating from South Florida. 

El Dorado was founded in 1967 by Manuel Capó. Since then, this producer has enjoyed immense growth, with an estimated fourteen El Dorado showrooms distributed across South Florida. 

A significant fraction of the El Dorado furniture distributed across the United States is made from El Dorado’s operational facility situated around Miami Gardens, Florida.

This makes El Dorado one of the few furniture manufacturers selling American-made furniture. In 2006, El Dorado went as far as bagging 46th position in the coveted Top 100 Furniture stores in the United States as graded by Furniture Today.

Is El Dorado furniture durable?

When you buy El Dorado furniture, you can rest assured that you made an acquisition that will last you through the years. This producer doesn’t cut corners in the quality of materials it uses.

We see such commitment to quality and durability in several El Dorado furniture units. The Karla 5-piece sets come with detailed stitching that holds up against rough usage. 

This El Dorado set is made from water-resistant materials, decked with hand-woven wicker. The Alfa Delta Dark Blue Chaise Lounge is another El Dorado piece whose longevity impresses us. 

This guy is made from waterproof breathable synthetic fabric that ensures it excels at resisting abrasion and pilling. 

Just when you that is all El Dorado has got to strut regarding durability, it unleashes the Cosmo ll Home Theater Leather Seating. 

This piece is rugged, thanks to a kiln-dried hardwood construction that combines 100% leather with high-density foam.

Are El Dorado furniture pieces comfortable?

Of what use is a furniture piece that last years but is a pain to use? El Dorado expertly blends longevity with comfort.

El Dorado pieces offer adequate support for the body, with the texture comfortable enough for prolonged seating.

The Charlette Leather Power Reclining Sofa and the Banyan Sun Bed are two of the most comfortable pieces we tested in El Dorado’s furniture collection. 

The Charlette Leather Power Reclining Sofa stood out for the comfort of its wall-hugger facility. This reclining system comfortably extends the footrest forward with the back simultaneously reclining to give you a relaxed and pressure-relieving pose.

El Dorado’s Banyan Sunbed is not the bed you want to lie on when you have an urgent appointment. Yes, because it is that hard to step out of it, given how enjoyable it is. 

It comes with a unique flat PE wicker design, with the cushions being made from premium SDP fabric. Comfort is further enhanced with ten pillows provided with this bed. 

How much does El Dorado furniture cost?

El Dorado Furniture is modestly priced. They come in various price ranges for different furniture categories. 

In El Dorado outdoor chair lineup, you can have units as cheap as the Breeze Dining Chair, which costs around $110. You can find El Dorado outdoors like the Diamantina Chair at the higher end, costing up to $850.

In the El Dorado leather sofa category, the Rio Dark Gray Leather Sofa was one of the cheapest units we saw. It cost approximately $1,500.

The Cosmo lI Home Theater Leather Seating is one of the most expensive leather sofas we saw in El Dorado’s offering. It cost around $4,400. 

We couldn’t say it was too expensive given its premium features, like being entirely wrapped in padded 100% leather.

In this dining category, the Brooks White 5-Piece Dining Set was one of the cheapest we saw in El Dorado’s lineup. It sells for $800. 

Conversely, the Opulent 5-Piece Dining Set was one of the most expensive dining sets we saw from El Dorado. It cost almost $5,000.

Does El Dorado furniture have a warranty?

El Dorado typically offers a 1-year warranty on its furniture. Within these 12 months, if there is any damage to your purchased El Dorado furniture arising from defects in workmanship or material quality, El Dorado will fully handle the cost of servicing, repairs, or replacement. 

Note that this limited warranty is unavailable to people who purchase used El Dorado merchandise. 

Best El Dorado Furniture Reviews

We tried our hands on some El Dorado pieces to ascertain first-hand which comes top. 

Combining factors like comfort, portability, longevity, and overall functionality, we think the Softee White Leather Power Recliner and Karlie 5-piece are some of the best El Dorado has to offer.

Why these picks?

Softee White Leather Power Recliner

The Softee white leather power recliner is as soft and relaxing as power recliners come. For premium comfort, El Dorado completely dressed every part of this recliner that touches your body with 100% leather.

There are many comfortable styles for you to choose from, thanks to the headrests being equipped with power motion functionality. 

Still, on comfort, El Dorado offers the Softeee white leather power recliner with the option of a power-tilt headrest. This mechanism conveniently distributes your load across your entire body from head to toe with just a button push. 

This power recliner also boasts a strong contemporary feel, thanks to its curved arm and contrasting welt design. In all, this recliner costs around $1,400.

The Karla 5-Piece 

Of course, you can have your meals on just any dining set in the world, but if you want to sprinkle in some style and class to your dining sessions, then the Karla 5-piece should be on top of your mind. 

El Dorado painstakingly streamlined this piece to raise the artistic level of your dining experience at home. This table comes with an extendable design, dressed in cream color. 

This table is made from top-grade melamine and has an unmistakable modern feel about it.

The Karla 5-piece gives you more flexibility – regarding the seating arrangement – with its pedestal base enhanced with a 20″ leaf. 

With no legs handicapping the table’s corners, you can even add more chairs for a more accommodating dining session.

More than the functionality, this chair easily steals your affection with its detailed stitching design further accentuated with its tapered legs.

The Karla 5-piece doesn’t come cheap either. It costs around $2,600 to get it into your home.


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