Are Echo Chainsaws Good Quality? (Explained For Beginners)

Echo Chainsaws Good Quality

ECHO is an award-winning farm tool and implements manufacturer with over 70 years of industry experience. Since its inception, Echo has created innovative and leading implements for agricultural purposes.

As a result, one might wonder, are echo chainsaws good?

The echo chainsaw has one of the best designs, efficiency, and performance. Their chainsaw, CS-802, was the first-ever to use anti-vibration technology. Echo’s first chainsaw debuted in 1963, which gave Echo about 50 years head start over newer brands of chainsaws.

Below is a deep analysis of the Echo chainsaw and what a beginner needs to know before purchasing or owning one.

The Quality of Echo Chainsaws

Echo chainsaw leads the logging industry by replacing simple muscle power with mechanical force. The chainsaw can fall a tree and quickly turn logs into lumber without pressure or strain on the operator. 

Careful work goes into the fabrication of all Echo chainsaws, which is evident in the design and efficiency of its engine. It incorporates all the top parameters and engines found in all modern chainsaws. 

Besides, most of this technological enhancement was invented by the parent company of echo chainsaw.

Echo features the chainsaw automatic oiling system, which keeps the chain and bars efficient during operation. 

The plastic compartment that houses the engine is fitted with three aluminum inserts to provide strength and durability and anchor for fabricated parts. 

Echo chainsaw runs on a well-designed 2-strokes engine. It provides all the power needed to operate the chainsaw.

Are Echo Chainsaws Easy to use?

There is an echo chainsaw for every user out there. You need to figure out two factors before you can decide on the product that works best for you. 

The first factor is the nature of the job at hand, and the second factor is the user’s experience. Echo has designed a variety of chainsaws that cater to all categories of customers.

A beginner would find it easy to handle an Echo chainsaw in the 30cc to 40cc engine ranges with a rear handle configuration. This kind of chainsaw is easy to maneuver and control. 

More advanced users would find a 70cc engine with a rear handle configuration more befitting for them. 

However, you should note that Heavy-duty applications may require a 40 to 60cc configuration with either the rear or top handle. 

As you advance, you will likely get used to various chainsaw designs and know what works best for you.

Are Echo Chainsaws Reliable?

Echo has a core value of producing user-centered implements that support productivity and efficiency. 

The company was formed in response to the predicament facing Japan after world war 2. The country fell into a long period of food scarcity, and Echo was born with a mission to proffer a solution to the problem. 

To date, Echo chainsaws have some of the best track records in the industry, with a presence in over 90 countries worldwide.

Some significant features of their chainsaw include: 

  • An efficient air filtration system, 
  • A large air intake for the maximum amount of cooling air,
  • Effective anti-vibration fitting for comfort,
  • Electronic ignition for an easier start, and many more. 

It also has a pull cord starter system with long-lasting quality. It comes with an oil filter to strain out any impurities. 

The exhaust is appropriately tuned to avoid pollution and keep operators healthy. It’s fitted with a brake system to ensure safety

As a result of the quality of the Echo chainsaw, CS-302 is highly recognized throughout the world and has been in production for about 20 years.

What Gear Do You Get With An Echo Chainsaw?

Echo comes with a factory-built chain and bar. It also features oil for the initial priming of the engine. 

Sometimes, the Echo chainsaw comes with protective gears for the owner, depending on the model you buy. 

However, it is not always the case. 

How Long Is the Warranty on Echo Chainsaws?

Echo offers a 2-year commercial warranty. It covers defects reported by customers who purchase Echo products for commercial use. 

They also give a five years warranty for consumers. This warranty covers users who put Echo products to domestic use. Echo’s warranty is the longest in the industry.

What Kinds of Work Are Echo Chainsaws Good For?

The Echo has a wide range of chainsaws. 

They manufacture chainsaws with 30cc engines, and other models with higher capacities, up to 70cc.

There is no lumbering activity that the Echo chainsaw can not withstand. The kind of work you can perform with the Echo chainsaw depends on the capacity of the chainsaw you choose.

However, to select the best chainsaw for your task, here are some factors to bear in mind.

  • Would the saw be used for felling and bucking?
  • Would it be used for cutting firewood?
  • Would it be used for climbing and trimming?

Next, consider your knowledge and experience with chainsaws.     

  • Professional
  • Beginner
  • Experienced

As a beginner, you should settle for a chainsaw that’s not too heavy or complex to maneuver.

How Long Do Echo Chainsaws Last?

Echo has a warranty covering up to 5 years of use. It means that for up to 5 years after purchase, you can get customer service help for your chainsaw. 

Older lumbering experts have owned their Echo chainsaws for up to 7 years or more. 

The chainsaw enjoys a reasonable level of loyalty among elite tree-felling experts.

What Do the Reviews Say About Echo Chainsaws?

Here are a few comments that are found among users of echo chainsaws.

Not Too Heavy for Beginners

Echo CS-520 is regarded as the lightest, most powerful 50cc chainsaw on the market. Echo has a collection of chainsaws that is very effective and lightweight.

A Good Investment

Owing to its power and efficiency, many praise echo as a good choice and investment for them.

The durability of its parts means you spend less on repair and replacements. Besides, the fuel economy is top-notch because of its 2-stroke engine.

How Much Does It Cost To Own An Echo Chainsaw?

The prices of the Echo chainsaw vary with increasing engine power. There are Echo Chainsaws that are as low as $300 and as high as $600.

CS-590 58cc ranges from $530 – $560 depending on the bar size.

CS-355T-16 35cc ranges from $380 – $400.

Echo gas Chainsaw ranges from $300 – $400.

Wrapping Up

Chainsaws come in a variety of engines, bar lengths, and handle orientation. 

Users must select the right tools for the job they want to accomplish. After considering the jobs and requirements, you need to understand the bar length that works for you. 

Echo chainsaw offers a combination of design and efficiency. The best practice is to choose a bar length that’s one to two inches longer than the diameter of the tree you intend to cut.

Use the bar and chain combination that the manufacturer recommends. Purchasing the right saw would eliminate user fatigue and help you get the job done right. 

In a nutshell, Echo has over 70 years of developing professional and industry-grade tools. Their chainsaw offers a combination of dependability and reliability.


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