Is Dynasty Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Dynasty Furniture Good Quality

Dynasty Furniture has made quite a name for itself in the North American continent.

With an extensive collection of products running through sofas, loveseats, ottomans, and chairs, it is easy to understand why this brand is almost a staple in many homeowners’ home interior shopping lists.

But for first-time buyers, you may be wondering: is Dynasty furniture all hype? Are they really good quality?

Dynasty boasts innovative craftsmanship, deploying cutting-edge Canadian technology. Loved for their precision workmanship, this brand is committed to getting the little details right. Dynasty has a broad spectrum of styles, accommodating the diverse taste of homeowners from Canada to the United States. Overall, their furniture pieces are durable and competitively priced. 

We can’t authoritatively ascertain the quality of Dynasty furniture unless we investigate aspects of this brand like where their furniture pieces are manufactured, how comfortable and portable they are, how much they cost, accompanying warranty packages. 

Who makes Dynasty Furniture and where?

Dynasty is the brand behind Dynasty Furniture. Quite a deviation from what you may expect, Dynasty furniture is not manufactured in the United States.

While Dynasty has an impressive North American presence, it is essentially a Canadian manufacturer. Dynasty began operation in 1979 and quickly snowballed into the biggest producer of upholstered furniture in Canada.

Dynasty furniture is primarily produced from their mega-manufacturing plant near southeast Foothills Industrial Park, Canada. This sprawling 150,000 square-foot plant handles the production of the bulk of the Dynasty furniture pieces that find their way into American homes. 

What style of furniture does Dynasty make?

It is not surprising for a brand with a wealthy history (over 26 years) to see the extensive collection of styles Dynasty spoils homeowners with.

We admire the broad collection of textures, colors, and construction patterns we saw in Dynasty’s product lineup. Dynasty pieces are predominantly produced from accent and body fabrics. 

The commonest variants include microfiber, flat-woven, cotton, Chenille, and bonded leather. Regardless of your style choice, all Dynasty furniture pieces are built on the bedrock of quality and longevity. 

Is Dynasty Furniture Comfortable?

Keenness to the user experience explains why Dynasty Furniture is so committed to the details of its furniture pieces. Dynasty puts in work to get the ergonomics right. 

One of the most comfortable Dynasty pieces we tried out was the Dynasty Mattress LaComfort. This high-density gel memory mattress promises an ultra-cool seating experience, thanks to being produced with cool dry gel technology. 

Dynasty went as far as furnishing this mattress with four comfy layers ensuring every night spent on this mattress delivers a luxurious sleeping experience. 

Leveraging pressure-relieving techniques, this mattress welcomes your back, soaking you right in and keeping you fresh all night. 

Dynasty also demonstrated its focus on comfort in the design of its chairs. From shallow to deep seats, the seats have back inclinations that give your back adequate support while taking the load off your feet and spine. 

How portable is Dynasty furniture?

Dynasty rightly knows not all their customers will own multi-million dollar mansions. Such knowledge informs the space-saving designs we saw in some Dynasty furniture pieces. 

Some of the Dynasty reclining sofas we came across had their size deliberately optimized to glide into your room without disrupting pedestrian traffic. 

While their length and depth were attractive, we admit some Dynasty pieces were relatively heavy. Not that we were shocked either. A manufacturer whose products last as long as Dynasty furniture rarely has lightweight designs. 

The average depth we saw was 37 inches for the reclining sofa, an average length of 84 inches, with weight ranging between 114-170lbs. 

The Dynasty Ottomans we checked out averagely weighed around 27lbs, the loveseats coming around 89lbs. The Dynasty Deluxe Sofabeds were some of the heaviest we inspected. Some models weighed as high as 184lbs. 

How much does Dynasty furniture cost?

In our opinion, Dynasty furniture is competitively priced. We wouldn’t say they are the cheapest we have seen – but they were not the most expensive, either. 

The Dynasty tables we came across ranged from $118 to $350. The Dynasty Ottomans averagely had a range of $300-$500.

The Andrien chair was one of the priciest we saw in Dynasty’s lineup. It cost around $650.

The Loveseat has a price spectrum of $800-$1000. The sofas were a bit on the high side. They ranged from $1300 to above $3,200. 

The Dynasty Arjean 4pc Sectional Sofa Set was one of the most expensive we saw. It goes for around $3,200. 

Do Dynasty furniture have a warranty cover?

Unfortunately, Dynasty has no direct warranty coverage for its furniture products. That said, some dealers offer you unique coverage on Dynasty furniture products you procure from them. 

These dealers would charge you for coverage for a specified interval in most cases. Most of the warranty packages we saw from dealers hovered between $150 and $300.

Where can you buy Dynasty furniture?

The most famous dealers of Dynasty Furniture include A-Line Furniture & Appliances, Abes Furniture, and Accent Lalonde.

A-Line Furniture & Appliances is located at 608 9th St, Humboldt, Saskatchewan. Abes Furniture is located at 644 Main Street; Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Lastly, Accent Lalonde is situated around Laurier St, Rockland, Ontario. 

Unfortunately, these dealers are in Canada, and you may have to work out shipping details with them.

There is the alternative of leveraging the dedicated Dynasty Dealer Locator facility on their website to find the dealer closest to you.

Best Dynasty Furniture Review

Dynasty Power Reclining High Leg Recliner 

When you go for a recliner, it is clear you want to be lavished with comfort. Dynasty understands it and produced the Dynasty Power Recliner for people who don’t want to tolerate the slightest inconvenience when they sit.

This recliner is a step above your traditional hi-leg chair. The recliner facility furnishes you with postures (not forgetting how relaxing they are) that you will never experience with the aforementioned chair.

We love how the recliner extension efficiently distributes the pleasure from your head down to your toes.

How about the style of Dynasty Power Recliner?

This Dynasty power recliner comes with a classic silhouette built. Mixing gentility and charm, the lines are subtle and neat, extending from the single-piece backs to the roll-arms. The style is further accentuated with the feet dressed in walnut wood.

Put all these beauties together, and you get a recliner that will readily become the most sought-after furniture piece you have in your home. That said, this recliner will set you back by an estimated $1,215.

Dynasty Dual Power Reclining Sofa

The truth is, we couldn’t help falling in love with another recliner from Dynasty’s collection. This dual-power reclining sofa is a beauty to behold.

Of course, it couldn’t have swept us off our feet that terribly if it didn’t have the functionality to match its good looks.

On the surface, you may readily dismiss this sofa as just any other regular stationary hi-leg sofa. But this guy differs.

It comes with a reclining mechanism that allows two people to enjoy its reclining features simultaneously. This sofa boasts an extensive range of customization options. 

Depending on your specifics, Dynasty can personalize it in more than 140 leathers and fabrics. It costs around $1,901.25.


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