Are Dynamic Rugs Good Quality? (Explained For Beginners)

Dynamic Rugs Good Quality

My sister took me to a store carrying the Dynamic Rugs brand. I bought a few Dynamic rugs for my house, and I am delighted to share my views and experiences with you.

I have had these rugs in my house for a few years now. My sister (who has a couple of Dynamic rugs in her house, too) introduced me to the brand, and all I can say is I do not regret making the purchase.

The Quality Of Dynamic Rugs

Dynamic rugs are of excellent quality. The company selects its pieces from quality manufacturers in China, Turkey, India, and Belgium. One of the company’s aims is to provide the best value, unique and distinguished textile designs at very affordable prices.

They have hand-crafted rugs that are tufted, woven, loomed, carved, and sewn by hand. The team of designers comes from around the world and brings diversity to these rugs’ design and style.

Are Dynamic Rugs Hard To Clean?

Dust and dirt can be a nuisance if not promptly taken care of. It is essential to create a cleaning schedule to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust.

Let me explain why.

Dynamic rugs are hand-woven and delicate. This means that the threads are carefully put in place, one after the other, to produce beautiful and unique designs. Extreme care should be observed when cleaning these rugs. 

To clean Dynamic rugs, vacuum regularly and thoroughly in the direction of the pile. Go over the surface slowly, with your vacuum. The slow movement will ensure maximum dirt removal.

When vacuuming fringes or shags, do not use a suction setting. Threads could get stuck in the vacuum and ultimately ruin your beautiful rug.

That’s why welcome mats are necessary. They trap most of the dirt and dust, so you won’t need to go ham on your Dynamic rug.

Dish soap works like magic if you have stains on your rugs. For tougher stains, use vinegar or ammonia. Whatever you do, do not use products that contain bleach. After cleaning, blot the rug with a dry cloth.

To avoid all the trouble, I would suggest that you clean spills and stains immediately after they happen. This fast action prevents penetration of the liquid into the pile fiber.

What Areas Are Dynamic Rugs Good For?

You will be happy to hear that Dynamic Rugs has pieces for every nook and cranny in your house. You can get area rugs, doormats, hall and stair runners, outdoor rugs, and bedroom rugs.

The designs are limitless, and the rugs come in a variety of colors. Dynamic Rugs has its products grouped in collections such as Ancient Garden, Cruz, and Carson for better selection.

I bought rugs for my bedroom, guest bedroom, living area, and outdoor space. Each of them fits perfectly in the space and adds a pop of color, not to forget functionality.

The fact that Dynamic Rugs design pieces with a specific purpose in mind make each rug sit snug wherever you place it. You do not need to modify the rug or move around furniture to get good placement.

How Much Do Dynamic Rugs Cost?

The price solely depends on the material and size of the rug you want to buy. Honestly, Dynamic rugs fetch higher prices than ordinary bulk-produced rugs.

In this case, the work and time put into making these rugs are priceless. Every thread is hand-woven and knotted to form elegant and tasteful pieces. You can’t put a price tag on that.

Every time I look at my Dynamic Rug pieces, their quality assures me that they were worth breaking the bank for.

An area rug sized 9’2”x12’6” goes for about $769. Larger pieces go up to $1200. When purchasing a Dynamic Rug piece, think of the quality, sophistication, and uniqueness you get.

How Long Do Dynamic Rugs Last For?

Dynamic rugs can last for a lifetime (in rug years).

In most homes, Dynamic Rugs pieces last 20 years and over. Dynamic rugs can last even longer and look just as exquisite when properly cared for. You can make these rugs a family heirloom by passing them on to the next generation. Unless you fail to clean and maintain your rug, it’ll stay in shape. 

When purchasing the rug, ensure you buy from a certified seller. To ascertain that the rug is authentic, you can check the knots per square inch, detailing, color, and material.

Even if you place the rug in an area with high foot traffic, the hand-knotted designs make them strong and durable.

What Do The Reviews Say about Dynamic Rugs?

We checked the reviews on different stores carrying the Dynamic Rugs brand, including:

  • Google reviews (6 reviews)

We found six reviews on Google reviews, which are mostly positive. On, Dynamic Rugs received a 4.4/5 rating. Google reviews also show a 4.3/5 rating, which means that customers rank them highly.

This is no surprise since Dynamic Rugs is a renowned rug manufacturer. They have been in existence for decades and have established a strong customer base.


With hand-woven designs, the quality is assured. Designers who work under Dynamic Rugs dedicate their time to producing unique and timeless pieces.

Every rug is different from the next, and that is enough testimony of the work that goes into making Dynamic Rug pieces.


The price of these rugs is justified.

Even though Dynamic Rugs pieces cost relatively more than other rugs, they are worth every coin.


Dynamic Rugs only sell to retailers. They ensure all their products are available all the time for purchase.

If you want to be a Dynamic Rugs partner, all you need to do is contact them.


Dynamic Rig pieces are eccentric. Every piece is unrepeated, making every customer feel valued and special.

It shows that designers thought through every thread and knot that went into the rug.

A Good Investment?

Dynamic Rugs pieces last for a long time. They definitely give you a bang for your buck. You cannot get less than 20 years from a Dynamic Rug piece.

How Well Do Dynamic Rugs Hold Their Value?

In case you want to resell your rug, it is quite possible. Dynamic rugs have the best texture and colors that do not fade easily.

If you are a buyer looking for a used Dynamic rug, be very wary of knockoffs. Fake rugs are on sale all over the internet.

The good news is that you can check for indicators by examining the piece in person. If you can only purchase the piece online, ask for enough photos and receipts of purchase.

You might end up spending a lot of money on a fake rug if you don’t know what exactly to look for.

How Long Is The Warranty On Dynamic Rugs?

Firstly, Dynamic Rugs gives buyers 30 days to return any items that do not meet customer standards. However, they have to ascertain that you did not inflict the damage.

Have the receipts and be transparent about the reasons for the return. Also, send images of all defects to their email for approval of a claim. 

Other than that, Dynamic Rugs offers a 1-year manufacturer’s defect warranty. 


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