Are Draper Power Tools Any Good? (10 Helpful Tips)

Draper power tools good

Let us face it. Draper power tools are not as popular as the eminent likes of DeWalt and Stanley Black & Decker – at least not in the North American market. For whatever popularity Draper appears to lack in the American market, it makes up for abundantly in the English and European power tool market. But are Draper power tools any good?

Draper tools have, across the decades, established a reputation for their engineering excellence and versatility. Draper tools – spanning grinders, circular saws, sanders, and cordless drills – are reliable and assured of lasting years of rough usage. Draper power tools are moderately affordable and come with two-year warranty coverage that is extendable to three years.

Who produces Draper power tools and where?

Draper Tools Ltd. Manufactures Draper tools. This explains why Draper tools are almost a household name among English tradespeople but are just fairly known in the United States and Canada.

Draper Tools Ltd has been running since 1919 when they started as a small unit marketing government surplus around the Thames region in England.

Draper has astronomically evolved since then, with the bulk of their power tools designed and assembled in their outlandish Chandler’s Ford facility. Situated in Hampshire, England, this facility runs into 37,000m2.  

Are Draper power tools easy to use?

Admittedly, we can’t speak for all the power tools Draper has ever produced. But for the Draper tools, we got our hands-on, we didn’t have much trouble enjoying them.

We were notably thrilled with the user-friendly design of the Draper Storm Force 10.8V Angle Grinder. This guy spoiled us with a nice ergonomic design.

The grip handle was soft on the hand, allowing us to use it for longer periods without tiring.

We also liked their saw designs. The Draper saws we tested were fitted with variable speed control, which made it easy to switch the tempo depending on the job at hand. 

Working with them was less stressful as they had dust extraction functionality. This implies we had to just focus on the cutting without bothering too much about collecting dust particles. 

With such dust taken care of, our accuracy was enhanced as we had a clearer cutting sight.

How do Draper tools perform?

Of all the Draper tools we tested, we would admit the Draper Storm series performed best. This is thanks to a rich collection of top-end functionalities like multifunction settings, dust collection and extraction facilities, variable speed controls, and even laser cutting guides.

Every Draper Storm model comes with electronic speed control. But we were even more inspired by their cordless power tools. The torque setting was easily adjustable, giving us that valuable flexibility to get in (and remove) screws, quickly drill wood, or work on just masonry or metal with little forcefulness.

To say Draper’s jigsaws were powerful would be saying the least. The jigsaws could deliver a wood cutting capacity running into 55 mils. 

Particularly, the Draper Storm force mini circular saw stunned us with speeds running into 15,700 rpm. It is not every day you walk into mini saws this strong.

How are Draper batteries?

Most of the Draper power tools we tried outcome with a 10.8 volt lithium-ion battery. We loved the performance, and these batteries took 3-5 hours to charge fully.

But we were even more enthused with the Draper power interchange technology. With this, we only needed to charge one battery and get this battery to work just any tool in the Draper Storm lineup.

How durable are Draper power tools?

Most Draper tools are girded in aluminum body makeup. This makes them more structurally resilient to heavy impact. 

We were impressed with how far Draper went to furnish models like the D20 20V Brushless Sliding Compound Mitre Saw with aluminum bases.

How portable are Draper tools?

For portability, we would say Draper tools sit in the middle category. We have seen brands way lighter than Draper. And we have seen other guys way more bulky than Draper tools.

How about we get into the specifics?

A typical Draper angle grinder within the 80mm category weighs around 0.56kg. This is really compact compared to its contemporaries in the market today. 

A Draper cordless screwdriver comes as light as 0.36kg. But then it gets really heavy when you pick up the Draper Storm Force 20V Circular Saw. 

This is no light guy, weighing as much as 2.5kg. Drape plunge saws are even heavier, coming at relatively demanding weights of 5.8kg.

How much do Draper Tools cost?

Just like their portability, Draper tools are in the middle category when it comes to cost. A Draper Storm Force 20V would shave you of $52. Draper Hammer Drill in the 810W, 230V rating category could go for around $65.

You can expect to spend way more for a Draper oscillating multitool. These guys go for around $130. A Draper air compressor also comes around that cost region.

Do Draper tools have warranty coverage?

Yes, they do. A 2-year warranty covers all Draper power tools. 

This is even extendable into a 3-year warranty. This extension is enjoyed when you specially register your Draper tools within a month of buying them. 

Best Draper power tool review

This section will examine the finest – in our opinion – power tools Draper has in the market today. 

Draper D20 cordless power tool 

This is hands down the best power tool we tested from Draper. It had a really nice look, which even raised the expectation we had from it. Ultimately, we can’t say we were disappointed.

Draper got the ergonomics right with lovable rubber molds that made it easy on our hands. This improved our grip and overall control. 

The beauty of the D20’s design is best appreciated in its simplicity. It was as easy as set-up and use. The range of functionalities this tool packs was heartwarming. It comes with a nice 3ah battery, dust port, and a 240v charger.

We would also mention how critical Draper was with user safety when producing this cordless tool. The D20 is provided with an electric brake.

This way, the D20 stops automatically when the trigger gets released. Therefore, in the event of an emergency when cutting, you yet retain control of the tool.

Not that we had issues moving it about, but we admit we would have loved Draper to furnish this tool with a carry case. 

We were not satisfied that this cordless tool lacks an LED light. This deficiency means we needed to improvise to clearly view the cutting area (especially the cut line) in low-light conditions.

Draper D20 impact driver

This impact driver is stocked with power. Boasting a torque of 180Nm and an impregnable impact rate of 3300bpm, this is a “bully” of an impact driver that drives the screws in relentlessly.

For its motor, you get a brushless design. This is big-time good news for those whose impact drivers feature the brush designs notorious for their demanding maintenance regimen. 

This Draper’s battery life is one of the longest and most efficient we have seen among impact drivers.

This impact driver is versatile. You can easily adjust the speed – based on the application – from how you press the pressure-sensitive trigger. 

This time around, Draper didn’t forget to kit this tool with a lovable LED light. We were also impressed with the quick-release chuck design.


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