Does Washi Tape Stick to Textured Walls? 8 Real-Life Examples

Washi tapes will be removed neatly from textured walls. They are not like other tapes, especially duct tapes that stick to walls permanently. Some years ago, I used it for my rental apartment and heard a friend’s pop used for dorm rooms.

However, I found washi tapes as perfect options to add some personal style to my space since putting up wallpaper and painting wasn’t my thing. I find it quite interesting to stare at a statement wall with fun textures and patterns while creating visual interest with solid color washi tape.

Reasons Washi Tapes Don’t Stick to Textured Walls

I’ve found washi tapes as a cinch I could use periodically to change my style when I decide to keep up with the latest home décor trends. Thus, they do not stick permanently to textured walls. When I intend to remove my washi tape from the wall, all I need to do is peel back one of the corners until I can grasp the tape in my fingers. It would be easy to take the tape away from the wall at a 45-degree angle.

You don’t have to fear that your painting can chip because washi tapes come off the walls quickly, unlike tackier adhesive tapes. There’s also no need to worry about the duration of having them on your wall. You can easily remove these tapes without causing any damage, even if they have been on your walls for years.

If there are any residue remains, you only need Goo-Gone, coconut oil, or olive oil. Dab a small quantity with a soft cloth and wipe it away gently. You could use dishwashing detergent if you noticed the tape wouldn’t come off. Put a drop of detergent on a slightly damp cloth and rub across stuck tape gently.

Where Do You Apply Washi Tape?

You can apply washi tapes to create unique wall art. If you have no time for painting or live in a rented apartment, you will find it a perfect project.

When you have solid color washi tapes, you can do minimalistic symmetrical projects. You can also have a mural theme by trying different patterns. I tried out several designs at once because these tapes are not permanent. You can change them out as you change styles.

You can also apply washi tapes on different projects like:

  • Stickers
  • Bunting
  • Envelopes
  • Colorful washi tape pencils
  • Nail art
  • Custom patterned bookmarks
  • Notebooks and laptops
  • Picture frames
  • Instant poster frames

How Do You Keep Washi Tape From Peeling?

You can keep washi tape from peeling by using decoupage medium or mod podge. I seal my washi tapes with any of the two. They are similar to a poly I use to keep my washi tapes from peeling off.

You can use a spray acrylic sealer to seal them. You can make your washi tape seal better by putting a couple of coats of mod podge on before the dimensional magic.

How Long Can Washi Tapes Last?

Washi tapes can stay wherever you place it and adhere well since it is quite similar to masking tape. Though, it would help if you went for quality washi tape. You can also remove the tape easily. I know that washi tape can last a year or more if you use the tape to design your wall.

I found that washi tape is unique because it is super flexible and durable. You can get it in various colors, patterns, textures, and widths. Since you can easily tear it, you can apply it safely on various surfaces. I’ve found it perfect for craft and home décor projects as I almost don’t see any sticky residue behind.

Is Washi Tape Safe for Walls?

Washi tapes don’t chip the paint. Therefore, they don’t damage the walls. However, I usually notice small adhesive residue lines when I remove my washi tapes. I’ve learned that how long you attach them and the bran that you use will determine this. If your tape you put on the wall receives direct sunlight, your washi tapes may leave lines behind.

Can You Easily Remove Washi Tapes?

This situation depends on the types of washi tapes you use. We have wider and narrower types. In my experience, I’ve found it harder to remove the wide strips than the narrower strips. Well, I don’t know the cause of that. I concluded that the manufacturers must have used a different formula for the adhesive.

Is Washi Tape as Strong as Duct Tape?

I use washi tapes and duct tapes to hold things together since they have various designs, colors, and patterns. However, the two have different characteristics and applications due to the raw material used to make them. Some of their differences include:

Washi Tapes

  • Washi tapes are designed for scrapbooking and crafts uses
  • Washi tapes have different colors, patterns, and designs and suitable to be used as decorative tapes
  • Washi tapes are removable and don’t hold things permanently
  • Washi tapes are lightweight and small

Duct Tapes

  • Duct tapes have a strong, durable hold and can be used for great crafts
  • People use duct tapes widely for repair since they can hold things permanently’
  • Duct tapes are sticky, sturdy, flexible, and durable tapes
  • They are more robust than washi tapes

Does Washi Tape Stick to Skin?

It is not like an adhesive bandage, and as such, it stays for a little time on the skin. The edge will compromise when it pops up. Moisture or sweat won’t keep it on the skin, too. Depending on the movement, washi tapes might even stick for a while, and you can compromise it if you remove it once.

I used washi tape once on the back of my hand, and it stuck for a while. After attaching it, it ended up curling shortly after. I’ve been pressing the tape’s end back down after putting the tape for about two hours. You might not want to try it because the feeling can be quite uncomfortable.

Does Washi Tapes Stick to Wood

The short answer is yes. Washi tapes stick to a finished wood surface. Washi tapes stuck to my finished wooden cabinets when I tried it. The only caveat is that you won’t have a perfect job if you try to stick washi tape on unfinished or rough wood.

Well, I don’t see any reason for you to use washi tape on rough wood. However, washi tapes do stick on wood if you’re using them on finished wood.

Can Washi Tape be Used on Fabric?

You can use washi tape on fabric since it will stick to it. The only problem is that your washi tape won’t stay for long on fabric. I have a button-up shirt with a polyester and cotton blend that I attached to a piece of washi tape. While the washi tape stuck to the shirt, it began to detach at the end of the tape slightly.

The washi tape stuck to the shirt even after about one hour. But there is no confidence that the washi tape will stick long on fabric, particularly worn-out shirts. Otherwise, you can agitate the tape by moving it around.

What Tape Works Best on Fabric?

Scotch fabric tape with a special adhesive can hold fabric correctly. However, you can easily remove it. You will find it exceptional for crafting and layouts. Because it will not yellow or dry out, you can use a marker, pencil, or pen to write on it. You can also cut the tape easily as it pulls off the roll exceptionally smoothly.

Does Washi Tape Stick to Cork?

Washi tapes can stick on the cork. I used it once on my corkboard, and it was perfect. The first time I saw a friend use it on her corkboard was a surprise to me since cork tends to be bumpy and porous. However, washi tapes work quite well on my office corkboard when I use the tape on it.

When I used washi tapes on my corkboard, I found it an exceptional organizational tool. Corkboards are not like whiteboards that you can draw boxes and lines on. As such, you may find it a bit tricky to use one corkboard for different things. However, it is relatively easy to create lines, boxes, and sections with some washi tapes.

Does Washi Tape Stick to Whiteboards

Washi tapes will stick to whiteboards. The tape stuck when I tested it on my office whiteboard. I hope the tape will stick to the erase board for a long time if left there because it has been there since.

You will find the washi tape use quite cool. I couldn’t hide my surprise when I saw a teacher using it for a classroom board. What I’m still trying to remember is whether it was on a chalkboard or whiteboard.