Is Dania Furniture Good Quality? (Buy or Avoid?)

Dania Furniture Good Quality

A regrettable furniture experience will haunt you for ages as a homeowner. Therefore, if you have not heard about the brand Dania Furniture before, it is expectable that you greet them with a mixture of curiosity and skepticism. Are they worth the try? Or should you totally avoid them?

Dania Furniture, have across the last 50 years, built a solid reputation for its traditional Nordic designs. Domiciled in Oregon, Dania furniture provides a broad design of Scandinavian-themed furniture, cutting across chairs, sofas and sectionals, mattresses and rugs, outdoor lounges, and power recliners. Dania Furniture is moderately priced, with most of its products covered by a 1-year warranty package.

Who produces Dania furniture and where?

Dania furniture was founded in 1963. Founded by a Norwegian family, it was natural that the brand products strut a Scandinavian theme. 

From one little showroom back in those days, Dania furniture has grown into more than 30 top-notch furniture showrooms spread across Portland.

Despite its Norwegian inspiration, Dania Furniture is exclusively designed and manufactured in Oregon, making it a proudly American-built brand.

What furniture styles and selections does Dania furniture have?

Permit us to say Dania Furniture has it all. A trip to Dania’s showrooms in Oregon or exploring its online stores reveal an overwhelming array of living room furniture, exquisite dining room pieces, outdoor sets, bedroom collections, and general house décor.

For style, while Dania Furniture originally embodied the ancestral Nordic design, we have seen a progressive shift across time, with the brand opening up its collection to feature mid-century and contemporary styled pieces.

Among the diversity of styles on offer at Dania furniture, we were eagerly drawn to the styling of pieces like the Mondiana Dining Table, Karsten Large Dining Table, and the coveted Butterfly sleeper sofa.

The Mondiana presents an eye-catching style, featuring a distinct pedestal make and sizable table top. The table top is further enhanced in a bright-gloss finish and traditional koto veneer.

The Karsten dining table had an accentuated rustic feel, further bolstered with a distressed look. The table top’s elegant live edge (poplar) is a beauty to behold for furniture connoisseurs.

Lastly, Dania displayed daring innovation in the styling of their Butterfly sleeper sofa. This sofa is fitted with unique loop curves when the sofa sits straight up. 

Here is what makes the style even more striking. When you fold down the Butterfly sofa, and say you want to sleep on it, it transforms into sort of a vinyl butterfly.

Are Dania furniture pieces durable?

We tested quite a few pieces from this furniture producer for longevity. We must applaud how focused on durability Dania was in the design of their Stressless chair.

This was mainly for the Stressless chairs with Batik fabric. They displayed impressive resistance to fading when exposed to the sun.

Specifically, the Stressless chairs with this fabric covering were further decked with a lacquer layer that safeguarded them from atmospheric elements.

Dania’s Juneau Coffee Table is another piece where this manufacturer restated its commitment to lasting furniture design. This coffee table was equipped with detailed French dovetail joints.

It boasted superior interlocking with commendable resistance to rupture. The joints kept their place even with no glue, sticking together for longer.

Are Dania furniture pieces comfortable?

Homeowners all love the homely feel of comfy furniture.

While we were not very comfortable with the Olefin fabric of Dania’s Palm Bay outdoor dining chair, we were pleased with their Hälsa Sleep™ Nora 2 Plush Mattress and Channing power reclining sofa felt.

The Hälsa Sleep™ Nora 2 Plush Mattress boasted a revolutionary 2″ rapid response copper gel memory foam. This mattress technology made the mattress cooler to sleep on while upgrading the support it gave our bodies.

Diving deeper, this mattress’ 2″ eco transition layer ensured that our backs were well held up, making it more comfortable to rest on.

This mattress’s direct contact design ensured we dozed off quickly when we slept on it and enjoyed deeper (and more mentally nourishing) slumbers.

We feel obliged to shout out to Dania’s Channing power reclining sofa. It was super-comfortable, boasting luxurious leather upholstery enhanced by plush cushioning and tapered legs.

How much does Dania furniture cost?

From our analysis, we will say Dania furniture can be placed in the mid-tier cost category. The median price of sofas we saw in their collection is $3000.

Their chairs ranged from $200 to $1500+. The mattresses were average around $480. However, the TEMPUR-pedic® Medium Probreeze mattress was one of the most expensive offerings from Dania in this category, costing $4500.

For the sectionals, the cheapest we saw at the time of writing was about $800. That said, the Emily Leather Power Reclining Sectional was arguably one of the most expensive units among all Dania furniture collections. 

It goes for a whopping $18,395 (for the large variant). You may wonder why it is that expensive.

With motorized leg support (that you can further adjust), rich top-grain leather upholstery, a flexible headrest, and a very accommodating build, we can say it is a bit fair price for this Emily sectional.

Does Dania Furniture have a warranty?

As is typical of modern furniture stores, Dania sells other branded furniture in their showroom aside from theirs.

Nonetheless, all purchases from Dania Furniture, irrespective of the product’s manufacturer not offering a warranty – are covered with a 12-month warranty from Dania.

This retail warranty package is exclusive to manufacturing defects. Dana furniture’s warranty doesn’t cover natural deterioration in furniture, commonly characterized by veneer and wood fading.

Also, it is worth pointing out that this warranty is not valid for damages incurred when personally installing your Dania acquisition. 

For defects that qualify for this warranty package, Dania expects you to cover the transportation costs for returning the piece.

Best Dania Furniture Review

While we have mentioned some Dania furniture units for selective features, they were some that better-combined features like comfort, durability, and affordability.

Let us talk about them.

Kopervik Power Reclining Sofa

The Kopervik Leather Power Sofa is a superb addition to that individual’s home who binges on comfort. 

Made from an eclectic combination of plywood, solid hardwood, and leather, this is a sofa for the ages.

This sofa’ premium-grain leather upholstery assures you of a comfortable seating experience. The comfort is upped to another level, with the sofa presenting power switches for seamless control of the headrest and the seats.

Worried about stepping away from the coziness of this sofa to go and charge your device? This sofa has you covered.

It comes with integrated USB ports to readily charge your device while seated.

Lastly, we admired the Kopervik seat’s sinuous spring suspension. These are powerfully formulated S coils firmly attached to the frame by fasteners and padded clips.

Ultimately, this seat suspension system improves the sofa’s sturdiness, shrinking the chances of your sofa sagging too soon.

Akana Credenza

The Akana Credenza richly typifies the Nordic essence. It is perfect for those who want to beautify their workspace with renowned Norwegian woodworking.

Quality furniture is identified chiefly for the wealth of its grain. And for the Akana Credenza, the high gloss finish ensures the wood grain’s quality is proudly paraded.

This is further embellished with rust wood cracks that emphasize the melamine beauty of the chair’s surface.

Aside from the stylishness, this office chair features chrome makeup, with enough cabinets and drawers for you to keep your professional stuff.

Four shelves, two doors, and two drawers ensure the price you pay for this furniture is way worth it.


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