Are Criterion Trailers Any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

Criterion Trailers Any Good

Criterion trailers are another form of cargo or enclosed trailer, they are incredibly useful and very versatile. If you are looking for a heavy-duty trailer to complete all kinds of tasks, this is a great trailer to look into.

If you are like me, you want to be able to use your trailer for any kind of task that may come up. This is the perfect trailer to invest in for that kind of versatility and usefulness.

Criterion trailers are a great option for anyone looking to buy a trailer. They serve many uses and can be bought for a very reasonable price. This is a very dependable and versatile trailer that can last for years and be useful in many different ways.

Are Criterion Trailers Large?

Criterion trailers come in a variety of sizes depending on what you are needing. There is no one size for this kind of trailer, so you have plenty of options to pick through.

Some of the larger criterion trailers are around 8.5 x 20 feet in size, while you also have much smaller sizes to choose from. Some criterion trailers come as a 6 x 12 feet trailer, the perfect size for smaller tasks.

This kind of trailer is available in a large scale of widths and lengths depending on what you are looking for. This gives you plenty of room to really decide what size is going to be best for your needs.

I always recommend going for a larger size of the trailer than you currently need since you never know what you may want in the future. This way, you will be prepared for whatever you may need in the future.

Are Criterion Trailers Versatile?

Criterion trailers are incredibly versatile and can be used in many different ways. They are useful trailers that come in many different sizes, making them ideal for a broad range of tasks.

You can use a criterion trailer for moving furniture, hauling goods, storing items, and much more. There is really no limit to how you can use this kind of trailer.

Criterion trailers are enclosed trailers giving them an edge amongst other trailer options. This helps to protect what is inside the trailer as well as give it an extra level of security.

Having a trailer that is enclosed is also ideal for protecting what is inside the trailer from the elements. Especially if you are traveling long distances with things in the trailer that may be exposed to the elements.

Are Criterion Trailers Dependable?

Criterion trailers are considered to be just as dependable as any other kind of trailer, maybe even more so. Because they are enclosed, this can actually help to lengthen the lifespan of the trailer.

Having an enclosed trailer that is protected from the elements and rust can help it to last for many many years. Most criterion trailers last for 10 to 15 years with minimal maintenance.

Because they are enclosed, they are also very dependable when it comes to hauling items in your trailer. A criterion trailer will keep items safe and out of the harsh elements.

As long as you properly fill your trailer, criterion trailers will also keep your items safe and free of damage during the drive.

Are Criterion Trailers Hard to Maneuver?

Criterion trailers can be a bit harder to maneuver as they can be very large and bulky. This is the same for most trailers and usually just takes some practice.

Because criterion trailers are enclosed, it may feel like you are completely blind in the back, this is why you need to practice. You may even need to have someone with you to help you if you need to back up or park.

Smaller criterion trailers are much easier to navigate and do not seem quite as bulky. Any kind of trailer will be difficult to navigate, depending on the area that you are driving in.

Generally, it is a good idea to steer clear of neighborhoods and narrow areas downtown where navigating a trailer can be more difficult.

Cost of Criterion Trailers

Criterion trailers can range in price depending on where you are buying them and the size you are getting. This can make pricing very difficult as you are bombarded with so many different prices.

A basic enclosed cargo criterion trailer measuring 5 x 8 in size can be bought at $3,599, while a Long Road cargo trailer of the same size can be $5,189. The price starts to go up significantly de[ending on the side and whether or not it is a Long Road trailer.

A Long Road criterion trailer measuring 6 x 12 feet can be priced at $6,869, depending on where you are buying. The more you look online, the more you will see the prices dropping and rising.

If this is an expense that you can’t imagine yourself spending, you could look into buying a used criterion trailer. There are many used criterion trailers available at much more affordable prices.

You will just need to keep in mind how many years the criterion trailer has been in use. You don’t want to invest in a trailer that only has 4 or 5 years left.

Where to Buy Criterion Trailers?

Criterion trailers are a very common type of trailer, making it much easier to locate a good option in your area. There are several websites specifically dedicated to doing just that from the ease of your home.

TrailersPlus is a great website that offers a large selection of criteria trailers, they even offer trailers on sale quite frequently. You can also look into trailer companies near you that sell criterion trailers.

For used trailer options, you can look on TrailerTrader or other websites, such as Craigslist, Facebook, and trailer websites.

Just remember to never go with the first price that you see. Make sure to shop around first in order to find the best possible price for your budget.


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