Are Costco Wheels Good? (Explained For Beginners)

purchasing wheels from costco

My relationship with Costco began when I realized I could get everything I needed in one shop. Their product catalog is among the best in the American market. Costco sells groceries, clothes, ice cream, and even furniture. Wheels, however, caught me by surprise.

When I visited their warehouse, I was shocked to see that they have specialty tires, perfect for all kinds of weather. So, I decided to give the Costco wheels a try.

Are Costco wheels any good?

The wheels I purchased are in perfect condition. I got them eight months ago, and they still look like I bought them yesterday. If you want new wheels, I would totally recommend Costco. Costco offers the best deals on professional-grade vehicle wheels, available in different styles, finishes, and sizes.

But what exactly would you be getting yourself into by buying Costco wheels? This article is an eye-opener to some of the secrets I have uncovered about Costco wheels. Here, I will provide you with details you’ve never heard or seen before about Costco’s services.

How Much Do Costco Wheels Cost?

Costco Wholesale sells top-tier wheel brands at affordable warehouse prices. They have great wheel deals for every type of vehicle compared to other stores.

Most wheels at Costco go for about $166. However, the price varies depending on the vehicle’s make, wheel brand, and the number of wheels you buy. The warehouse store tends to offer better deals if you purchase four wheels.   

Generally, Costco is famous for good deals and considerable prices. They ensure they keep their cost low and maximize profit generation. Costco saves 2% annually by forfeiting advertising. Instead, the savings are put back in slashing prices.

That’s why you’ll never see massive price fluctuations in Costco wheels. They keep their prices affordable to keep their customers coming.

Does Costco Have Refund Policies on Wheels?

You can never go wrong with Costco’s refund policy. They truly have the customer in mind by offering up to 90 days in their refund policy.

If you have any issues with the tires upon delivery, stop by the Costco Wholesale Tire Center. As long as your case is genuine, for example, inadequacies by the manufacturer, wrong sizing, and the like, you will receive a refund, no questions asked.

Unlike other stores that stress you out and make refunds impossible, Costco accepts complaints and will refund the money you spent initially. However, the period it takes you to place a claim influences the percentage refunded. 

If Costco was not a credible wheel seller, they wouldn’t have a good refund policy. This is adequate proof that Costco wheels, like other Costco products, are up to standards. Imagine the amount of money they would spend on refunds if they sold sub-standard wheels.

Besides, the manager I deal with claims they rarely receive any complaints from customers. When they do, it’s always something they can settle amicably.

Does Costco Deliver Wheels?

If you visit an online Costco Wholesale store and order wheels for your vehicle, your order arrives at your selected warehouse approximately five to ten business days later.

Costco will notify you by phone or email (or both) when your wheels arrive. After that, you will have 14 days to do wheel installation on your car.

Fortunately, Costco has after-purchase services such as mounting, lifetime balancing, lifetime air pressure checks, lifetime rotation, and new rubber valve system installation. This service will cost you about $18 per wheel.

It is important to note that shipping golf, trailer, and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) tires are only done directly to your home. Shopping does not include installation fees since Costco does not install golf carts or ATV tires.

Delivery is an integral part of customer service. Although most wheels are delivered to the tire center instead of your home, it ensures you get the best service by getting Costco to install them for you.

How Long is The Warranty on Wheels from Costco?

Tires and rims sold through Costco Wholesale (passenger, performance, and light truck) come with a five-year Road Hazard Warranty.

However, there’s a catch. These wheels belong to brands like Velox Wheels. Velox Wheels require customers to maintain their wheels (especially rims) in a specific way. Before winter, remove chrome wheels to prevent damage.

Issues such as but not limited to out-of-round and out-of-balance claims will only be accepted within the first 30 days of use. This will only happen after a 180-degree tire rotation procedure.

While Costco provides a warranty for you, the brand of wheels you choose significantly determines the course of a warranty claim.

What is the Best Day to Shop for Wheels at Costco?

If you want to visit their warehouse stores or tire service center, find one closest to you and check their operating hours.

Usually, they are open Monday through Friday from 10.00 am to 8.30 pm. On Saturdays, they are available from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm. You can also visit them on Sundays from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

If you want to visit a Costco tire center, it is recommended that you book an appointment. Walk-in wheel business is not restricted, although it depends on bay availability.

The weekends are busier because few people work on weekends. This might not be the best time to visit a Costco Wholesale store or tire center.

If you want a stress-free and uninterrupted session with the experts, go on a weekday, in the afternoon when everyone is still at the office. You will have all your queries answered and issues sorted out.

Better yet, visit their online store, it is fast, reliable, and convenient.

Customer Reviews

The feedback about Costco wheels is excellent. Since Costco has been in existence for a long time, they understand the importance of customer satisfaction.

Sites such as and show that customers are satisfied with Costco wheels. There is also a detailed discussion about the quality and durability of their wheels. Here is a customer testimonial:

“I was impressed by their steel wheels.  Have them on the HL – would buy again no hesitation.  The finish has help up and they fit right.”

There is no record of negative feedback from customers online. That should be enough proof that Costco Wholesale has good wheels and even better customer service.


I have found Costco wheels extremely satisfactory. Unlike other brands that sell their wheels at exorbitant prices, Costco wheels are affordable and durable.

Moreover, Costco has one of the best refund policies in the market. Their after-purchase services sweetened the deal for me. I do not regret buying from Costco, and neither will you, so give Costco wheels a try.


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