Are Costco Weighted Blankets Good? (Explained)

Purchasing Weighted Blankets from costco

Hugging is therapeutic, and no one resists a hug. 

A warm hug right before bed can be a ticket to a good night’s sleep. That is the intention behind weighted blankets. 

Weighted blankets from Costco come in different sizes and provide relaxation for the user. It also gives the sensation of being hugged. 

What an excellent way to fall asleep quickly. 

This makes it great for people dealing with autism, stress, depression, ADHD, Insomnia, and others. 

However, here comes the big question:

Are Costco weighted blankets good? And should you invest your money in it?

Costco has various sizes and dimensions of weighted blankets for users. Such blankets can be your ticket to a good night’s sleep as it provides a cozy warm feeling, at an affordable price. They are easy to wash, long-lasting, and come with good warranty terms.

Such blankets are usually filled with weighted discs or glass beads. As a result, they are a bit heavy compared to standard blankets. Such blankets help promote relaxation since they apply pressure to various pressure points in the body. 

This article will explore various things you need to know before getting a Costco weighted blanket.

Are Costco Weighted Blankets Good?

Costco weighted blankets are therapeutic. 

Many people have revealed that the blankets helped them sleep easily. It also provided a warm cozy feeling, which is primal to a good night’s sleep. 

The blankets come in assorted colors, weights and designs so have something to meet your needs. 

Can you wash your Costco Weighted Blankets?

Optimum hygiene is essential to good health. 

So, no matter your neatness level, you should wash your Costco blankets from time to time. 

With the weight and texture of weighted blankets, one might think washing them will be one hell of a task. 

Costco weighted blankets are soft and luxurious, so washing them is pretty straightforward. You don’t need any elaborate maintenance routine with the blanket.

You can even wash them using a warm or cold gentle cycle. Ensure the bleach you use is non-chlorine, and be gentle when scrubbing if you want to remove a stain. 

The weighted blankets feature a removable outer cover that you can easily remove and wash. 

Return Policy for Costco Weighted Blankets 

Costco is out to make its customers happy and delighted. 

As a result, you can return the weighted blanket if you are not pleased with it, if the package is damaged, or the specification is wrong. 

You can buy Costco blankets at any warehouse or from an online store. 

However, to initiate a return of the weighted blanket, walk up to any Costco warehouse or visit the official website of Costco. 

You can return the blanket with or without the original purchase receipt. As long as your membership is valid, the agent will likely trace your purchase to verify it. 

There are more than 800 Costco warehouses where you can return your weighted blankets. 

Price of Costco Weighted Blankets 

Depending on the specification and features, you can get high-quality Costco weighted blankets at different prices. 

You can get 7 pounds weighted blanket from Costco for as low as $40.

Low-end Costco Weighted blankets are available for as low as $80, while you will get some high-end ones for as high as $200. 

Most times, the price is a matter of the place of purchase.

If you buy from Costco itself, the price is usually a bit lower, while buying from third-party sites like Amazon might be a bit higher. 

However, note that most prices usually cover shipping fees and other logistics. 

One might wonder.

Why are Costco weighted blankets expensive?

Bear in mind that weighted blankets are therapeutic products that are different from ordinary blankets. 

Many things are put together to manufacture weighted blankets, which translates into the costs. Usually, the fabric is exceptional, alongside the filling material, dimension, and weight. 

Also, other factors that affect the price are marketing costs, storage, and shipping. 

User Experience with Costco Weighted Blankets 

Weighted blankets are not cheap. 

As a result, you want to be sure you are getting the best value for your money before committing to it. One way to obtain such information is via user review.

Many people have used Costco weighted blankets and have been kind to share their experiences with them. 

As a result, this section will explore a series of customer experiences with Costco weighted blankets. 

Costco Weighted blankets have a review of 4-4 on the Costco eCommerce platform. 

That is a good thing, I believe!

And here are some feedback from users on Costco weighted blankets:

What a secure feeling the heavy cover gives on the bed. These are great blankets that help me fall asleep quickly, and I sleep better as well. I love the presence of a removable outer cover, which makes it easy to wash…according to a reviewer on the Costco store. 

I have been a victim of Insomnia for a long time, and I have tried several things. Due to my weight, I ordered the 20 pounds weighted blanket. It took a while to get used to it, but things have taken a good turn now. The blankets help me relax like I am meditating so I can fall asleep quicker, and I don’t stay awake for long, even if I wake up at midnight. The quality is excellent and is attractive as well…reported another user from Costco.

These are fantastic reviews as more than 200 happy customers speak highly of these weighted blankets from Costco. 

However, it is not all rosy with Costco weighted blankets 

This is because some customers also have some not-so-good experiences with them. 

Here are issues you should be aware of should you decide to use a Costco weighted blanket. 

  • Lots of customers complained that the weighted blanket made them feel hot. This is actually not surprising as the blankets are meant to compress various pressure points. 

Bear this in mind if you live in tropical regions. 

  • Many customers also seem to have issues with the shifting inner parts. This is a manufacturing defect that the company needs to consider.

Here is a customer’s note on this:

A weighted blanket is good and efficient if the weights are evenly spread. In other words, the beads need to be appropriately stitched so that they do not shift around. After some days, the beads were bunched together at the blanket’s end…reported an unhappy user. 

These two issues are the significant cons reported by most Costco weighted blanket users. 

If you can navigate them, you will indeed have a good time with the blankets. 


Are you suffering from insomnia or dealing with anxiety that affects your sleep?

Give Costco’s weighted blanket a try!

Such blankets are available in a series of colors, designs, and weights to meet the various needs of users. 

You can easily wash them, and they do not require an elaborate maintenance routine. The return policy is flexible, so if you are not satisfied with the product delivered, feel free to return it. 


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