Are Costco Watches a Good Deal? (Explained For Beginners)

purchasing wrist watches from costco

You might be looking to replace your current watch or add one to your collection. Do you have a brand in mind? But, once you get to the shop, you might be attracted to a different design and brand.

Costco stock watches, and you might want to give them a try as their prices are affordable. But you may be wondering, are Costco watches a good deal?

Costco sells authentic and quality watches; there is nothing fake about their watches. Their prices are even better than those at other stores. And since they have a lifetime guarantee on all non-electronic purchases, you are assured that they can’t be selling low-quality watches as it would be expensive to do all the refunds.

Costco partners with other brands, and as such, they have to do their research and conduct due diligence before stocking any item at their outlets.

And since it is a multi-billion store, they have to be vigilant to avoid lawsuits as it would be expensive. So, they have to sell authentic products. 

This article discusses the main problems people experience with Costco watches, but most are singing praises. This indicates that you will never go wrong with a Costco watch.

Are Costco Grey Market Watches Worth It?

Costco is legalized to sell grey market watches in all their outlets. For the many of us who don’t know what grey watches mean, a company’s authentic products are sold through an authorized source, in this case, Costco. 

The only downside is that a watch purchased from the grey market will not have a manufacturer’s warranty. But the best part is the resale value will be lower than buying from an authorized retailer of the company’s website. 

Therefore, Costco is your best place to buy luxury watches such as Omega at a lower price. Don’t let the lack of a manufacturer’s warranty stop you from getting your watch, as Costco offers a lifetime guarantee. And the fact that their prices are lower has, in some instances, ticked manufacturers of luxury goods the wrong way. 

For instance, Omega sued Costco for selling their watches in the US at a pretty low price of $1,200, whereas other dealers were selling at $1,900. Omega was selling the said watch at a lower price in Paraguay than in the US. So Costco bought and brought them to the US, allowing them to sell the watches at a higher discount. 

Although Omega won the case, it was later overruled by the highest court, citing that Omega can’t sue Costco over products sold to foreign distributors. Ad their right to control importation and distribution expired when they made their first foreign sale. Thus, Costco did not conduct any copyright infringement.

Does Costco Have A Refund Policy for Watches?

Costco is among the best retail outlets regarding its refund policy. Any non-electronic item has a lifetime guarantee, so even if you’ve used the item, you can return it and get your money back. But, you’ve got to present your receipt. And for the electronics, you can return it as long as 90 days are not up. 

This is one reason people love shopping at Costco, as they are assured that their refund policy protects them. It’s also proof that their watches are authentic and of good quality. From the reviews, you can see that very few have returned the watches if any. 

In one instance, a customer Tag lost its winder and was told it would cost $100 to fix upon taking it to a jeweler. But when he took it back to Costco with the receipt, mind you, three years after the purchase date, Costco refunded him $900. To mean that their refund policy is as good as they claim. 

How Long is the Warranty on Watches from Costco?

The first thing you should note when you buy a watch from Costco is that you can not enjoy the warranty offered by the manufacturer. This is because Costco sells grey market watches. But the good thing is they offer the buyers a lifetime guarantee on their watches, which translates to a lifetime warranty. 

But people be abusing this warranty as you will find some using the watch for ten years and later return it for a refund. But who are we to complain.

Which is the Best Day to Shop for Watches at Costco?

Costco is a retail outlet whose products are highly discounted; you should expect the store always to have customers looking to score deals on their purchases.

So if you want to buy a watch from Costco and enjoy a complete customer service experience, you need to visit when it’s not overcrowded. This is mainly on Tuesday through Friday between 3 pm and 5 pm. 

You will get a salesperson to answer your queries and recommend the best watches within your budget. And this will help you make a wise purchase.

And one thing you should note is that some watches are never restocked, so if a watch ticks all your boxes, you better get it because the next time you visit the store, it will be out of stock. 

Does Costco Offer Repair Services for the Watches?

If you buy a watch from Costco and something goes wrong. You can go to any Costco Wholesale Watch Service, and they will repair it, replace it or refund your money. But always carry your receipt as proof of purchase. 

However, Costco issues a disclaimer that the person who will be doing the repairs is not an authorized agent of the watch manufacturers. And if some parts need to be replaced, it may be done using ones that are not authorized or made by the manufacturer. 

Buyer Reviews

Buyer reviews are critical when purchasing as they tell of their experiences with the said product, both good and bad. And when buying a watch from Costco, you must visit various review sites such as Watchuseek, Redflagdeals, Reddit, and Costco website. 

The reviews left by buyers on various review sites, including blogs and Youtube,  have nothing but praises for Costco watches. And not a single customer had a negative thing to say about Costco watches. And the fact that Costco never deals with fake things makes all the more reason you shop here. 

Costco watch buyers voice their satisfaction from the quality watches, fair pricing, unrivaled refund policy, and top-notch customer service. And the fact that you can get luxury watches, such as Omega, at a lower price than other dealer makes Costco watches a good deal.

Final Thoughts

Costco is a great place to shop for watches as the prices are fair, and you will get a quality watch within your budget. Their policy for not selling fakes and their refund policy is why people flock to this retail outlet, as they know that they have a lifetime guarantee on their watches and who’d say no to that.

So head over to the nearest Costco and get yourself a watch, don’t let your wrist stay bare.


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