Are Costco Toilets Any Good? (7 Hacks to Know)

purchasing toilets from costco

Are you looking to buy new or change your toilets either because they are not working or just too old? Costco stocks everything, including toilets, so consider buying your next toilet from their retail outlet. But are Costco toilets any good?

Costco does its due diligence when partnering with the manufacturer and has a wide range of quality toilets. The good thing is that even with $100 or less, you can get an excellent toilet from Costco. And they tend to last longer, some even more than ten years. 

With all that said, what do you think you will be getting by buying Costco’s toilets. Read on to discover the problems people face with Costco’s toilets and how to overcome them. It will also show you the best toilet brand to buy and tips to use.

What is the Cost of Costco’s Toilet?

Costco sells a wide range of toilets from different manufacturers, and as such, their prices vary. Even with $ 100, you will get a quality toilet such as the waterridge toilet, whose price ranges between $84.95 and 89.95.

You can also get a toilet going for $400+, which doesn’t mean it will be better than the cheaper ones. 

Some of the toilets you will find at Costco include Toto, Kohler, Niagara Stealth, waterridge, and American Standard Champion.

So, before buying any of them, do your research to determine which one will serve you best.

How is Costco Toilet Flushing System?

Many people seem to have a problem with Costco’s toilet flushing system, especially waterridge. They claim that you have to flush several times before your poop can disappear. Some keep a bucket of water near to pour in the bowl; rather than wait for the cistern to refill to flush. 

Despite the toilet having a dual flushing system, the lever is set at the minimum water level and cannot be adjusted. Thus the reason why the water is not enough for flushing.

If you find that after pressing the flushing button for number two, the valve gets stuck, it means that the tank does not refill, and the water goes directly to the toilet bowl. And this leads to massive water loss and can be frustrating and expensive for your water bill. 

And even after replacing the flushing mechanism, the toilet leaks, but it depends on how you press the buttons. 

But don’t give up hope with your Waterridge because you can efficiently fix this problem by sanding down the casting made by the manufacturer.

This helps you make smooth axels, preventing the lever from getting stuck; thus, your valve will be released once the water reaches a certain level.

How to Unplug Your Stock Valve?

You can follow this process to unplug your stock valve.

  1. Open the assembly first by lining up the flush buttons with the float mechanism. Then pop off the buttons with a screwdriver to prevent breaking the tabs. When reassembling, the buttons will not lock in place if you break the tabs. So be careful when handling the buttons.
  2. Disconnect the lever from the valve assembly with the help of a screwdriver.
  3. Then pop off the lever from the axle on the button assembly and remove it.
  4. Using grit and sandpaper, polish the casting marks left by the manufacturer, then wipe with a cloth. 
  5. After ensuring it has a smooth surface, reassemble the flushing mechanism.
  6. And voila, your toilet will not get stuck, and no water leaks into the toilet bowl.

Toto also had the same flushing problem, where you’d have to flush several times before it clears. But this is after using it for a while. 

Most likely, the problem was caused by hard water mineral deposits, meaning that the toilet was okay. However, compared to waterridge, Toto is three times more expensive.

What is the MaP Score for Costco’s Toilets?

When buying a toilet from Costco, you must check the MaP (Maximum Performance) score. The MaP represents the amount of solid waste in grams that can be flushed by your toilet and disappear from the fixture in a single flush. Solid waste means poop and toilet paper. 

The only problem is MaP is not mandatory. Therefore, toilet manufacturers don’t have to include it in the specs.

Does Costco Offer a Replacement for Broken Parts?

In one instance, a customer who bought his waterridge from Costco back in 2013 had his toilet breakdown twice in the flow valve units, and the company replaced the parts for free. 

The best part is they did not take a long time, because within two days after lodging the complaints the parts arrived.

Does Costco’s Toilet Stain?

One customer had their toilet get a yellow stain that doesn’t come off no matter the number of times they clean. If that is the case, you can use acid detergents to clean the stain. Be careful as the acid detergents are very pungent; use nose masks to prevent breathing in the fumes. 

Alternatively, you can use borax and vinegar to wash off the stain. Apply the mixture on the stain and soak and brush it off. If that doesn’t work, you can scrub the stain using steel wool.

When buying toilets from Costco, be sure to note that there are not many complaints. However, many of the complaints are associated with Waterridge. It’s also good to note that most customers love their toilets and choose no other brand. And at the cost of $89, it’s a win. 

That’s why it’s always best to go with your guts and trust your research because if you base your decision on two people’s complaints, you won’t be doing Costco justice.

Tips for Using When Shopping for Toilets at Costco


When shopping for things, you must conduct thorough research to avoid making a bad purchase. And when it comes to Costco toilets, research is crucial as they have a wide variety of toilets from different brands. Thus quality, functionality, and cost differ. 

So check what people have to say on review sites and social media, which will help you make an informed purchase.

After-sales Services

Does the company offer after-sales services, such as fixing the toilet if it breaks within the warranty period?

The toilet brands under Costco have a superb after-sales service because, in several instances, customers had a problem with their toilets; they did replacement at no charge.

Customer service

Customer service is the first contact of the customer with the business. And if you have shitty customer service, you will lose lots of clients. 

Costco’s customer service team is well trained as they provide the buyers with all the information they need, and in case of a problem, they help solve it within the shortest time possible. 

Final Thought

Costco offers customers quality toilets at an affordable rate. And as we’ve seen, you can get a toilet for less than $100.

The upside is that many people seem satisfied with Costco’s toilet, meaning that the company has conducted its due diligence when partnering with these brands. 

So take advantage of the low cost and give your toilet a make-over.



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