Are Costco RV Batteries Any Good? (6 Hacks to Know)

Costco RV Batteries Good

I love Costco because it’s your everything provider. I can get the whole shooting match at Costco. From paper towels to cheeses, clothes, and pharmaceutical products.

Unbelievably, I can get snacks and car tires on the same shopping trip. That’s so much convenience all under one roof. However, I didn’t know I could get RV batteries too.

Recently, I visited one of their warehouses. I was glad to find out that Costco Wholesale stocks car, motorcycle, golf cart, and recreational vehicle (RV) batteries.

Are Costco RV batteries any good?

The battery I bought for my RV is perfect. It is of great quality and does its job perfectly. I would definitely recommend Costco’s batteries to anyone. Their batteries have the Absorbed Glass Mat technology (AGM) and the Standard Flooded Battery (SFB), which boost vehicle performance.

So, what exactly would you be getting yourself into if you purchased Costco RV batteries? This article will open your eyes to some of the secrets I uncovered about Costco RV batteries. I’ll also let you in on some of the company’s services.

How Much Do Costco RV Batteries Cost?

Costco is known to sell the best products at affordable prices. Costco Wholesale has established itself as a household name and doesn’t spend lots on advertising.

This means that they don’t randomly jack up prizes to meet their marketing and advertising needs. They have standard and constant prices that don’t fluctuate. 

Costco has selected only one brand, Interstate. The Interstate brand is only known for quality batteries. Due to this fact, the cheapest RV battery at Costco costs around $89.99. Other batteries go up to $119.99. Prices differ according to specifications in the battery.

The best part about it is that you are assured of top-tier battery quality.  

Does Costco Have Refund Policies?

Costco does not disappoint when it comes to refund policies. The store has a refund policy that goes up to 90 days, as long as the product is on the refund policy list.

You must take back the original battery to a Costco Wholesale warehouse within the warranty period indicated. You can find a sticker on the battery with all this information.

Costco’s provision of refunds is an indicator that they stock quality RV batteries. You can imagine how much it would cost them to keep refunding customers. I spoke to the warehouse manager, and I can confirm that they barely get complaints. We’ll be right to assume they only stock the best batteries.

Does Costco Deliver RV Batteries?

Costco continues to impress its customers by providing shipping and delivery services. However, the cost of the RV battery doesn’t include installation. They do not offer that as part of the purchase package at Costco.

Your RV battery will arrive approximately five to seven business days after placing an order. Delivery forms an essential part of customer service.

Customers consider their shopping experience good because of post-purchase services. Delivery saves time and money.

However, these services would work well for online purchases. If you visited a Costco warehouse, it would be more convenient to leave with the RV battery. (Unless you don’t have transportation. Then waiting for the delivery will be less stressful).

How Long Is The Warranty on Costco RV Batteries?

Interstate Batteries products available at Costco have a 36-month limited warranty. This limited warranty is only given to the original buyer.

It is essential to note that if you use the RV battery in any other vehicle, you will have violated the terms of use and changed the course of your claim.

Costco will replace the battery or refund the money spent on the purchase if there are defects in the workmanship and material. However, you’ll not get back taxes and fees (such as shipping). Proof of purchase is needed to establish the date of purchase and other crucial details.

What Is The Best Day to Shop for Costco RV Batteries?

Most Costco stores and warehouses are open on Monday through Friday from 10.00 am to 8.30 pm. On Saturdays, you can visit from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm.

Sundays are a bit different because they open, and 10.00 am and close at 6.00 pm. Check for the store or warehouse closest to you online for the operating hours. That way, you can plan when to schedule a visit.

I would advise that you go shopping for a battery on a weekday afternoon, say between 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm.

Most customers tend to visit Costco stores and warehouses during their lunch break and after work. The best thing to do is avoid congestion and the lunchtime rush. This way, you’ll have ample time to interact with the store managers and ask as many questions as you want.

Nothing beats making purchase decisions in a calm and conducive environment, especially for something as important as an RV battery.

Customer Reviews

A large portion of customers is happy with Costco Wholesale RV batteries. According to sites such as, Costco RV batteries are among the best for cars, RVs, motorcycles, and golf carts. 

These batteries are strongly built with thick lead plates. Additionally, they are long-lasting and power recreational vehicles without a hitch.

Most consumers are highly pleased with the pricing, quality, refund policy, and great customer support services.

There is no record of a negative customer complaint, which is a good sign. The wholesaler has been in existence since 1976. Their 45-year existence is enough to establish a strong customer base and perfect their product catalog.

Any time you buy something from Costco, you have the chance to leave feedback on their website. This is an indicator that they are not afraid of criticism. They value customer feedback.  


I found the Costco RV and automotive battery section adequately stocked. Fortunately, they have one of the world’s best battery brands, Interstate Batteries, which assures customers of top-notch battery quality.

Moreover, the store has the best refund policy. In case you are dissatisfied with a product purchased at their store, you have 90 days to file a claim.

Other than that, you get a 36-month limited warranty. Costco Wholesale will not hesitate to refund your money if your claim is genuine.

You can also take advantage of their manufacturer rebate services. With everything considered, Costco RV batteries are worth a try.


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