Are Costco Rugs Good? (9 Hacks To Know)

purchasing rugs from costco

If you ask me why I love Costco so much. I will give you a long list of reasons. Top on that list will be that Costco has almost every product you need. They stock all popular ice cream brands, shoes, clothes, and paper towels. When I needed a rug, Costco never crossed my mind.

However, I visited a Costco store near me, and the rug options blew me away. My other rugs were worn out, so I decided to try Costco rugs.

Are Costco rugs good?

My Costco rugs are of impeccable quality. I would send anyone in need of a rug the Costco way. They are soft, made of excellent materials, and beautiful. They are exactly what I was looking for. I have had the rugs in my house for a year now, and they were totally worth my coins.

So, what exactly will you be getting into after purchasing Costco rugs? This article looks into everything I learned about these rugs and Costco’s services.

What Is The Quality Of Costco Rugs?

Costco does not hold back on quality. It ensures all its rugs are produced using natural fibers, sheepskin, fine wool, silk-like, and premium materials.

Most pieces are hand-tufted with carved accents. These details bring a unique sense of depth to your space.

Costco rugs do not wear out easily, and the detailing is stupendous.

What Areas Are Costco Rugs Good For?

Costco rugs are excellent for every space. You can get area rugs, outdoor rugs, runner rugs, kitchen and doormats, kids rugs, and bath rugs.

Each rug is made specifically to fit in these areas. The runner rugs are thin and long enough to fit in hallways. Area rugs are also big enough to fit in your living area.

Moreover, Costco rugs are hand-tufted, so they are not easy to wear out. You can place the rugs even in the high-traffic areas of your house.

There are various designs, from traditional to contemporary, and some transitional pieces. There is a rug to fit into all design themes. 

How Long Do Costco Rugs Last?

I can assure you that Costco rugs will last you a lifetime. This is thanks to the high-quality materials used to manufacture them.

When you visit homes with Costco rugs, you’ll find some that are as old as 20 years. Even after 20 years, Costco rugs are still as appealing with beautiful tones and impeccable details.

As long as you wash the rug properly and take good care of it, it will last long enough to pass on to the next generation.

Ensure you purchase from certified sellers or to avoid being duped.

How Hard Or Easy Are Costco Rugs To Clean?

Costco rugs are easy to clean. Ensure you vacuum regularly. If there are any stains, spot clean with water and gentle soap (such as dishwashing soap).

It is strongly recommended that you don’t soak Costco rugs. Whenever you wet the rug, wipe it off using a dry cloth and air dry. Allow the rug to dry thoroughly.

These rugs do not shed at all. For those that have frills, ensure you use an appropriate vacuum setting not to destroy them.

How Much Do Costco Rugs Cost?

The price of a Costco rug depends on what kind it is. For instance, area rugs cost between $49.99 to $1899.99.

The pricing is excellent, although I wasn’t too surprised. Costco is famous for having reasonable prices and offering massive discounts to its clients.

Costco is well-known. So, they do not spend much on advertising. Costco saves up to 2% on operational costs.

Getting a rug from Costco assures you of the maximum value at an affordable price. These prices are favorable for you compared to other rug providers in the industry.

Does Costco Have A Refund Policy For Its Rugs?

One thing I will recommend Costco for is their excellent refund policy. On their site, they assure us of a “Risk-free, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.” If the item you bought is on the refund policy list of products, you have 90 days after the day of purchase to return it.  

I have had a few “I wish I knew” instances after falling into sub-standard products. That is not the case at Costco, as their refund policy is enough indication that they only stock high-quality rugs.

As long as your rug is in perfect condition, you can take it back to one of the 800 Costco warehouse stores worldwide.

According to the staff I spoke to, they barely get refund requests. When they do, it is easy to solve and never a question of quality or functionality.

Does Costco Deliver Its Rugs?

Delivery is a critical part of customer service for any store. For Costco rugs, you can get standard shipping via UPS Ground. The shipping price is included in the quoted price.

Express shipping will cost you a bit more for shipping and handling. Costco will inform you of the required amount upon checkout. Additional transit time is necessary with express shipping.

On the downside, Costco’s door-to-door delivery is a touchy subject. You might not get the rug delivered to your home, but it will get delivered to the Costco warehouse store closest to you.

Shopping online is very convenient for you. However, if you want to visit a warehouse store, do so on a weekday afternoon. It is less busy, and you’ll have ample time with the store attendants.  

How Long Is The Warranty On Costco Rugs?

Costco offers a 24-month extended warranty for most of its products, including rugs. However, it is essential to note that this warranty covers issues with workmanship and not damages to the rugs.

If you stained or spilled something on the rug that is impossible to clean, you would have to pay for it yourself. Costco does not cover such issues.

If Costco were not an open store, they would not provide warranties. This also shows that Costco cares about the kind of products it sells to customers.

Customer Reviews

There are great things to say about Costco rugs and Costco products in general. Customers love Costco for its high-quality products, excellent customer service, and brilliant refund policy.

Sites like and Wayfair have various rug options available at Costco with only good things to say. However, since we are talking about Costco rugs, let’s see what customers have to say on


This is the greatest rug we have ever had, it is beautiful, silky, the pattern is amazing, the quality is outstanding. We only have been using it for less than a month but we hope it will serve us for a long time. I have been searching for a rug this size for a long time but couldn’t find anything that we would like and afford. The price for this rug is unbeatable.

The best feature is that when looking from one angle it is almost white, when looking from another it is pale blue. Highly recommended.”


Costco rugs are excellent. The quality is great, and its refund policy is worth it. I do not regret shopping with them and neither will you.

Take advantage of Costco’s refund policy and impeccable variety by giving their rugs a try. 


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