Are Costco Office Chairs Any Good? (6 Hacks To Know)

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I love Costco Wholesale because of various reasons. One is that you can buy anything at Costco. Artificial plants, rugs, car batteries, a loaf of bread, to mention but a few. When it came to office chairs, I was pleasantly surprised.

Just the other day, I visited one of their showrooms close to where I live. The variety of office chairs there is unbelievable. I was looking for a new chair for my home office, and they did not disappoint.

Are Costco office chairs any good?

Costco does not disappoint when it comes to the quality of its office chairs. I got stylish options for my desk chair, and the one I settled for is of impeccable quality. I recommend Costco for any kind of office chair. My office chair is comfortable, sturdy, and extremely affordable.

So, let’s have a look at what you’ll be getting into if you buy Costco office chairs. This article will take you through some hidden Costco gems and reveal some secrets I uncovered from my interaction with them. I’ll ensure not to leave anything out about the company’s services.

How Much Do Costco Office Chairs Cost?

Office furniture plays a significant part in making your workday successful. Costco office chairs come in various shapes and sizes, with their most common computer chairs being swivel and tilt chairs.

These Costco office chairs have different prices. I’ll give you the most expensive and lowest prices to give you an idea about their pricing.

The most expensive Costco office chair, a swivel and high-back chair (from the HON brand), costs $289.99. However, you can get a mid-back chair at $179.99. The prices of these office chairs differ because of their unique features and brands.

Costco is renowned for offering its customers the best prices without compromising on the quality of the product. Unlike other major stores that splurge on advertising, Costco has established itself enough from word-of-mouth references. Besides, their services speak for themselves.

Since they don’t overspend on advertising, Costco focuses on giving customers discounts, and they don’t randomly hike their prices.

Does Costco Have a Refund Policy for Office Chairs?

One thing that blows me away about Costco is its refund policy. After purchase, you have 90 days to return the office chair for a full refund. The only qualification is that the product is listed on the refund policy.

The store will return the entire purchase price when you take the product you want to return to any Costco warehouse. Luckily, there are over 800 Costco warehouse stores worldwide. Each of them has a return counter to help you sort your return claim.

Some companies will push you to the edge when it comes to refunding your money. You won’t have an “I wish I knew” moment with Costco office chairs. If you are dissatisfied with the chair you bought, you return it.

Refund policies protect customers. Otherwise, some stores would take advantage and sell sub-standard goods. Having a refund policy that stands out from the rest is enough proof that Costco delivers high-quality and durable products.

Customers would constantly ask for refunds if they sold office chairs that fall apart and fail to last as long as they should.

I had a conversation with the store manager (where I visited), and from what I gathered, they rarely see returns or complaints about their office furniture. That’s more evidence that their products are durable.

Does Costco Deliver Office Chairs?

Fortunately, Costco has two shipping programs. One for standard shipping and the other for express shipping. The store uses UPS Ground for standard shipping. The cost is included in the price quoted initially.

Express shipping is via UPS. However, this kind of shipping attracts an extra fee for shipping and handling to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Costco will indicate the additional cost at checkout.

Delivery services are crucial in maintaining a good relationship with customers. It saves them time and money, and offering to ship the purchased goods indicates that you care about them.

I didn’t think twice about buying my desk chair because they offered to bring it to me. (My car is too small to fit the ergonomic chair).

How Long is the Warranty on Costco Office Chairs?

When it comes to Costco office chairs, the warranty depends on the brand you choose. HON Limited, for example, offers customers a 5-year warranty on their office chairs.

If there are issues with the workmanship, Costco, in conjunction with the manufacturer, will pay for repairs or replace the chair altogether. It is important to note that damages caused by you will not be accounted for.

I don’t know any company that will cover dog bites or stains on office chairs.

What Is The Best Day to Shop for Office Chairs at Costco?

The search for the most suitable office chair or any other furniture needs ample time and undivided attention. I know that sounds like I’m exaggerating, but you cannot make a good purchase when the store is packed with shoppers.

After all, attendants at the store will be occupied and might not give you all the details you need to make an informed choice. Visit a Costco warehouse store on a weekday afternoon. They are open Monday through Friday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Most people are at work during this afternoon period, and it’s the perfect time to visit Costco.

Customer Reviews

As expected, reviews for Costco office chairs are mostly positive. From my research and interaction with the store manager, I couldn’t find any negative comments about these chairs and Costco products in general.

Here’s a customer’s review from’s review section:

“I needed an office chair designed to seat a larger person (over 6′, 200 lbs). I purchased this chair a month ago. Shipping was prompt – received 2 days after ordering. The chair needed assembly, but with simple instructions assembly did not pose a challenge

(note: the underside of the arm rests and pneumatic mechanism have stamped arrow symbols to point you in the right direction). 15 minutes later I was sitting in a very comfortable chair. The cushion seat is firm and spacious; the overall construction is solid.

The chair adjusts easily to support proper posture. I am very satisfied with this purchase.”

This comment was left by Joe W, who also left a five-star rating for one of Costco’s office chairs. This is just one testimonial among many.


I can attest that Costco office chairs can compete with other specialized brands. Fortunately, they are cheaper. Their refund policy and warranty are customer-friendly and will leave you happier for choosing them.

They also have rebate plans (which you should check out) as you check out their fantastic office chair range.


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