5 Common Problems With Trek Bikes (For Beginners)

Trek Bikes Problems

Trek bikes have been known to be the easiest to ride and the best mountain bikes that any rider can enjoy and progress on, whether a beginner or any skilled rider. 

However, just like many other bike brands out there, trek bikes come with their fair share of problems. These problems are mostly experienced by beginner cyclists who haven’t had experience with bikes before. 

The good news is, the problems are easy to avoid or deal with when they occur. We are going to show you some of the most common problems that trek bike cyclists may encounter and how you can go about them. Let’s jump right in…

1. Broken Cleats or Pedals

The most common problems with trek bikes always originate from the pedals. Cleats are the usual culprits of the problems with the pedal.

Worn cleats cause a slope between the shoe and the pedal as well as a tricky and unpredictable release. If your bike has plastic cleats, you can easily observe the wear —the edges become uneven or chipped. 

On the other hand, wear on metal cleats can be tricky to diagnose. But the best approach is to look at extra shiny edges.

That said, if your entrance and exit from your trek bike feel funny, it is time to inspect your cleats. If they are worn out, consider replacing your pedals. 

If they are not worn but you still have problems clicking in or out, simply check and adjust the tension. Trek bike pedals come with screws on the rear that enable you to reduce and increase the tension. 

2. Jumping Gears

Another commonly reported issue with trek bikes is jumping gears while riding. This happens when the cables stretch a little further, making the chain go around the cassette, thereby delaying gear changing. 

This problem can easily lead to accidents since gears delay picking – something that can frustrate a beginner cyclist on a busy road. 

Thankfully, dealing with this problem is very easy. You simply tighten the cable by turning the barrel adjuster in an anti-clockwise turn.

3. Rubbing Brakes

Most trek bikes use disc brakes, which often challenge beginners. This problem may be caused by several factors, including caliper mounting done incorrectly, when there is a bent disc, and, in some cases, a sticky piston. 

When this problem occurs, you will hear an unusual funny sound coming from the break while riding. 

To solve the problem, start by loosening the mountain bolts, applying the brakes at the lever, and finally, retightening the lever.

Your bike brakes could be the difference between a safe drive and a nasty accident. For that reason, always ensure the brakes are in good working order. 

4. Tire Puncture

Tire punctures are commonly caused by small sharp objects such as broken glass, flint, and thorns poking through the rubber and piercing the inner tube. The result is flat tires that don’t balance at all. 

More often, the object stays lodged in the tire. That said, the first step into solving this problem is locating where the item is and removing it. This is because, when you replace the inner tube without removing the object, it may get pricked by the same object and get deflated. 

You can have the pricked area of the inner tube sealed or simply buy a new one and replace it.  

5. Back Pain

Back pain is always a common complaint among cyclists and it is caused by several things. We learned that the majority of trek bike owners who are complaining of back pain have incorrect bike sizes or the wrong bike setup. 

Always check your bike set up and make the necessary adjustment before you hit the road. Most importantly, you have to know your measurements such as height and inside legs. 

When making a purchase, measure the saddle height, pedal position, and wheel size so that you choose the bike that is a perfect fit. 

Is Trek Bikes a Good Brand? 

Trek bikes have a lighter frame and are easy to operate. The lightweight makes it possible to regain balance and have a good strategic position.

The brand features aero models which have been tested and proven to have an advantage against the wind. Even if you are a beginner, you will cut through the wind with great stability and speed. The bikes have perfect suspension to sustain their positioning.

Trek bikes feature aluminum and carbon frames. The aluminum type tends to be less expensive and less durable than carbon. However, they are also strong and long-lasting in their own way. 

There is also a wide range of designs including women and children-specific designs. You will never lack an option with Trek bikes. 

Lastly, Trek bikes are easy to assemble and beginners can have a greater experience working around their bikes.

How Long Do Trek Bikes Last?

Trek bikes are designed to last for years and have excellent reselling value several years after purchase. If well taken care of, trek bikes can easily last 5 to 10 years depending on the quality of the material used.

However, you will have to do some replacements along the way. Maintenance is very important if you want it to last for years. Always ensure the bike is clean, screws tightened, and oiled where necessary. 

Their batteries last longer if well maintained. For instance, the red power model batteries can last 800 charge cycles or 5 years. 

Do Trek Bikes Come with a Warranty?

Trek bikes are backed with one of the industry-best warranties. Once your bike is registered, trek care is free. The corporation offers every original retail purchaser a wonderful warranty against defects in material and workmanship. 

They back their carbon wheel with a lifetime warranty. Carbon fiber bikes also boat Carbon Care Program, which offers repairs or replacements to the original owner when the wheel sustains damages. 

Their warranty coverage is one of the benefits most clients appreciate on third-party sites. We were shocked to see a client saying on TrustPilot that he could get an unlimited warranty even with a used trek bike. 

What Do the Reviews Say?

Trek bike is a popular brand with a lot of reviews on third-party sites. Many riders admit that Trek bikes are well worth the money and they never disappoint. 

Its ease of use, quality, and unmatched warranty cover are some of the goodies most customers mentioned. 

Though this brand is hit by a mixed reaction among users on TrustPilot, most of the negative reviews are geared towards poor customer services by the retailers. Meaning, most riders don’t have a problem with the Trek bikes but the services by retail attendants. 


If you were planning to purchase a Trek bike, you now know what to expect. If you already have one, we are glad you can now handle these common problems with a lot of ease.

Just follow our guide and you are sure to enjoy a smooth ride for years. 


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