5 Common Problems With Rad Power Bikes (Reasons Revealed!)

Rad Power Bikes Problems

Rad Power Bikes is a Seattle-based company that has invested resources in developing affordable yet high-quality e-bicycles. The bikes are designed for commuting, city riding, transporting cargo, and off-roading. 

The bikes are meant to replace gas-guzzling cars and are geared towards a greener globe. However, they come with some problems that make owning or purchasing them challenging. 

For instance, they’re more expensive than normal bikes, with some going to as high as $3,000. 

Some reviewers have also pointed out that the bikes don’t shift their gears smoothly and reliably. 

All in all, Rad Power bikes are reliable bikes and are worth having. Here, we discuss some challenges with Rad Power Bikes. 

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1. Bike Won’t Turn On

Whether your bike has a semi-integrated battery or an external one, there are times when it refuses to turn on. Here, you might notice that the Rad UI Remote and Rad UI Display aren’t turning on. 

You need to troubleshoot your bike and correct the problem in such a case. The bike might fail to start due to the below reasons:

Unreliable Battery

Your bike might fail to start due to having an unreliable battery. For instance, the battery charge level might be low or the terminals dirty. 

We recommend inspecting the battery and making a replacement where possible. If you inspect the battery and find out that the charge is low, ensure you charge it fully. 

It’s also critical that you inspect the battery mount terminals. Here, you need to check for damage, moisture, or dirt at the battery base and mount. 

Misaligned, Damaged, and Loose Connectors

This is another major reason why Rad Power Bikes fail to start. Some of the main cables that might be loose include:

  • The battery connector
  • The wiring harness cable
  • Rad UI display cable
  • Rad UI remote cable
  • The Jumper cable 

To correct the situation, begin preparing your Rad Power Bike for maintenance. Turn it off, and remove the battery. Ensure the remaining battery power is fully discharged. 

Unplug each of the above connectors and inspect them thoroughly. Having a professional to help you out would be a good idea.

Reconnect the connectors to a charged battery and turn your bike on to see whether the problem is resolved. If the problem persists, it’s time to involve a professional. 

2. PAS (Pedal Assist System) Sensor Not Working

All Rad Power Bikes come with PAS that puts the motor power in the pedal stroke. However, even under normal use, the PAS sensor connection might become loose with time. The magnet ring is likely to shift from the bike’s PAS sensor. 

When the PAS feature isn’t working effectively, it requires close attention and troubleshooting

Here, we recommend inspecting the magnetic ring for any damage or dirt. If it’s dirty, clean it well. However, make a replacement if it’s damaged. 

Also, ensure the magnetic ring is at least 2 mm away from the pedal-assist system sensor. 

There is a need to inspect the PAS sensor connector. In case of a loose connection, unplug it and fix it well.

Check for any dirt or moisture in the PAS sensor connector. And if it’s damaged beyond repair, make an immediate replacement.  

3. The Hydraulic Brake System Failure

There are situations where one or more hydraulic brake system components become either non-functional or damaged. You need to make a quick replacement to avoid accidents when such happens. 

Below are common hydraulic brake challenges and how to fix them:

Low Brake Fluid

Having a low brake fluid constitutes the most common problem that people encounter as far as brakes are concerned. A low brake fluid mainly results from a leak in the system. You need to inspect your bike to have the problem solved. 

After identifying the leak, have the involved part replaced. Ensure you refill the system with another brake fluid. 

Low Brake Pedal

In some cases, the brake pedals might be below. This can be attributed to worn brake linings and fluid leaks.

We recommend adjusting the bike’s show adjuster. A permanent solution would be replacing and cleaning the shoe adjuster. 

Pedals Sinking To The Floor

This issue can lead to an accident if you don’t attend to it promptly.

This results from a worn brake system. Do an inspection and implement relevant replacements.

Brake Producing Squeal Noises

Squeal noises from brakes are usually annoying. However, they’re an indication that the brake is damaged. Squealing noises show that there are vibrations between the disc pads and caliper. 

Here, we recommend applying grease to the pads. 

Brake Pulling On One Side

Sometimes, your brakes might pull to one side when you step on them, thus not working efficiently. This can be due to loose wheel bearings, a bad wheel caliper, contaminated linings, and misadjusted brakes.  

You should either replace the linings or make a simple brake adjustment. For this, a professional can offer the best assistance.

4. Rad UI Remote and Display Failure

Another common problem with Rad Power Bikes is the failure of the remote and display systems. If the display or remote gets damaged, making a replacement is the best solution. 

For the case of the display, unplug the Rad UI Display connector to remove the old unit. You can then replace it with a new one. You can do the same to a damaged remote. 

If you don’t understand how to do it, contact an expert to help you out. 

5. Spoke Failure

A common problem you’ll encounter is the breakage of the spoke in the rear wheel. This can be attributed to the rear wheel motor being exposed to more stress. 

In most cases, a new bike comes with a low spoke tension. This translates into broken spokes unless an expert takes care of it. 

One customer specifically complained of having six broken spokes. Having a new wheel built can help if you encounter such a problem. 

The Final Verdict

Rad Power Bikes is a reputable brand that has invested so many resources into developing affordable yet high-quality e-bikes. You can use the bikes for commuting, city riding, transporting cargo, and off-roading. 

However, you’re likely to encounter problems such as the bike not starting, PAS sensor not working, hydraulic brake failure, spoke failure, and Rad UI remote & display failure. If you encounter such challenges, we recommend contacting an expert for a repair or replacement. 

The bikes are also more expensive compared to some of the other brands. 

Generally, the bikes are efficient and geared towards a greener globe.


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