7 Common Problems With Kubota Sidekick (For Beginners)

Kubota Sidekick Problems

If you are into off-roads or fieldwork, you will know a lot about high-power engine cars.

Kubota sidekick is a Utility Vehicle (UTV) that features a 48 HP gasoline engine, which gives it a propelling force of 40 mph coupled with a four-wheel drive

Kubota Sidekick Rtv-XG850 is part of the Kubota rough terrain vehicles (RTV) line designed to give customers access to a combination of work, fun, and efficiency in a single automobile. 

Kubota released a sidekick to provide an improvement on the existing RTV line. It can help perform many simple functions on the field or farm. Many buyers have used it over the years with utmost satisfaction however; it is not without some shortcomings.

Despite the design and upgrades done on Kubota sidekick, there are still a few manufacturing errors that beginners must know. 

Customers report some of the problems that would affect a beginner’s experience with the utility vehicle. Here are the common issues that Kubota sidekick owners pointed out:

  • The size of the door and position
  • Delayed part replacements
  • Minimal safety apparatus
  • Accelerator and control issues
  • Type of production material
  • Low Aesthetic
  • Difficult to clean the corners

In this article, you will find a brief overview of seven common problems of Kubota sidekick and all that a beginner needs to know before owning a Kubota Sidekick Rtv-XG850.

The Door Position and Size

Kubota sidekick design tries to maintain the flexibility of being on a farm or in the field. As a result, it made the door as small as possible to give you access to the environment without getting out of the vehicle. 

However, the size of the door provides easy access to branches of trees and flying objects to impact the driver or passenger. 

Kubota sidekick owners say they would prefer a broader door to protect them from environmental impact

Furthermore, the design of the Kubota Sidekick door gives little protection to a passenger from an accident. Driver and passenger can easily get thrown out of the vehicle. Besides, tree branches can also find their way into the vehicle if an accident occurs.

Accelerator and Control Issues

The position of the pedal and the mechanical design of the vehicle make control a lot difficult.

At a certain speed, the Kubota Sidekick responds erratically to acceleration. This erratic behavior makes the vehicle appear a little jumpy and jacky. 

This impact may be uncomfortable for some categories of drivers. Besides, the acceleration in reverse quickly gets out of control.

It makes it difficult to safely maneuver the vehicle when coming out of a tight environment. 

Another noticeable challenge is the speed governor

At about 12mph, Kubota Sidekick automatically limits the vehicle speed until the driver engages the seatbelt. 

If you quickly wish to exit an environment due to a hazard or emergency,  this may pose a problem.

Delayed Part Replacements

Owners who tried to reach out to customer service for part replacements usually experience delays. Kubota provides limited warranty cover for owners for up to 24 months or 500 hours of use. 

In some cases where customers try to access the warranty, they have experienced an unexpected delay. 

Even though the fault may be traced to dealers, it still doesn’t excuse Kubota because the dealer is a part of their value chain. 

As a beginner, you may find this experience a little intimidating because of all the challenges you may face when dealing with this utility vehicle.

Minimal Safety Apparatus

For a car moving at 40mph, the protection for driver and passenger in Kubota sidekick is inadequate. 

The vehicle features a small door, a protective bar to keep occupants in place, and a seatbelt. These are the main protective gear included in the automobile. 

When you consider the terrain and environment that the vehicle is designed for, one would expect a more optimized design for protection against impact. 

The design should compensate for increased speed. Beginners need to maintain low speed to avoid accidents and stay safe.

Type of Production Material

Plastic constitutes the bulk of the materials used in fabricating the body part of Kubota’s sidekick. 

Despite the higher tensile strength of the plastic material, it is still susceptible to impact. 

There is a high probability that your vehicle sustains a dent when a heavy object comes hard on it.

Besides, some of the hanging parts suffer wear and tear within a short time. Users who put high pressure on the vehicle may discover that the vehicle gets worn out rather quickly.

Low Aesthetic

Kubota sidekick features high-quality finishing work. It looks clean and neat, but the structural design leaves much to be desired.

Owners who would have loved a fancier design complain about the simplicity of the design

It is advisable for beginners who are more particular about the look of their vehicle to opt for brands that prioritize aesthetics.

Kubota Sidekick is more of an upgrade to a golf car. The vehicle is ideal for owners who are more inclined to practical use than aesthetic feel.

Difficulty in Cleaning the Corners

When you consider the box design, it becomes difficult to clean out the corners of Kubota Sidekick.

For a utility vehicle, cleaning enhancements should be worked into the designs. The designers should create a workflow that allows owners to access hidden areas. 

However, this is not the case with Kubota Sidekick. After your off-road experience, you may have to face the new challenge of getting the dirt out of the vehicle and all the hidden corners. 

It is critical to mention that this challenge is not particular to Kubota Sidekick; most utility vehicles experience similar challenges. 

However, since Kubota Sidekick is an upgrade, such improvement should be worked into it.

Wrapping Up

Some problems listed here are negligible, but they may impact the overall experience of a beginner. Kubota Sidekick has several positive sides that make it stand out among RTVs. 

The most prominent of these positives are the speed and the low price

However, preparing your mind for all the downsides increases your overall experience with the vehicle. 

It also helps you maximize your ownership of Kubota Sidekick. Most of these problems can have remedies. 

Some mechanical work on the vehicle would resolve most of them. In a nutshell, if all issues above are eliminated, owning a Kubota Sidekick is a good decision.


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