6 Common Problems With Juiced Bikes (For Beginners)

juiced bikes problems

Juiced Bikes is a top manufacturer of commuter, fat-tire, and moped-style electric bikes. The company is based in California and has invested a lot of resources and time in designing and innovating excellent bikes with quality features. 

The bikes offer a riding range of 40-100 miles based on several factors, including average speed, rider weight, battery size, terrain, and more. 

However, several users have raised some problems they experience with Juiced bikes. For instance, some claim that the bikes are heavy to handle. Others have pointed out the poor customer support. 

But still, we think that the brand is worth purchasing. This article focuses on the problems you’re likely to experience with Juiced bikes. 

Poor Customer Support

If there is one area that Juiced bikes seem to lack behind, it’s with its customer support service. Many reviewers have raised issues with the company for having poor customer support. 

Several customers have pointed out the frustrating delayed responses, especially when making a call. And when they fail to pick up your calls, they never bother to call back. It’s also rare for them to answer your emails, especially when you have a major concern. 

Some reviewers have also expressed concerns with how support openly lies to customers. For instance, one customer who complained of a poor quality delivery was promised a refund, but it never happened. 

No one followed up to inform the customer of changes in refund plans. This becomes frustrating, especially for those who purchase bikes desperately for immediate use. 

The best customer support is one that puts the interests of customers first. This is displayed in how fast they answer customer queries. 

Unreliable Bike Battery

For your information, most Juiced bike models, including the Scorpion X, HyperScorpion, and moped-style e-bikes, come with a massive 52V battery that guarantees a speed of 30MPH. 

However, some customers have complained that the battery is heavy and massive for the size of the bike. Others have pointed out that the battery fails quickly after purchase. 

One buyer pointed out that the first bike he bought had its battery damaged after only 150 charges. He then opted for a second battery that failed after about 75 charges. 

If the battery fails and becomes damaged completely, it might become difficult to start the bike. Replacing the battery with a new one presents an extra cost that is always expensive. 

However, if you realize that your bike battery isn’t working well, you should inspect and troubleshoot to determine the problem. In some cases, the problem might be due to moisture, dirt, and damage on the base or mount. 

Just clean the battery to remove dirt or moisture in such a situation. Getting a professional inspection from a mechanic would offer the best results. 

Control Unit Problems

This is a problem for the Juiced bikes and greatly affects other reputable bike brands. The control unit acts as the operating system of the bike. If you face problems, your bike is likely to function abnormally. 

The function of the control unit is to accept input signals from controllers and sensors and then analyze to identify the best way to transfer power to the bike motor. Since the control unit is very sensitive, a slight technical glitch can negatively affect the distribution and transfer of power. 

Dealing with the control unit can be very difficult for a DIY. We, therefore, recommend hiring a professional mechanic to help you out. They can either repair or replace the whole unit entirely. 

Chain Falling Off

If you buy a Juiced bike, you might experience the challenge of the chain falling off. The problem might be a damaged chain. It can also be due to the chain being poorly adjusted to the drivetrain system. 

When you use the bike for long, the chain gets stretched, leading to damage to the cassette teeth and chainrings. As a result, the chain loses its mechanical contact, thus jumping from the gear and falling most of the time. 

However, you either correct the problem yourself or ask for help from an expert. If the chain falls at the front, adjust the front derailleur limit screws. When it falls at the rear, adjust the rear derailleur limit screws

If you have a stabilizer system, this is the time to use it.

Delayed Deliveries

Every customer always looks forward to their purchase being delivered on time after paying for it. However, this isn’t always the case with Juiced bikes, according to some reviewers. There are complaints from reviewers pointing out the delayed deliveries sometimes spanning into months.

Despite the delay in deliveries, you won’t get any communication from customer support whether there are changes in delivery dates or not. If you want to purchase a bike for immediate use, we recommend rethinking buying from Juiced Bikes. 

Loose Wire Connections

Sometimes, you might experience bike issues thanks to loose wire connections. The wires lined to the rear hub motor often get frayed or damaged with time. 

If you notice that the wires are loose or damaged, replace the damaged or loose portions immediately. 

Inspect wires regularly to check for any burned or melted wires linked to the rear hub motor. This results mainly from overheating. If the copper wire insulations melt due to overheating, there will be a short circuit, thus power being cut off. 

The overheating can continue to the extent of damaging the motor. You’ll be forced to replace the whole motor which is a very expensive exercise. 

You must inspect your motor’s power transmission system for any missing parts. Damaged, missing, or worn-out components can cause problems that might affect power flow. Replace the missing parts as soon as possible. 

The Final Verdict

If you have ever purchased Juice Bikes products, you understand that the brand has invested a lot of resources into developing unique and top-quality bikes. If you check online, you’ll encounter various positive reviews pointing to how top-notch the bikes are. 

However, you’ll also get some negative reviews with the bikes mainly due to poor customer support, unreliable bike battery, chain falling off, loose wire connections, among others. 

Despite such challenges, we still recommend buying Juiced Bikes products. You’ll get high-performance electric bikes categorized into four levels: commuter e-bike, all-terrain e-bike, adventure e-bike, and moped-style e-bikes. 


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