Do Chin Hammocks Work? {Explained}

Woman Tilting her Head While Lifting her Chin through using chin hammock

Let us face it. Good looks matter. Facial fat, wrinkles, double chin, and overall loss of facial elasticity can be disturbing, isn’t it? Reconstructive surgery like liposuction, more than costing lots of money, also comes with serious risks. Chin hammock is a cheaper and less risky option people are resorting to. But do chin hammocks really work?

Chin hammocks work, although the results are not as dramatic as many suppose. Chin hammocks work better when combined with proper dieting, facial exercise, and of course, when you are consistent in application. This combo can be effective in tightening your facial skin, thinning your chin, reducing wrinkles, and overall improving facial skin elasticity. 

While many chin hammock manufacturers promise radical improvement in your facial contouring and chin enhancement in no time, not many of them deliver the purported resorts.

You must be diligent when choosing the right chin hammock. Making the right choice and properly applying your chin hammock therapy are some of the nuggets we will learn in this guide. 

What are chin hammocks, and how do they work?

Chin hammocks are professional facial care products. Beauty enthusiasts find them to be cheaper and safer alternatives to surgeries like radiofrequency skin tightening treatments. 

Traditionally, these hammocks come in V-shape to eliminate double chins, wrinkles, skin sagging and restore facial contouring.

The fabrics are delicately produced to provide balanced pressure points on your facial skin, healthily compressing your skin to achieve that firm elastic look. 

The best chin hammocks have specialized ergonomic design, optimized to fit various face structures and lift facial contours. 

However, the results are not so quick, and you would need to wear them for meaningful time – generally over 50 minutes a day – to achieve tangible results. 

Are chin hammocks comfortable?

The best chin hammocks are devised with user convenience in mind. Comfort is critical when choosing chin hammocks because you would be wearing them for significant periods; hence you need them to be minimally disruptive to your routine. 

Some chin hammocks are furnished with high viscosity velcro. This makes it easy to adjust the hammock to your face shape while maintaining a firm grip so that your hammock doesn’t slip while in use. 

The fabric design is commonly soft and breathable. A good number of chin hammocks I have seen also have stereo cutting. This way, the hammock better tightens your facial skin while giving your contours an improved lift.

How can you get the best results from your chin hammock?

Getting a good chin hammock is not enough; you have got to be diligent with its application, following the right regimen.

If you have used chin hammocks before, you may immediately start wearing your hammock for at least 40-50 minutes daily for about eight weeks. 

But if this is your first time using chin hammocks, it is preferable to start by wearing your hammock for about 10-20 minutes a day. After you have adapted to the hammock, you may ramp up your wearing time.

Also, given the sustained period, your hammock would contact your face, you must ensure it is clean before use. I always advise sparing the time to wash the double chin slimmer before applying it for the first time. 

Ensure your face is dry and free of any chemical substance before wearing your chin hammock. Also, if you have a facial injury, say on your jaw, wait till your wound has fully healed before you start using your chin hammock.

How long before you see results?

It is essential to state that chin hammock results are not miraculous or instantaneous. You need to consistently use your hammock for at least eight weeks before you start using results. 

The bulk of people I interviewed only started seeing meaningful results by the twelfth week. If you want accelerated results, combining your chin hammock therapy with the right dieting and facial exercises is advisable. We will touch on this later.

How long do results last?

The truth is that you can’t achieve permanent results from your chin hammock therapy if you yet stick to negative lifestyle habits.

Say your double chin and wrinkles were manageably corrected by your chin hammocks, eating high-fat foods, smoking and drinking heavily, or sustainably exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, the results of your chin hammock application will not last.

Do chin hammocks have side effects?

Indeed, there is an unfortunate proliferation of chin hammocks on e-commerce stores and brick-and-mortar shops today. Not all are safe to use. 

Safe chin hammocks – that wouldn’t cause side effects – are produced from BPA-free material, mild on the skin, and generally hypoallergenic. 

Make sure to pick the chin hammock that is not selective of skin type, especially for people with sensitive skin. Otherwise, you could end up suffering allergic reactions. 

Are chin hammocks reusable?

The latest chin hammocks being produced can be reused. These hammocks can be readily washed. If the fabric material is of premium tensile strength, it should withstand several washes and still work well.

Nonetheless, only use mild detergents when washing your chin hammock. I also strongly discourage you from using a washing machine on these hammocks if you want them to maintain that firm grip for longer. 

Facial exercises to combine with chin hammocks for improved results

Yes, remember we said the best results – the most sustainable ones – are achieved when you fuse your chin hammock regimen with facial exercises and dieting. 

These exercises are quick and straightforward. Repeating them at least ten times a day (in addition to your daily chin hammock usage) should produce meaningful results faster.

The straight jaw produces superb outcomes

The straight jaw jut exercise is one of the most effective facial exercises to combine with your hammock application. This exercise entails tilting your head back such that your face points upwards like you are observing the ceiling.

Now protrude your lower jaw enough to feel the skin on your lower jaw stretch. Next is holding this jaw-jut pose for at least 10 seconds. After that, you can relax your jaw, reverting your head to its original (or neutral) poise.

Try out the ball exercise 

This is one of the simplest facial exercises you can try after taking off your chin hammock. All you need to do is position a 9-inch ball just under your lower jaw. 

Now press down on the ball for a few seconds, ensuring the ball compresses your chin skin. You can try this simple exercise at least 15 times a day. 

How to combine dieting with chin hammocks for augmented effectiveness

You would be ridiculously wasting time if you wear chin hammocks all day and yet eat the wrong food. If you want to lose facial fat, repair your facial contouring, skin tightening, and all that, you have to help your chin hammock do its job by optimizing your diet to low-fat foods. 

Fruit and vegetables should dominate your food menu. For best results, eat three fruit servings every day. For your daily vegetable regimen, four servings would do. 

Next, break off your romance with refined grains. It suits you better to replace them with whole grains. Keep off processed foods too, and populate your diet with lean protein sources like omega-3-rich fish and poultry.

Lastly, cut down on your sugar intake, fried foods, and adopt more nuts, avocadoes, and olive oil into your meals.

If you can follow this dieting regimen, you can be confident your chin hammock application would produce much faster results.