Are Champion Chainsaws Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Champion Chainsaws Good

Choosing the best chainsaw that meets your need can be a daunting task. Given the wide array of brands available to choose from, it is quite a task to make up one’s mind about which chainsaw works best.

When you are looking for a chainsaw that can serve both moderate and heavy-duty needs, champion chainsaws offer some of the best products to meet your requirement. 

Champion Chainsaws are powerful and easy to use. They are light and can handle most light and heavy-duty tasks around the farm. The products are rugged with anti-vibration engines that will stand the test of time. 

Starting in 2003, Champion Power Equipment is dedicated to providing high-quality products to consumers. Their line of power products includes lawn and garden equipment, where Champion Chainsaw falls.

Below is an overview of everything you need to know before owning a champion chainsaw. However, if you already own one, this article helps you make the most of the chainsaw.

Who Makes Champion Chainsaws?

Champion Chainsaw is a product of Champion Power Equipment. It belongs to their Lawn and Garden equipment series. 

Champion Power Equipment has been a leader in the power industry, with over 2.5 million power equipment sold in North America alone

The team approaches the technology of power with multiple years of experience and a group of experts on their team

They place priority on providing durable power products to consumers. Champion has carved out a unique niche for itself in the American markets and the world.

Where Are Champion Chainsaws Made?

Champion power equipment has its headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, California. 

They have been in existence since 2003, providing power equipment to households and cooperation across America. 

In recent times, Champion power equipment has expanded its footprint across North America by setting up facilities in Jackson, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and some parts of Canada.

Champion Chainsaw Models

This section will shed light on some brands of the Champion chainsaws.

18-inch 40cc Champion chainsaw

Champion’s 18-inch 40cc gas chainsaw kit is designed for customers with simple cutting needs

This model comes with a 2-stroke engine and a 2-year warranty

Also included in the pack is a pair of gloves, carrying case, bar sheath, chain oil, multi-tool wrench, and gas/oil mix measuring bottle.

16-inch 40cc Champion Chainsaw

Champion 16-inch 40cc portable gas chainsaw comes with a 40cc 2-stroke engine

It is similar to the 18-inch 40cc chainsaw but with a small-sized bar

The tool is suitable for simple cutting needs and comes with anti-vibration engine mounts, a low kickback chain, and a 2-year warranty.

18-inch 45cc Champion Chainsaw

Champion’s 18-inch 45cc portable gas chainsaw is the ideal choice for people who want to handle demanding jobs. 

The 2-stroke engine supplies more power to the chain, which helps deliver more speed and force.

This model is designed for heavy-duty jobs, and it comes with a 2-warranty with lifetime technical support

It also comes with a gas/oil mix measuring bottle, blade sheath, and multi-tool wrench.

Champion Chainsaw Prices 

You can get Champion chainsaw at varying prices depending on the store. 

Champion 18-inch 40cc gas chainsaw bar retails for around $170-180. The 16-inch variant is available around the range of $230 to $260.

Champion 18-inch 45cc chainsaw retails for about $200-230. Some shops, however, offer discounts and free shipping based on location. 

User Experience with Champion Chainsaw 

Many users revealed their experience with the use of the Champion chainsaw. However, most of the feedback was positive. 

As a result, 90% of users recommended this product, according to reviews from the Champion power Equipment website.

According to one user, he affirmed that he used the chainsaw with utmost satisfaction. In the reviewer’s words: 

“it was powerful enough to do adequately and quickly the job.”

However, the user complained about the starter handle and would also love a protective case for the tool. 

This tool is perfect for everyone who needs a simple chainsaw that is easy to work with. Some users affirmed that it feels good and is not too hard to start. 

According to another user, it is easy to use, but you need to read the owner manual. It will equip you with more knowledge to make usage easy. 


  • Excellent built-in safety features
  • Strong cutting power
  • Parts are easy to come by
  • Saw starts quickly and is pretty light
  • The engine produces limited vibrations
  • Price is good


  • Chain break is too close to the handle, which can be solved by wearing a glove
  • The tension system can be improved

Is Champion Chainsaw Easy to Use?

When working with a piece of power equipment like a champion chainsaw, you want a tool that will not give you issues. Thankfully, the champion chainsaw is easy to use, as affirmed by some users. 

According to a user, the tool starts every time and is reliable. 

Another reviewer said it was easy getting the hang of the chainsaw. He also added that setting up the chainsaw was pretty easy. 

“Works very well around the farm and helps with converting fallen trees to firewood” were the words of a reviewer. 

Indeed, Champion Chainsaw will handle all your cutting needs. 

Is Champion Chainsaw Reliable?

It could be frustrating if you need to use your chainsaw and it refuses to start. Thankfully, you will hardly have this problem with the Champion chainsaw.

How do we know, you may ask?

Many reviewers have revealed their experience with the saw, and most reported that it is reliable.

According to a user, the device starts every time and comes out of the box sharp.

Another user revealed that the machine performed excellently for bush clearing and cutting trees occasionally. 

It provided optimum power for significant to medium-sized trees. Above all, handling is easy, and it starts quickly, concluded the reviewer. 

The Durability of Champion Chainsaw

After investing money in a power tool, it is normal to expect some years of proper use. Many users have lots to say on how durable and reliable the champion chainsaw is. 

In addition to starting pretty easy and being easy to handle, the chainsaw does not disappoint even in the cold – was the words of one reviewer. 

As a result, you can expect this power tool to serve you all year round. 

Problems with Champion Chainsaw

Champion Chainsaw users have a few complaints about the product. Although there is highly effective customer support to handle customer complaints, it is still good to point out the problems to expect when using a champion chainsaw.

May customers have complained that they run out of oil before running out of gas.

The speed screw becomes hard to adjust to get the chain going.

The engine cover rattles loose on its own when in use: having the cap off can affect the choke.

3 Possible Reasons Why your Champion Chainsaw May not start

On some occasions, you may experience difficulty getting your chainsaw to start. If your chain saw won’t start, it is due to some factors.

Defective spark plug

Your chainsaw spark plug may become defective because of carbon deposit and weakened electrode. 

Once the spark plug develops a fault, it can prevent your chainsaw from starting.

Clogged carburetor

The carburetor can become clogged with dirt from fuel residue in the tank.

Having a clogged carburetor would prevent the engine from getting fuel circulated.

Coil problem

A problem may arise because of a broken coil when trying to kick your engine.

It helps to inspect the coil regularly to confirm its status.

How to Keep Your Champion Chainsaw in Good Shape

1) Replace the spark plug once a year.

2) Repair the carburetor from time to time and use a fuel filter when refueling your engine.

3) Intermittent overall servicing.

4) Ensure always to mix the correct fuel and oil ratio to improve performance.

5) Always allow the engine to warm up before using the saw

6) Mix the correct proportion of fuel and oil for the engine.

7) Always keep the blade sharp to reduce the workload on the engine.

How to Mix the Fuel for Your Champion Chain Saw?

Most Champion chainsaw comes with a two-stroke engine. It means that you need to mix the fuel and oil in the right proportion for the engine to function correctly. 

Using a mixing container, pour 1 liter of gasoline and 3.6 oz of 2 stroke oil. Swirl the container to ensure that the content mix together. 

Pour the mixture into the gas tank of your chainsaw, and it is ready to start work.

It is always advisable to test your chainsaw on the ground before taking it to the field for work. Check the performance, break, and other functions before using them to work.

Wrapping Up

It is best to start the chainsaw and allow it to run for a while, turn it off and start it up again before using it. 

Overall, champion chainsaws are great to work with. 

They are lightweight, responsive, and easy to handle. It is ideal for its price. 

Whatever your needs, cutting logs or pruning simple branches, the champion chainsaw is a good choice. They have a variety of products to serve your need.



18-inch 40cc Chainsaw Kit

16-inch 40cc Chainsaw Kit