Are Canopy Sunbeds Any Good? For Beginners

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Canopy sunbeds are fast replacing the traditional sunbeds. But those who have never given them a try are constantly asking whether they are of any good.

Canopy sunbeds are known to be a useful tanning solution when you have limited space in your home. Their small size and compact nature also make them a great option for those who frequently travel.

These and many other benefits of these sunbeds are discussed in this article. 

What is a Canopy Tanning Sunbed?

A canopy tanning bed is a type of home-based or portable tanning solution comprising bulbs secured over a tanner. The tanner is either floating in the air or lying down on the floor. 

These types of sunbeds come with several advantages over the traditional tanning beds or tanning booths. Just read on and find out if they are a better fit for your needs. 

Why Choose Canopy Sunbeds?

Canopy tanning sunbeds are a great choice for beginners for good reasons. These include:

They are Compact and Relatively Smaller in Size 

Canopy tanning beds are ideal for homeowners who do not have enough space in their homes for regular beds. They are smaller in size and therefore will not take a lot of space when in use or not.

Besides, the beds can be folded in an upright position after use and pushed into storage space. That way, they can easily fit into a corner or closet thereby saving you a lot of space.

Canopy beds are also compact making them ideal for those who love traveling. They are easy to transport and don’t incur a lot of charges.

Traditional sunbeds on the other hand can take up a lot of space in your room or even the entire room. They’re bulky and not very ideal for traveling.

Can be Used Horizontally or Vertically

Unlike traditional sunbeds which are only lie-down sunbeds, Canopy beds can be used while lying down or on your feet. 

The beds have a copy under which several UV lamps are mounted by using hydraulic technology. With this, you only need to take an appropriate position underneath the canopy and enjoy an even tanning process. 

If you want a more relaxing tanning experience, the lay-down tanning bed is the way to go. 

A vertical sunbed comes with two important advantages. It allows you to move freely. In addition, it is clean since you don’t get into contact with most surfaces.

Canopy Sunbeds Are Cheaper

Canopy tanning beds are small in size and are less demanding in the material. As such, they are way cheaper than the traditional sunbeds. 

Most canopy tanning beds will cost you around $25 per month. This sounds cheaper than the tanning salon. 

So instead of subscribing to the membership at the tanning salon, you can have these canopy sunbeds in your home. Tanning at home will be cheaper in the long run compared to what you usually spend when you frequent a tanning salon.

Even more, a canopy sunbed has fewer bulbs compared to a traditional tanning bed or booth. For that reason, the cost of the electricity needed to run these bulbs will be less – almost half that of traditional sunbeds. Given the bulbs are fewer, replacement costs will also be below. 

But that doesn’t mean the traditional sunbeds are more effective. The canopy sunbeds are equally up to the task. 

User Friendly for Everyone

This is, in my opinion, the best advantage and it is why I love these types of sunbeds most. Canopy sunbeds offer enough space for anyone.

Some regular tanning beds may not be appropriate for you if you are overweight or taller than most people. You don’t have to worry about these when using canopy tanning sunbeds. They are designed to accommodate anyone. 

Canopy tanning sunbeds are fully adjustable and everyone can find a way to comfortably enjoy using them in their homes. So even if you are taller than average, you don’t have to worry about your feet hanging over the end of a canopy bed. 

Canopy Beds Offer Flexible Tanning

Some people argue that they prefer traditional tanning beds since they offer 360-degree tanning. That way, you can cover all spots on your body in one session. 

While this is true, sometimes this is not what you need. You may want only a section of your body blended into your overall tan. 

Canopy tanning beds allow you to turn your body in a specific position, and expose just the desired part to the UV lamp. Their level of flexibility can be found in any other type of sunbed.

Who Should Use a Canopy Tanning Sunbed?

They say sunbeds are as bad as smoking! The tanning sunbeds use UV radiation of high intensity to create a rapid tan. High-intensity UV radiation damages the skin cells and this may result in malignant melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer.

For that reason, the following people should refrain from using canopy tanning sunbeds at whatever cost.

  • If your skin is sensitive, tan slowly or poorly.
  • You have a history of sunburn.
  • You have a lot of red hair or freckles
  • You are using cream or medicine that makes your skin sensitive to sunlight.
  • Have a medical condition that is worsened by sunlight such as vitiligo.
  • Have a history of skin cancer.

Even if you are not on this list, you still need to ensure you safely use the sunbed. 


How Do You Safely Use a Canopy Sunbed? 

Before you start a session, you should ensure the sunbed is always clean more so if it is a lie-down tanning sunbed. The sunbed should be cleaned and sanitized before use.

The next thing is to make your body ready for the session. If you wear makeup or any cosmetics, make sure you remove them. Using canopy sunbeds with makeup on may lead to uneven tanning and some white spots on your face.

Then apply the sunbed tan accelerator based on where you want to tan – it can be the whole body. The tan lines that you want after the tanning session will determine your cloth choice. But if you tan naked, take care of the sensitive areas. 

Put on protective eyewear. Never go to the canopy sunbed without protective eyewear. Eyelids are too thin to protect you from UV radiation and sunglasses do not offer great protection as well. There are specific goggles that offer great protection. 

Get on the sun bet. You don’t need to take long on a canopy sunbed. Just have it in mind that 10 minutes on a canopy sunbed is equivalent to around 2 hours of direct sunlight.


Canopy sunbeds are great and come with a lot of advantages over traditional sunbeds. With the help of the guide that I have offered, I am sure you can now safely use the canopy sunbeds in your homes. Just purchase one now and enjoy, but remember to take precautions. 


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