Are Canopy Beds Comfortable? 9 Facts Explained

Luxurious canopy beds

The hanging curtains of canopy beds always make them look so luxurious. Whenever I see them in retail shops, I just imagine sinking into one to get the feel of royalty.

But does their royal look translate to their comfort?

The hanging canopy bed curtains are not just meant for privacy but to offer a comfortable environment within the bed. For instance, they can help regulate temperature, control radiation and muffle outside noise. 

We are going to show you how the canopy beds make these possible and much more. Just read on and learn.

What is a Canopy Bed?

Canopy beds are designed with overhanging fabric roofs and curtains (in most cases) which hang on the sides. The fabrics and curtains used for this purpose are usually thin and lightweight but very effective in what they are designed to do. 

The fabric roof and the hanging curtains are what make some of them different from four-poster beds. Four-poster beds have a post at each corner but remain uncovered from the top. 

How Comfortable Are Canopy Beds?

Several factors contribute to the comfortable nature of canopy beds. These include:

Ability to Regulate Temperature

It is always hard to sleep in unconducive temperature conditions. Too much cold will interfere with your sleep, so is too much warmth.

Canopy beds can help adjust the temperature within the bed until you achieve a comfortable temperature. When you feel your bed is warm, you simply raise the curtains and let the air circulate to cool it down. 

When you feel cold, you just drop the curtains down. It is amazing how the curtains retain heat even during winter. 

Their Sturdy Nature

Canopy beds are associated with royalty and are therefore very sturdy. Most of these products can last longer before the joints wear out and start producing annoying squeaking sounds.

The squeaking of the beds is mostly caused by loose joints of the frame or springs in the spring box or hybrid mattress. When the spring box is wearing out, for instance, they rub against each other thereby producing such unnecessary sound. 

Nothing causes discomfort during sleeping hours than your bed squeaking. It will not only interfere with your sleep but everyone in the room. 

Thankfully Canopy beds, particularly the wooden type are made so strong and the components don’t wear out so quickly. 

The wooden beds are not bolted at the frame and thus reduce the chances of producing a squeaking sound. Metal canopy beds have lots of joints plus box springs and this makes them more prone to squeaking.

Ability to Shield Against Radiation

EMF canopy can shield against radiation. EMF canopy looks just like any other canopy for a bed. The only additional feature is the mat that you can place underneath the bed. This added layer of protection prevents radiation from seeping in underneath the canopy.

Radiation is a common problem for those who live near wi-fi routers, cell towers, or strong antennas. High radiation levels cause discomfort making it difficult to sleep. Radiation can also cause headaches and other health problems. 

Reduce Noise From the Outside

If you live in a noisy area, canopy bed curtains can reduce outside noise to some extent. A lot of noise will make you very uncomfortable.

Canopy bed curtains muffle noise from outside environments thereby weakening it. Though the level at which it reduces the noise may be small, at least it does. You will probably sleep more comfortably than if you were using regular beds. 

Guard Against Bed Bugs And Mosquitoes

Battling mosquitoes and bed bugs will definitely ruin your sleep. The canopy beds have always been known to be effective repellents against mosquitoes and bedbugs. 

There are bug nets for canopy beds that are designed specifically to repel insects. While most of them are marked as anti-mosquito nets, the holes are enough to block any insect from reaching you. And these include bed bugs. 

Offer Privacy

This is one of the main roles canopy beds are known for. If a bedroom is situated in a studio space or you share your bedroom with other people, canopy beds will help you achieve some level of privacy. 

The beds are like a small bedroom and some of them are designed such that no one can see through the curtains. This enables you to do whatever you want to do while in bed without the worry of being spotted by anyone. 

Is a Canopy Bed Worth It?

Canopy beds come in stylish additions to your room. So if you want to add an air of sophistication to your room, they are worth considering.

Canopy beds also ensure you have a comfortable sleep. They enable you to regulate temperature so that you sleep at the most comfortable temperature.

In addition, they also offer protection against radiation and bugs. If these sound great to you, then they are worth your money.

However, you should be ready for more frequent maintenance than your average bed. You also have to wash the curtains frequently so that they don’t trap a lot of dust. 

These types of beds will also interfere with the flow of air in your room. For instance, when you have air conditioning on your ceiling or an overhead electric fan. 

How about if you have a cat that spends a lot of time in the bedroom? The pet can easily destroy your thin curtain or fabric roof. 

That said, you can weigh the advantages and the disadvantages then decide. Whether a canopy bed is worth buying will depend on your needs.

How Much Do Canopy Beds Cost?

Canopy beds come in a wide range of prices. You can find a baby canopy bed for as low as $60. However, most adult canopy beds cost in the range of $200- $800 in today’s economy. Some are very expensive and go way above this range.

If you buy a regular bed and add a fabric roof by yourself, things can get a little cheaper. Buying posts can cost around $50. The curtains also cost very little and you can fit them yourself.

So instead of replacing your ordinary bed with a ready-made canopy bed, you can upgrade it. If you can’t handle the DIY project yourself, you can hire a local carpenter. I don’t think they will charge you a lot for just fixing four bost and a frame to your bed. 


Canopy beds have features that make them more comfortable than any other type of bed. But they may require more space than your ordinary beds. If you can afford this space, then they can be a great addition to your room.


The cost of Canopy Beds