Can You Recycle Quality Street Packaging? (Tins, Tubs, Cans, Etc.)

Quality Street Chocolates Packaging Recycle

Most chocolate lovers consider Quality Street to be the ultimate festive treat. Quality Street products come in different types of packaging, but how many people know what happens to the tins (or tubs) once we are through with them?

You can recycle Quality Street packaging like tins (or tubs) and a variety of other tinned chocolates that you may have purchased. It’s also important to check if your local council provides the recycling service before putting them in your recycling bin or green wheelie bin.

Are My Items Recyclable Anywhere Else Other Than My Local Authority?

Most councils provide information about recycling in their area. A quick search for your local authority’s contact details should help you get in touch and find out more about what they do.

Typically, you will only be able to hand in your tins at your local recycling center. However, it’s essential to check with your local authority first as some services offer collections for specific items. 

The best advice I can give you is to ring up your local authority and ask them if they have an arrangement with any of their recycling companies for Street packaging. 

If they do, then bring it down to them, and they will ensure it gets recycled correctly. You should also check whether any materials have recycling restrictions at your local authority by visiting their website.

Are Quality Street Wrappers Biodegradable?

The chocolates come wrapped in recyclable foil and a Nature Flex wrapper instead of cellophane. They are compostable, so you should add them to home compost bins as it’s the only way to degrade them.

What Can You Do With Quality Street Tubs?

When you buy Quality Street, the box comes in a nice plastic tub to keep the chocolate safe during transportation and storage. That’s why it’s good to know how to reuse this plastic tub so that you can prolong its life without adding to landfill waste.

Here are some ways you can put this plastic tub to good use after your Quality Street has gone

Use It As Storage

A quality street tub is small enough for storage, mainly with limited space. It’s also handy for storing other kitchen essentials like condiments and spices.

They’re also perfect for storing toys; use two of them stacked one on top of another for extra storage (or as small bookcases) in children’s rooms.

Turn It Into a Gift Box

If you don’t want to throw it away but have no need for another chocolate box, try transforming it into an attractive gift box.

For example, you could use it as a prop in any candy-themed photo shoot.

Use It as an Ice Bucket

That tub looks great as an ice bucket for parties. Fill it with ice and use it in place of regular buckets. 

The clear tub lets your friends see what’s in there, so you can use these tubs for drinks, chips, or dips. You can also keep one at home and use it as an extra-large iced tea container.

Turn It Into a Holiday Centerpiece

During Christmas time, households come alive with decorative lights and festive centerpieces. If you have an empty tub, you can put it to good use as a centerpiece for your festive dinner party.

Fill it with little gifts for each of your guests. You could also fill it with homemade treats from your kitchen.

How Long Will It Take for Me To See Results From Recycling?

It all depends on how much you’re recycling and what type of materials you’re recycling. The amount of time it takes for you to see results is entirely dependent on your ability to follow through with recycling. 

The more often you bring your empty boxes back to retailers and make sure they get recycled, the sooner you’ll start seeing results. It is safe to say that you can see quick results from recycling if you take specific measures. 

 Here are a few tips:

  • Ensure that your trash doesn’t smell like rotting food or anything else when it goes out for collection.
  • Try to make sure everything is well-labeled so that collectors know which items should go where.

Generally, you’ll know you’re making a positive difference regarding waste management when your recycling and waste companies begin discussing ‘Resource Efficiency.’ This means that your materials recycle over and over again, but it doesn’t mean that you should get complacent.

What Should I Consider When Recycling Different Quality Street Packing?

The next time you buy Quality Street, make sure you recycle your wrappers properly so that the makers of Quality Street can continue making delicious sweets. Here are some tips to remember when recycling different Quality Street packing.

Individual Wrappers

If you only have one or two wrappers, put them in your regular rubbish bin. However, suppose you want to be more environmentally friendly. In that case, putting them in a resealable bag and taking them to your local recycling center is a better option than simply throwing them away.

Multi-pack Wrapper Strips

Your local council may collect multi-pack wrapper strips depending on where you live. 

However, in some areas, you cannot recycle these strips. If you want to find out whether your site accepts them for collection or not, check with your local council or look for a list of acceptable items online.


Most tubs/cans are recyclable, with some exceptions (some packaging is not always recyclable, check with your local authority for more information). It is usually required to put them in a recycling bin separate from general waste. 

If you have any quality street packs containing tins or tubs, they need disposal in a waste station set aside for aerosols, food & drink cartons, and cans.

Retail Packs

The packaging that comes with a retail pack comes from recycled cardboard, and you can recycle it as such. The plastic trays inside these boxes are not always recyclable, so they’re usually disposed of in your household rubbish.  


When it comes to household waste, ensuring that you’re giving your items a second life is always going to be better than simply throwing them away.

If you find yourself with a Quality Street wrapper or other confectionery items that you can’t use, ensure that you recycle it correctly for safe disposal.

The Wrappers used in Quality Street chocolates are recyclable, so long as they are clean and dry. So help reduce plastic waste by making sure you recycle them properly.