Can You Recycle Bags For Life Aldi? (6 Helpful Tips)

Recycle Bags For Life Aldi

Aldi believes that packaging is vital to protect and reduce products from damage. The packaging they use, including their bags, is designed to be recyclable for life.

Aldi is aware of how harmful plastics can be on the environment and has committed to recycling, reusing, or reducing all of their packaging and striving to make this fully possible throughout all their products by 2025.  

The cloth bag initiative is one that Aldi uses to help reduce waste and provide the consumer with a bag that can be used for a lifetime over and over again.

Are Aldi Plastic Bags Recyclable?

Most bags from Aldi are made from recyclable materials but not all. For example, products that are recyclable will be labeled as such. If you want to know if something is recyclable, you first must know what the product is made from.

All products will have a green tag with an arrow attached that says whether the packaging is recyclable or not.

However, not all products will have a tag indicating recyclable. The bags that are not recyclable will not have a label which makes it very clear to you.

Aldi has committed to helping the environment by making their plastic bags reusable to the public so that you don’t contribute to waste. With their initiative, Aldi has successfully kept approximately 15 million plastic bags out of the ocean and landfills.

Aldi’s environmental initiative has led them to produce bags that can be reused every time you go shopping.

The cloth bags are designed to be kept at home and brought with you each time you go so that you do not need to get any plastic bags from the store. The cloth bags can be used for a very long time for life if taken care of.

Can You Recycle All Aldi Bags?

Aldi provides bags that can be then used again and again. The concept of making sure that the bags are kept clean and safe is what makes them recyclable.

You don’t want to use Aldi bags to carry anything that could be harmful to your health, which renders them unusable for groceries or other household items.

Some products can reduce the integrity of the bags, making them weaker and less usable over time.

Things that can threaten the integrity of your bags include:

·         Salt products

·         Anything hot

·         Chemicals such as cleaners

·         Sharp products

Some bags cannot be recycled because they are made from a type of plastic that cannot be broken down safely. Plastic bags that are flimsy and easy to tear are generally not made from recyclable materials.

Aldi cloth bags are made for you to use repeatedly, never needing to purchase them again. These bags are recyclable but only by reuse. The cloth bags are good until they deteriorate, and once they do, you should just throw them out.

Should you Rinse Bags before Recycling?

Whether or not you choose to rinse bags before recycling is entirely up to your discretion. You may or may not choose to rinse the bags, but you should be sure that all items have been removed before recycling.

If the bags contained something that leaked like juice or a cleaning product, rinsing the bag will certainly make it safer when recycling.

Can you Recycle Bags for Money?

Plastic bags of any kind can earn you money if you are willing to put in the work to recycle them.

The first thing you need to do is contact your local recycling plant to find out what they are paying currently for plastics. Many places pay per pound, whereas others pay per item. Find out what kinds of plastics they are paying for as well.

Get online and find different recycling apps to help you determine what you can get for plastic bags. If you recycle certain bags from certain stores, there may be a premium for those bags.

Aldi prides itself on using recyclable products, so their bags will come at a premium at certain recycling plants.

Aldi cloth bags are not made for resale or any type of money-making activity. You are not supposed to sell them to others, but that becomes an ethical issue that you need to look at yourself for. Are you willing to sell cloth bags or just use them yourself?

Do You Need to Break Down Bags before Recycling?

Bags are easy to handle and do not require any alteration for recycling. When recycling Aldi bags, all you have to do is keep them neat and tidy so that they can be counted or separated with ease.

There is no breakdown necessary for plastic bags.

How you store them and bring them to be recycled is entirely up to you. The best way to store plastic bags is to use one bag and put all the others inside it. Whether you fold them or stuff makes no difference to the recycling plant.

5 Ways to Reuse Aldi Bags

There are a few different ways you can reuse Aldi bags. If you are inclined, why not repurpose these bags for other things?

1. Garbages

Use the old plastic bag as a garbage bag for smaller household garbage. They are the perfect size for both bathroom, and home office garbage.

2. Groceries

Instead of recycling them, reuse them for your groceries until you can’t anymore. Using the same bags, again and again, is helpful to the environment and saves you some money.

3. For Recycling

These plastic bags are not only good to recycle, but you can also use them to hold recycling. They are a great way to keep loose-leaf papers from flying away when you put them in the recycle bin.

4. Storage

Using the old cloth bags for storage is a great way to cut back on clutter and keep small things together. These bags are the right size for storing sewing materials, craft stuff, old magazines you want to keep, and even Lego’s the kids no longer play with.

5. Donations

Sometimes when you donate clothes or other items to a donation center, a cloth or plastic Aldi bag is a great place to put the stuff. You can put a good handful of T-shirts, stuffed animals, old toys, and even kitchen gadgets in these bags for recycling.


It is necessary to do our part to protect our planet. A small way to reduce your carbon footprint is by recycling. Reusing Aldi bags for life is a great way to help do your part for the environment, even if it feels so insignificant.

Please pay attention to the other small things you can do to help our world. 



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