Can Birds Eat Corn Tortillas? (8 Facts Explained)

Birds Eat Corn Tortillas

Regardless of where you come from, we do not doubt that you have come across corn tortillas and understand how it tastes. It’s a flatbread that you can use to scoop various stewed dishes and sauces. There is no question that you’ll find it delicious. 

And apart from humans, birds too eat corn tortillas. However, the food is moderately nutritious to birds and needs to be supplied only as a treat. We also recommend not giving corn tortillas to your bird with salt or seasoning. 

This article will offer an in-depth explanation of whether or not birds feed on corn tortillas. 

Are Corn Tortillas Perfect for Birds?

Corn tortillas are common in Mexico, where they’re used as an ingredient when cooking something to eat. But do birds and especially chicken enjoy this diet

If you guessed “Yes”, then you’re absolutely right. Birds always eat corn tortillas with any other leftovers from your kitchen. 

What nutritional value do corn tortillas add to chicken? For your information, corn tortillas are more nutritious than flour tortillas. This is because they have a high amount of magnesium and fiber and a low amount of calories.

Such nutrients are very important to all types of birds, including chickens. However, since both corn and flour tortillas are recommended for use as a treat and not regular meals, you can use any as food for your birds. 

Corn tortillas are also healthier if you decide to feed your birds for long periods. 

Nutrients in Corn Tortillas and Moderation While Feeding To Birds

It’s unfortunate that corn tortillas aren’t among the most nutritious foods for birds. And depending on its size and type, it can somehow be moderately nutritious. 

Corn tortillas offer proteins, fiber, iron, and vitamins to birds. And during production, flour tortillas are developed with saturated fats. Such fats happen to be healthy, especially for chickens. 

Although birds might enjoy tortillas, and while they might be a rich source of minerals and vitamins, tortillas shouldn’t be used as the only food source for birds. They aren’t nutrient-dense enough for use as the bird’s main and only food source. 

If you feed only corn tortillas to your birds, they might become malnourished with time and even die. Additionally, corn tortillas cause unnecessary bird fattening, which can interfere with the movement of your birds. 

Which Birds Eat Corn Tortillas?

When it comes to birds that you can keep in your home are involved, many of them are known to consume corn tortillas. Some of the common birds that eat corn tortillas include:

  • Parrots
  • Quals
  • Chickens

Many household birds can consume corn tortillas. You aren’t just limited to the above options. However, if you want to give corn tortillas to other types of birds, we recommend doing some research. 

Additionally, you’ll also find some wild birds that can eat corn tortillas. However, these wild birds don’t consume as many tortillas as household ones. However, ensure that corn tortilla isn’t the only food your birds are eating. 

Other Foods To Feed Birds

If you’re wondering which other foods are available for your bird in place of corn tortillas, there are many great options for you. Below are great options worth trying:

  • Nuts
  • Cooked rice
  • Berries
  • Cooked Pasta
  • Oats

Ensure that you do it in moderation if you feed your birds with kitchen food. The best food for them is something that is specifically formulated for them. Just like with corn tortillas, only give the above foods as a treat. 

Worst Foods for Birds

Now that you know what you need to give your birds, you also need to understand what to avoid. 

Spoiled Seeds

Giving spoiled seeds to your birds is likely to cause diseases. Before you give seeds to them, ensure that the seeds are fresh and dry. They shouldn’t have any sharp or strong odors. 

Also, discard seeds that are moldy, sprouting, or clumped.


Feeding your birds with large quantities of bread is unhealthy and offers no nutritional value. However, we recommend giving them tiny amounts as a special treat. Also, ensure that the bread is whole grain and has suet, peanut butter, and seed.


Avoid offering birds seeds or fruits that you’ve treated with herbicides, pesticides, or toxic chemicals. Even small quantities of such chemicals can be poisonous to your birds.  

Potato Chips

You should avoid all junk foods such as chips, pretzels, corn chips, cheese puffs, and other foods. Such foods offer low nutritional value and have a lot of chemicals. 


Donuts, pies, cakes, cookies, and cupcakes have the same effect as junk. They offer little nutritional value and contain additives that might harm birds. 


Birds are lactose intolerant and don’t ingest large milk quantities. Therefore avoid offering birds direct milk or soft cheeses. 

Serving Corn Tortillas To Birds

Most birds aren’t hard to please as far as feeding them is concerned. If you avail them with a full corn tortilla, they’ll peck it until it becomes small enough to swallow. 

If the corn tortilla is dry, crush it into small pieces. Add kitchen scraps and feed them to the birds.

Can Birds Eat Raw Corn Tortilla?

By raw corn tortilla, we mean tortilla that hasn’t received any heat. The truth is that most birds aren’t selective about what they eat. They’ll, therefore, comfortably eat raw corn tortillas. 

So whether you feed them with cooked or raw tortilla, ensure that it’s only a treat and not the main meal. 

Can You Feed Birds With Expired Corn Tortilla?

Absolutely not! Whether you feed your birds with tortilla or any other food, it should not be rotten or expired. This can pose a danger to the bird’s life. 

For your information, your birds should always eat natural and fresh foods. Doing otherwise causes diseases, diarrhea, and death in the worst cases.

Final Remarks

In conclusion, birds can eat corn tortillas. And even though this food may not have a high level of nutrients, birds might still find it enjoyable. 

We recommend that you give corn birds to birds as a treat rather than the main diet. And instead of corn tortillas, you can consider the other foods that we have suggested above. However, avoid the worst foods we’ve mentioned, like a plague.


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