Are Bosch Power Tools Good? (9 Helpful Tips)

Bosch power tools good

Feel free to call Bosch one of the “grandpas” of the power tool market. Yes, Bosch counts among the oldest power tool manufacturers in the market today, with over 130 years in operation. For a manufacturer that old, has Bosch still maintained its relevance in a contemporary power tool space swimming with hi-tech innovations? Are Bosch power tools still any good?

Bosch power scored high in our performance rating. The power tools, despite how loaded they are with technical features, are yet easy to use. Bosch places high emphasis on the ergonomics of their power tools. Bosch power tools are remarkably safe to use, with most of them fitted with the famous Active Response Technology for user protection. While being portable, Bosch power tools are sturdy and durable.

There is much to learn about Bosch power tools and if they are worth spending a dollar on. Let us dive into critical aspects of these tools like their ease of use, performance, durability, versatility, and warranty.

Who makes Bosch power tools and where?

As readily inferable, Bosch is the company behind Bosch power tools. Bosch is wealthy in history, starting far back in 1886 as a workshop focused on precision mechanics while branching into electrical engineering.

By 1932, Bosch had consolidated its power tool manufacturing division, cementing its stay in the industry by inventing the hammer drills. 

Bosch has aggressively evolved since then, growing from a German technological giant to global dominance. Today’s Bosch power tools are produced across Asian plants in Malaysia, Taiwan, and China, European facilities in Switzerland and Germany, and North America facilities in Mexico.

Are Bosch power tools easy to use?

Bosch power tools have an impressively simplified user experience. Much of that ease can be attributed to how diligent Bosch was in eliminating vibrations when using their power tools.

Repeatedly across Bosch tools, we saw top-class vibration control systems, most notably in their reciprocating saws, jigsaws, and drills.

Most of Bosch’s reciprocating saws are girded with cutting-edge counterbalance technology further enhanced with a handle that absorbs vibration.

Bosch jigsaws like the JS470EB have punch systems provided with internal precision control. This significantly reduces vibration while saws are in use, also increasing the cutting accuracy.

Recently, we have been seeing more Bosch blade adaptations (with user convenience in mind). Top of these is the recent curved design we see in the blade design. This cuts down on vibration by over 30%. Ultimately, this increases the saw’s lifespan.

Do Bosch power tools have good ergonomics?

Bosch places a premium on the ergonomic design of its power tools. We see this in most of their tools coming with the Star Lock accessory interface. 

This combines with other functionalities (and Star Lock plus accessories) to give these tools an excellent grip. 

Some Bosch tools are supplied with reduced grip diameter. This way, the user feels reduced inconvenience when using the tools.

Bosch jigsaws like the JS470EB and are furnished respectively with superior barrel grip and top handles. This means a stronger grip and improved control.

How do Bosch power tools perform?

We can say performance is the strongest suite of Bosch power tools. These tools are strong and ready for rough jobs. 

Most of Bosch’s reciprocating saws, despite being relatively lightweight, boast an uncommon power-to-weight ratio. 

The likes of the Rs428 reciprocating saw can deliver as much as 14 amps of power. Even at such power, you don’t lose control thanks to these Bosch tools being supplied with variable speed triggers. 

This allows you to better control your cutting experience. Furthermore, performance and speed are nicely adapted in these saws with the perpetual orbital motion of the blade.    

We also saw remarkable power from Bosch jigsaws. The likes of the Bosch JS470E are powerful enough to cut through aluminum as far as mild steel. 

Fitted with 7-amp motors, they can deliver anywhere between 500 and 3100 strokes per minute when unloaded. 

As typical of Bosch power tools, their on-load performance is extensively optimized for consistency. 

This is courtesy of the constant response circuitry integrated into most Bosch power tools. 

Are Bosch power tools durable?

Yes, Bosch power tools are robust and would serve you loyally for ages. Bosch has fortified a significant fraction of their tools – especially the cordless drill drivers – with unibody construction enhanced with Durashield housing.   

This implies such Bosch power tools have survived being dropped at least twenty times from a height of 10ft. 

This automatically seals their place among the sturdiest and longest-lasting power tools in the market today.

Another testament to Bosch’s durability is demonstrated in the blade material makeup of Bosch’s oscillating multi-tools. The top models in this category have blades produced from premium carbide. 

Compared to blades from ordinary metal, such Bosch blades outlive the former by at least 25 times.

How safe are Bosch power tools?

Accidents involving power tools are understandably catastrophic. We admire how emphatic Bosch was about user safety when producing its power tools. 

Most Bosch cutting tools – specifically their reciprocating saws – come with a tool-less blade change configuration that allows for a clear sight of the cut line. 

We have repeatedly come across Bosch power tools outfitted with Bosch’s renowned Active Response Technology. This facility provides your power tool (commonly a Bosch drill driver or hammer drill driver) with a sensor. 

This sensor excels at downgrading your vulnerability to torque reaction when your tool binds up while in use. 

So, where your hammer drill attempts to independently rotate (consequent to binding up), the tool automatically shuts down. 

How much do Bosch power tools cost?

Bosch tools come at varying prices, no doubt. The cheapest we have seen are Bosch power bits which you could get for as low as $9.

Bosch cordless drills range between $89 and $288. If you seek a Bosch rotary hammer kit, you could have to budget up to $470. Take note that a single bare tool rotary hammer costs way less at around $105. 

One of the most expensive Bosch power tools we saw is the bare-tool brute breaker. This dude can set you back as much as $1468.

Do Bosch power tools have warranty cover?

Bosch power tools are supplied with a 12-month limited warranty. Bosch nonetheless offers you a 12-month service protection plan. With the latter, you can get those specific parts that deteriorated replaced. 

Best Bosch Power Tool Review

We will admit we had quite a hard time selecting the best tools in Bosch’s lineup. This was given the sizable number of Bosch power tools that thrilled us. 

Ultimately, we settled for these two, and we will tell you why.


This is our favorite orbital jigsaw in Bosch’s collection. Its 4-stage orbital control was hard to resist. Interestingly, it can run from 500-2800 spm (strokes per minute).

Add this to its bevel adjustability, tool-less blade design, and long-lasting hard plastic body, and you would easily understand why we were smitten with this 6.4 amp jigsaw.

What is more, this tool is amply girded with a kerf blade (which excels at precision cuts), several jigsaw blades, a non-marring overshoe, and a portable carrying case.

Bosch PS31-2A 12V

We loved this Bosch power tool kit essentially for its portability and wealth of tools. This kit could suffice for all household projects (provided they are light-duty).

It comes with a 20 clutch setting. This means there is almost no household task it would shy away from. 

Its highest setting can run as fast as 1300 rpm. On the lowest side, you get 350 rpm. 

It does not deliver the highest torque we have seen, but the modestness of its torque means it works just fine with the delicate likes of particleboard and fiberboards. 


Manufacturer: Bosch

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