Are Black and Decker Power Tools Any Good? (10 Helpful Tips)

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Black and Decker is almost a household name globally in the power tools community. You can’t demand less repute from a manufacturing giant like Black and Decker, which has been around since 1910. This tool producer flaunts one of the vastest ranges of tools in the market, cutting across cordless and corded models. But are these tools any good?

Black and Decker power tools are user-friendly, safe, and durable. Aside from the stock of technical features they have, these tools are powerful and versatile. The 20V Max lithium-ion battery from Black and Decker is among the best in the market today. More interestingly, Black and Decker are relatively affordable, with their power tool kits numbering among the most sophisticated around.

Who Makes Black & Decker Tools and where?

Stanley Black & Decker is the brand behind the Black and Decker power tools. This manufacturer started operation in 1910 with their first facility situated in Maryland, United States.

Since then, this producer has evolved into a global manufacturing behemoth with an intimidating presence in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Isn’t it fascinating that Black and Decker operates more than 48 production plants in the United States alone?  

While the design and assemblage of Black and Decker power tools is exclusively an American affair, this producer often sources its materials from China.

Are Black & Decker power tools easy to use?

We extensively investigated Black and Decker’s range of power tools, and the ease of use was evident. 

In some particular tools like their impact driver, hammer drills, circular saws, and jigsaws, we are impressed with how far this manufacturer went to simplify the user experience. 

For the impact drivers, we had no issue using them. Particularly, for the Black and Decker 20V max cordless impact driver, we liked the quick release 1/4″ hex collet.

This made it way easier for us to change bits without losing operational speed. Delivering power running into 3900 blows per minute (BPM), it was a breeze driving long screws with equally accelerated bolts lagging.

We couldn’t talk about ease of use and not mention the Black and Decker 480w compact jigsaw. This saw is undoubtedly one of the easiest we have used. 

The ergonomic design was exquisite. This gave us a comfortable grip while working, significantly shrinking muscle fatigue. Also, the variable speed trigger allowed us to exert more control over the tool.

Lastly, on ease of use, we will mention Black and Decker’s 2.5-Amp oscillating multi-tool. We could change accessories on the fly, thanks to its tool-free release. 

What is more, we didn’t need to go through the rigors of a hex key. This guy was outfitted with a quick-release lever, making our job way easier.     

Do Black & Decker power tools last?

When buying tools, we are keen on durability. Black and Decker couldn’t have amassed such a gigantic reputation if their tools didn’t last.

Most of the Black and Decker tools we tested assuaged our durability criterion, but Black and Decker’s stainless cutting wheel stood out.

This tool was girded with an active grain structure, and this made the tool uncommonly resilient. 

But that wasn’t all. These cutting wheels are further fortified with reinforced fiberglass, being made from premium-grade aluminum oxide.

How do Black & Decker tools perform?

Performance is one aspect where Black and Decker’s tools readily bag an A score. These tools are beasts for the amount of power they offer you, from regular household tasks to heavy-duty applications.

Let us start with Black and Decker’s powered handsaw. Coming with a 3.4 amp motor, this handsaw can overwhelm you with as much as 4600 GPM. We were all smiles working through plastic, wood, and even metal cutting.

Still, on performance, we will applaud the 20v max cordless random orbital sander. It is not every day that you walk into a sander that can deliver speeds up to 12,000 OPM. Kitted with this sander, it was easy to dispel paint to stain. 

It would be fair to give Black and Decker 6.5 Amp 1/2 in Hammer Drill an honorable mention in this section. This hammer drill intoxicated us with its 48,000 bpm delivery.

With such power, we readily rammed our way through stone and masonry. Furthermore, its single-sleeved chuck made it easier for us to change our bits as we worked.

How are Black & Decker batteries?

Black and Decker made a resounding statement of excellence with the design of its 20v max lithium-ion battery system. Let us start with its longevity before moving on to its versatility.

Wouldn’t you be marveled if we told you this battery could hold charges for up to 1 ½ years? Compared to NiCad batteries, this Black and Decker 20v max battery holds charges 500% longer!

You wouldn’t have to worry about overcharging this battery either. It is amply supplied with an integrated microchip that protects the battery from overcharge, ultimately elongating its lifespan.

As to the versatility, this 20v lithium-Ion battery works with the generality of Black and Decker tools. This even includes powering outdoor equipment like sweepers, hedge trimmers, and grass trimmers.

Furnished with a spring-loaded latch design, you can remove or install the battery into your device with no fuss. This latch design also keeps it properly secure in operation.

How portable are Black & Decker tools?

Some specific Black and Decker tools marveled at us with their portability. Top of the list is the 20V max cordless random orbital sander. 

Compared to the best sanders we have seen, this Black and Decker’s sander was about 30% more compact. 

Another Black and Decker tool that stood out for its portability is the 20-Volt Cordless Handheld Vacuum. 

This tool was provided with a cutting-edge pivoting nozzle. Such a facility was remarkable in improving the vacuum’s compactness.  

How versatile are Black and Decker’s tools?

Black and Decker – along with Dewalt – have an incredibly versatile range of tools. Black and Decker particularly has offerings in the drill category, ranging from power drills to hammer drills and cordless drills.

The versatility of Black and Decker’s corded drill offering is also worth commending. You get motors spanning 3, 5.2, 6 to 7 amps.  

This means you have a Black and Decker tool available for just any application.

How much do Black & Decker power tools cost?

Talk about money, and everyone wakes up! The good news is Black and Decker are moderately affordable. The bulk of their products come in the middle-tier cost category.

Starting with the 20V max battery we gushed about earlier, two packs go for around $35. You can expect to spend approximately $50-$80 for their cordless drill drivers. 

Depending on the retailer, this could come with a charger and battery. A typical 12v max cordless drill/driver from Black and Decker goes for around $25.

If you want to save more, you could go for a combo kit instead of buying standalone power too. Depending on the number (and type) of tools in the kit, you can expect to spend from $94-$140 on Black and Decker combo kits.

Do Black & Decker power tools have warranty cover?

A 2-year limited warranty protects all Black and Decker power tools. This covers you from defects arising from workmanship or material design within 24 months of buying your power tool.

Note that this warranty isn’t valid if the Black and Decker power tool is deployed outside of home environmental conditions. 

Also, if any person other than Black and Decker’s technicians or Authorized Service Centers execute repairs on your power tool, this warranty is voided.

Best Black & Decker Power Tools

Yes, we have mentioned several Black and Decker tools that stood out for each criterion examined above. But in this section, we will discuss the best Black and Decker tools that combine all these features. 

Black & Decker 20V Max ⅜-Inch Cordless Drill

If you are on a very tight budget and yet want to savor the features of a high-end cordless drill, here is the chap for you. We can confidently say this tool gives you the functionality and user experience of some of the most expensive drills in the market for five times less than the price.

Its 11-position clutch smote us. This means we had a sizable range within which we could adjust our cordless drill, expanding its range of applicability.

The speed was cool. At peak, it gave us 650 rpm. Yes, we would admit this is not the highest speed we have seen. But for the remarkably low price of this drill, we dared not complain. 

Of all the features this drill presents, we couldn’t ignore the bit holder fitted on the handle’s bottom. 

This made it easier for us to clip in an extra bit, saving us time in operation. Lastly, its LED facility improved our visibility when working in low-light conditions.

Black and Decker 20v Max Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 4 Tool

Black and Decker combo kits are fantastic means to save on cost. This 4-tool combo gives you double 20V max batteries, three sandpaper sheets, a circular saw blade, driver bits, and, yes, four cordless tools. 

Overwhelming, isn’t it?

This is undoubtedly the perfect kit you need for woodworking operations. This kit doesn’t miss out on the LDX120 drill/driver. The latter is a signature component of every Decker combo we have seen, with this drive particularly effective at screw driving. 

We also fancied the circular saw this set contains. It is fitted with a 5.5″ fast cutting blade that chops wood with considerable relish. We were impressed with the precision and straightness of its cuts.

More than being supplied with all necessary safety facilities, this saw had an admirable bevel adjustment range of 45-90 degrees. This means less time expended on comprehensive cuts.


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